Yesterday was the wonderful Anderson Cooper’s birthday, and so Kathy Griffin and Suze Orman showed up last night on AC 360 to surprise him with a cake and, in the case of Kathy Griffin, lame underminery insults and credit for his career. The whole thing could not have been more awkward. Anderson doesn’t even recognize Kathy’s voice at first and is clearly uncomfortable with Kathy’s plea for attention at the expense of his show. Or at least that’s how I’m reading it, because I hate Kathy Griffin so much! Maybe Anderson is just modestly embarrassed at the birthday hoopla, like a normal person. But I’m going with “Rejoice! He and Kathy Griffin are not even really friends!”:

I hope Anderson had a real birthday party with his real friends last night. (Also: Suze Orman, as you were, you’re fine. Kathy is the enemy here.)

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  1. Sam  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2009 +10

    Sorry, Lindsay. Anderson Cooper is gay. So of course he loves Kathy Griffin.

    • He’s WHAT?

    • Steven   |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2009 +13

      this idea that all gays love kathy griffin needs to end immediately! i hate her as much as straight people!

    • Man that is not even confirmed. I am not convinced. The first people to say that he was gay were journalists for a gay-themed gossip magazine. And Anderson Cooper was just like “Hey. Nobody’s business.”
      He might be gay. But i’m pretty sure, he’s more asexual than anything else.

  2. anyone who tells jesus to “suck it” is good in my book. but i understand she’s an acquired taste.

  3. She’s like leather chaps, it’s true. We don’t know why, but we can’t f*ing get enough of her.

  4. I like Anderson Cooper because he’s one of a handful of people on TV who seem to always be the one to say, “Hey, this is retarded. Stop it.”

  5. Kathy Griffin and Suze Orman? Only with the addition of a firefighter in briefs could CNN wink at us any harder about Anderson being gay.

  6. erikaspanis  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2009 -16

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  7. Tarry Says "Don't Tary"  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2009 +1


  8. That One  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2009 +11

    “I actually… have to go to bed early… yeah.”

  9. leah  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2009 +7

    that was brutal. :( birthday Anderson Cooper.

  10. You know how I know you’re gay, Anderson Cooper? You used the word verklempt after Kathy Griffin brought you a birthday cake.

  11. I like Kathy Griffin. Only because I’m homosexual, though.

  12. Josh Rosen  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2009 +8

    I love Kathy Griffin, but I have to admit this: If Anderson Copper had not been gay to begin with, three minutes of Kathy Griffin would sure put you OFF women for good.

  13. Suze Orman is okay? Someone needs to read more Consumerist. Suze Orman is also the worst, along with all the CNBC crowd.

  14. I was hoping Suze Orman’s silhouette was actually Christine Marinoni

  15. I’m sorry, I have to say something…

    Anderson Cooper is so fucking hot. Thanks for being on our team, buddy. Even if you’re not letting everyone know, we know. We know.

  16. Sending out two gay icons to give him a cake on his birthday? Yeah that’s definitely CNN’s way of saying ‘ yeah, he’s gay’. probably not something he appreciates very much.

    • The people this would tip off already know. The people who still, somehow, unbelievably, against all odds, do not know, would not figure it out from this video.

  17. I know you hate, Kathy, but Anderson really does seem to like her.

  18. Ugh, I can’t do grammar this early.

  19. Can I just say that Anderson Cooper fucking rocks? I didn’t even know he was gay until these comments, so now he rocks even more. And both those ladies are the worst. How can anyone possibly defend Suze Orman?

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