First off, let’s just get this out of the way: no, this is not hot, and no YouTube commenters, it does not make any woman’s “toes curl.” Now: omg this dude’s tongue is so long that he can touch it to his EYES. And he’s apparently demonstrated this on something called “Oops TV” (appropriate) and the Nickelodeon tween show iCarly (not). Anyway, your boyfriend:

From the description: “Nick works on getting more TV time for his tongue, as well as his film/tv acting career.” Um, good luck with the latter.

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  1. SICK. You can’t do that on television. Slime him.

  2. That One  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2009 +13

    Funniest soundtrack pairing ever.

    • Seriously, who was thinking “You know what would make this video even better? The sound of being bludgeoned to death by mallets.”

  3. Is this the first time I’m seeing the “iCarly” tag on Videogum?

  4. I hope this isn’t the last time the iCarly tag is used.

  5. red  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2009 -1

    hey ladeez…

  6. Tags: iCarly, Tongue

    thank you Videogum.

  7. This sicko has the fuckin tongue of Lucifer.

    Looks fuckin wack as hell though. Gross.

    • The fucking tongue of Lucifer. Do I have permission to use this constantly? You can keep “wack as hell”–I just want “tongue of Lucifer.” Let me know.

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        • wouldn’t that be spreading the wealth, though???? socialism?????

          what say you to THAT, An American Patriot?

          • Hell naw. It’s only spreading the wealth if I’m getting paid for people using that phrase and then the government intervenes and redistributes it. Obviously that shit isn’t what’s happening. This would all have to do with the fact that I don’t own a phrase, that’s what fuckin copyrighting is for (if you believe in that trailer of horseshit). You should study up on some actual, evil socialism and realize there’s a difference between GIVING SOMEONE PERMISSION TO USE SOMETHING cause it’s a mighty fine free country, and HAVING THE GOVERNMENT STEP IN AND FUCK YO SHIT UP ALL SORTS OF SIDEWAYS.

            The key here is government involvement, lack of ownership, and–oh yeah–LACK OF ANY WEALTH. Get off your high horse, and don’t you ever call my PATRIOTISM into question again, Becca, lest you wanna bring the demons out of me.

          • Your posts really annoy me guy, and yet I just can’t quit you American Patriot. I’m not sure which is more random… the words you throw together or which words you choose to use CAPS on.

        • United Fucking States of A? Easy with the tongue of Lucifer over there. Have some respect. (And thank you for your permission, sir.)

  8. More impressive? The agility. Seriously.

  9. AHHHH, he’s twisting his tongue! Make it stop!

  10. “Nick works on getting more TV time for his tongue, as well as his film/tv acting career.”

    He’d be good at licking stuff, if you know what i mean…

  11. This made me want to vomit. The whole time all I could think of was raw meat, like he had a cow tongue in his mouth

  12. Nothing is more metal than licking your own acne. Perhaps your complexion would improve without so much saliva on your face.

  13. Doesn’t creep me out. That’s a nice asset. I foresee a huge influx of tongue-envy in the near future. Your new junk folder:

    “hey man sn3j4 with this u cn even lick her ovaries….”

  14. fuck. i’m ruined.

  15. baby girl  |   Posted on Jun 6th, 2009 0

    it was.. kind of hot.

  16. ew ew ew ew stop it stop it stop it

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