The scariest thing to me about horror stories like last month’s discovery of Amanda Berry and two other women in the home of Ariel Castro (who plead not guilty today by the way) is that the surprising and lucky confluence of events that brings those stories to light suggests there are many, many other equally upsetting and awful stories we never hear about because they don’t get a happy ending. Eek! Similarly*, with videos like this, which demonstrate the breadth of the human experience, you cannot help but watch a family drive a jeep into its own pool without wondering how many other poorly thought out half-stunts by people who are unlike anyone you’ve ever met in their decision making processes and their group enthusiasm for a thing you’d never even think of doing are never captured on a cell phone and immediately uploaded to YouTube, thereby lost forever to the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. (Today’s theme.)

*Not actually “similar.” I am not really comparing the horrific ordeal suffered by the victims of monsters to goof-em-up videos farted out into darkness. I mean, I do, but not really.
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  1. It’s so hot today that I’d love to be that jeep.

  2. Everyone knows that if you want to jump a 1.5 ton SUV over a pool, you have to use no less than 4 pallets to get the proper lift.

  3. The whole time I was worried something bad would happen to that tree. Imagine all the bullsh*t stunts that tree has seen over the years.

  4. I don’t even know which wasted resources to cry about first.

  5. When I saw the post title in my new RSS reader (RIP Google Reader), my first thought was YESSSSSS!!!! and this video lived up to my expectations.

  6. I’m so glad I wasn’t there. Not because I wouldn’t have wanted to see this, but because I’m the sensible jerk who would have talked them out of it.

  7. This is the missing verse from Ain’t That America.

  8. Is that circular saw plugged in? All-around top drawer decision making in every possible way.

  9. “Didn’t go as planned.” Uhhh, and that plan was…?

    • The speed of the Jeep rocketing over the pool would force all the water up with it. They would safely deposit the pool water once they cleared the atmosphere then turn the Jeep around and deploy the T-shirt parachute.

  10. ♫ I say jeep, you say monster truck, let’s call the whole thing off ♫

  11. All that chlorinated water is going to be murder on the fescue. What will the neighbors think?

  12. I wish they left the jeep in the pool, like oh that lives there now.

  13. I initially thought these guys must be hella dumb but that guy that said “HEY WHAT HAPPENED TO MY RAMP” nailed it.

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