I can only imagine how hard this song was for D4NNY 2 write, but sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for your art, especially when it comes to banger summer jams like this one. Besides, you have to say goodbye to all of the people who hated and loved you in order to make room for all of the FANS! (Via HelloGiggles.)

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  1. My first question was “where is D4NNY going” but the vid makes it clear at the end that he’s leaving to become a robot.

  2. This makes me feel uncomfortable, like maybe we should send this to D4nny’s parents and teachers and get him some help.

  3. Those bangs would make Bettie Page jealous!

  4. I started watching this feeling concerned for D4nny 2. This seems like a cry for help! By the end, though, my focus shifted to wondering how he got his pit stains to show up on the wrong side.

  5. Gre4t work, son.

  6. Do you think he recorded the voice at night under a sheet after his bedtime and that is why he is whispering

  7. Oh wow I totally forgot about Summer Jamz. One of my favorite things about this time of year.

  8. This is much better than the unofficial version. But seriously, D4nny, it gets better, please don’t go anywhere!

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