“Life is only as non-chill as you make it, dudes. Loosen up. Don’t be too serious. Stick your head out of the window, let the wind rustle through your hair, and know that what you feel at that moment is just as true and important as what you feel in moments of grief or stress. It’s all just life, my bro. Chill out and enjoy it.” -These dogs. (Via Abroath.)

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  1. Anytime I’m out and about and see a dog with their head out the window, lovin’ life, I instantly turn into a three year old who points, squeals, and yells “puppies!” really loud.

    • I may or may not do this any time I see a dog, period. Especially if it is an English or French bulldog, because they can be the cutest and funniest dogs. I once saw a guy trying to walk his English bulldog down the block and the bulldog was having none of it, so the guy just picked him up and carried him down the block. I was walking next to them and the entire time the dog had this expression on his face like yeah, I got it all figured out. It was the best.

      • I want an english bulldog so badly! They are adorably grumpy.

        • My family has an English bulldog and she is very adorably grumpy. What makes them so adorable is how serious they look doing basically anything, yet many of the things they do are ridiculous. Like getting concerned and barking at a bulldog statue on our front porch for a week.

    • I don’t I say put there heads back in there (it’s not good for their eyes) and I say buckle them up! If people should be buckled so should dogs!

  2. You have no idea how much this just made my day and made me feel peaceful. This is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen and an awesome reminder that sometimes you just gotta roll your windows down and enjoy the world. Dogs are great. They get it.

  3. I am generally an angry and bitter person but the second I see a dog in pretty much any situation I turn all floppy and happy. The other day I was walking a saw a little wire haired terrier in a rain jacket and I started screaming (literally, screaming) WHO IS THIS LITTLE RAINY FACE HEAD?!

    The friend I was with was horrified.

  4. Leo know what you’re talking about.

  5. I literally did a dance at my desk this video was so good and fulfilling. Puppies are the best.

  6. If this is viral marketing for a soft drink I am going to fucking kill someone.

  7. My favourite is when dogs go gray on their muzzles. It makes them look infinitely more distinguished than they actually are.

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