Oh, Bill Nye. You were a major figure in our childhoods and now you’re a semi-major figure in our adulthoods. A person for whom we still carry a lot of fondness, even though the smirking way in which the Internet presents you to us — half with honest love, half with condescending nostalgia — often makes us uncomfortable. BI-BI-BI-BI-BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY! Here he is at the premiere of Man of Steel, acting in the way we’ve always known him to act: directly on point. But what is he thinking?! Please tell me with a caption, I’m dying to know!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. (Image via Buzzfeed.)

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  1. Could someone move this invisible jet, please?

  2. Finally, a man of science! Surely he can explain what happened to Superman’s underpants.

    • I don’t think you’re going to like the answer. Bill is clearly in some kind of zombie-like stupor. Hear his ravenous cry: “Haaaaaannes!”

  3. He flies like a turd.

  4. Bill Nye, formerly known as “Speedwalker”, mocks Superman’s use of flying as a crutch.

    Seriously, though, Almost Live was pretty funny.

  5. SPEAKING of science, I read this completely batshit insane thing that somebody posted on Facebook today about how NASA has confirmed that you are able to gain superpowers and live without eating if you look at the sun in the morning while walking barefoot AND THIS GIRL WHO POSTED THIS TOTALLY BELIEVED IT. The icing on the cake was the person who commented that “I know for a fact that NASA has confirmed a lot of things that aren’t true, like the Big Bang.”

  6. He looks like Bloomberg in this photo

  7. Bill *exasperated sigh*

  8. Now, you see, white guys – we dance like this.

  9. “It’s a nerd, it’s a plane..”

  10. “Oh crap, why am I doing this? Unaided human flight is impossible! I shouldn’t even BE at this movie.”

  11. You will be able to demonstrate that a man can fly through testable, peer reviewed scientific evidence, not just take it on faith that a man can fly.

  12. Bill Nye the bowtie guy.

  13. Bill Nye conclusively demonstrates that inertia is a property of both matter and derivatively lazy Hollywood movie studios.

  14. For some reason I was reminded of this:

  15. Alright now picture this but with me in spandex. I’m telling you guys we could easily make a trilogy out of this. Beakman could be my Luthor.

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