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  1. I call fake. He was way too pleased with himself afterwards. And there were at least two dudes in it, so also gay.

  2. This feels nice. Going back to our roots. Good morning, welcome to trampoline fail, have a good day!

  3. The lord giveth, the lord trampoline accidents.

  4. I keep lookin’ up at this tab and thinking I got a new notification.

  5. As a woman, the term FAILbox makes me feel very uncomfortable and self-conscious.

    • How do you feel about Robbie Williams?

      • He just wants to FEEL real love, feel the home that he lives in. (Those lyrics don’t make sense, Robbie, shut your beautiful mouth!)

        • Nothing that man does or says makes any sense. The best thing you can say for America is that we never let Robbie Williams get too famous.

          • Agree to disagree, FT. Agree to disagree.

          • “If anything, my name isn’t close enough to Robin Williams. I want everyone to confuse me with him, because of how everyone loves that guy” – Robbie Williams

          • Remember when he could never figure out what genre of music he wanted to make so he was just all over the place, and also that time he took off his skin?

          • That video still haunts me. The taking off the skin part was bad enough, but then swinging it around? At a roller rink? Ew.

            I also feel like we’ve all revealed that we know too much about Robbie Williams.

          • I can’t believe we turned this into a music thread. Is this what it’s like on Stereogum? Just debating the merits and demerits of great talents and personalities like Robbie Williams of 90s boy band Take That? Discussing how he rips off his skin and throws it at ladies? Chatting about boxes?

  6. Perfect in every way!

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