• A bunch of character posters for Edgar Wright’s upcoming film The World’s End were released today. Want to look at them? -/Film
  • I cannot believe anyone on the Internet even for one moment believed that Neil Patrick Harris sang a song with the N word in it during the opening musical performance of The Tony Awards on CBS. Hahaha. I know that everything is a nightmare, but sheesh. -Dlisted
  • Warming Glow gathered up the 12 best Game of Thrones references made by other TV shows. Are they maybe the only 12 references that there are, rather than the best out of a larger group? Possibly, if we’re being honest! Does that mean you shouldn’t look at the list if its original idea appealed to you? No!!! Definitely look at it if you want to! -WarmingGlow
  • Leonardo DiCaprio wants to play Rasputin. Okay. Let him! -Deadline
  • Star Wars: Episode VII is going to begin filming in London in early 2014. Plz have your tear-off calendars prepared by tomorrow. -NextMovie
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  1. If I were Leo’s agent, I would call up Jerry Bruckheimer and tell him that he should make a movie about Rasputin with Leonardo Dicaprio in it. I would conclude my pitch by saying “There’s no disputin’ he’d be a good Rasputin!” And then Jerry Bruckheimer would be all “Haha, sold! Also, here’s a bunch of money, just for being you.” I do not understand why I’m not in Hollywood yet.

  2. I really really want to see The World’s End. It’s pretty much that and Elysium for me this summer and I’ll be good!

  3. That list didn’t even use the best GoT reference from that episode of the Venture Bros, when The Monarch tries to get Dr. Girlfriend to engage in GOT-themed sex. She misinterprets Drogo as Drago and comes to bed dressed at Rocky Balboa, followed by the Murderous Moppets as Rocky’s Trainer and Mr. T.

  4. I support this Leo D casting news. I think he could really do the role justice, although the only knowledge I have about Rasputin comes from an Animaniacs sketch.

    • I know too much about Rasputin, but the role should have gone to Jonathan Rhys Meyers because he and Rasputin both have a serious case of “crazy eyes”. Super creepy!

    • The only thing I really know about Rasputin is that after he died a group of Russian women somehow obtained his severed “little Rasputin” and worshiped it as a holy relic, although eventually it was discovered that it was actually a sea cucumber.

    • All I know is that I have a portrait of Rasputin with a beard down to his knees.

  5. I think those posters might be the best character posters I’ve ever seen. Crush on Simon Pegg grows ever stronger.

  6. Elementary had a Casterly Rock Security Firm in some episode… which later tied into a plot involving Margaery Tyrell / Natalie Dormer.

    Also, I love how everyone starts off making fun of Ben and Game of Thrones on Parks & Rec, then all come around to loving it as much as him.

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