Did everyone have a good Father’s Day weekend? JUST KIDDING! That was the same joke I made in the Mother’s Day Party Game post, remember?! Fool you once, shame on me. Fool you — you can’t get fooled again. (George W. Bush.) It wouldn’t be right to have had such a wonderful Party Game for Mother’s Day without giving the fathers among us their chance to reap the benefits. (Terrible puns and rhyme-based movie joke benefits, mainly.) And with Father’s Day right around the corner (June 16th) there’s no better time to do it! Am I telling you that you have to print out this list of Father’s Day-altered movie titles along with the entire comment thread that follows it and staple it to the new tie that you bought for your father before you hand it to him? NO! Am I saying that would be a terrible idea? YES! Don’t do that! But DO do this! Do-do! Let’s get to it!

  • American Tie
  • We Can See Man of Steel (If You Want)
  • The Goodfather
  • You Like Horses, Don’t You?
  • Goodfather*
  • The Brooks Brothers Great Gatsby Collection 
  • Home Alone, If Possible

I’m sorry, Dad! (Father’s Day image via Shutterstock.)

*This one is rather than Goodburger.
Comments (44)
  1. Grill Bill

  2. In The Name of The Father’s Day

  3. Monty Python’s Quest For The Holy Grill

  4. The Will Be Golf

  5. From Here To Paternity

  6. Classic Rock Of Ages

  7. Let The Right One In, And Then Close The Door Already, The AC Is Running.

  8. The Man Who Shot Liberty New Balance

  9. The Deer Hunter (but, like, sans Russian Roulette and more actual hunting deer)

  10. Superdad

  11. Weather(channel)heads

  12. The Big Lebrewski

  13. The Big Sleep During the Middle Part of Any Movie

  14. Driving Miss Daisy to her Ballet Recital

  15. Don’t Tell Dad the Babysitter’s Dead, He’d Be More Mad Than Mom.

  16. Schticking And Screaming (Because dads have schtick) (And also they yell more, maybe.)

  17. You guys, I just realized that half of these are my Dad, and half of them are me. Fuck.

  18. Martha Marcy May Marlene Are My Lovely Daughters

  19. The Garden’s State is Deplorable, Mow the Lawn!

  20. Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Lazy Bum

    • Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying By Accepting That I Have A Complicated Relationship With A Paternal State And That Some Of That Complication Is On Me, Due to My Own Father Issues, But To Be Fair Just As Much of It Comes From External Sources Because, As Nirvana Said, Just Because You Are Paranoid, That Does Not Mean That They Are Not After You.

  21. You Can Count on Me (to Repair Your Bike)

  22. You’ve Got Male Pattern Baldness

  23. Honey, I Sent The Kids Away

  24. Daddy Darko

  25. Children of Dads

  26. I Know Who Grilled Me

  27. Ghost Dad’s Day

  28. Dawn of the Dad

  29. (Fishing) Hook

  30. Daddy Day Card

  31. Superdad………The Lawnmoaner Man….The Good, The Dad and the Ugly….Jurrasic Badly Parked….The Forty Year Old Virgin Bottle of Single Malt Scotch….Paternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

  32. The Chronicles of Narnia: Dad’s Mowing of the Lawn… Treader

  33. I miss explainerguy, or whatever his name was. Explainerguy explains again? I forget. You know who I mean. He killed at these things.

    I also miss Mans.


    • a super apropos lament, given that his avatar, for many a moon was Steve Martin from Parenthood, being a superdad at his son’s birthday party. Also star of Father of The Bride…

  34. Once Upon a Time in the Den
    Raiders of the Lost Parking Space
    Station-wagon Driver
    Full Denim Jacket
    Mr. Smith Goes to the Washing Machine
    Lock, Stock and Two Happy Meals for the Kids
    Star Trek Into Naptime
    I’m Awake, I’m Just Resting My Eyes Wide Shut

  35. Goodburger, Dad, thanks for making it for me!

  36. I Will Turn This Car Around!*

    *This is not a pun on a movie title, but seriously this is such a dad thing to say.

  37. A Good Day to Watch Die Hard

  38. Kiss the Dads

  39. Drive (Without Stopping for Directions)
    The Four Fathers
    I Know What You Did Last Summer and You’re Grounded
    The Perfect Snore
    Drive (I’m Not Lost, I’m Just Taking the Scenic Route)
    The Slow and the Furious
    What is this Social Network You Speak of?
    The Lawnmower Man
    Don’t Pump Up the Volume Any More
    Breakfast at Denny’s
    The Fantastic Snore
    Dude Don’t Make Me Turn This Car Around

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