Think once. Think twice. Think don’t let your uncle who apparently hasn’t been paying attention, neither to how your grandfather has been pulling off the whole operation nor to how shit just WORKS here on Earth, drive your car into the swimming pool. (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. “Car ride goes wrong”? Really? I would’ve loved this. That kid was having some good old fashioned pool fun.

  2. I secretly wish this upon every Duck Tour vehicle I see.

  3. Before I realized the kid had a lifejacket on, this video had a much darker tone.

  4. Did anyone else get really nervous watching this? I paused it about halfway through and took a quarter of a xanax and then waited a few minutes. It didn’t help.

  5. This is again part of the group of videos in the “why would you post this online” club

  6. Watching internet videos has shredded my attention span. I know the kid is going in the water, do I really have to wait 1 min and 3 seconds to see it? Throw him in already!

  7. Fasten your lifejackets, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  8. I, too, watched with a sense of dread as the video progressed. First time that Lamaze training really came in handy.

  9. I was also getting nervous because that sidewalk looks so slippery

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