From The Hollywood Reporter: “Following weeks of rumor and confirmation from Harmon, producers Sony Pictures Television confirm that Harmon will return as showrunner for the fifth season of [Community], with McKenna returning as executive producer.”

  • “I haven’t seen you in so long! Are you guys still living in the city? These days it’s hard to keep track of where people are, you know? With Facebook and stuff you’d think it’d be easy, but it isn’t. It’s still like, ahhh, is Dan Harmon the executive producer of Community on NBC or is he just trying to do other TV shows on other networks? Is his return official or what?! Ugh, it’s so difficult! But it actually is official now. Oh anyway, where do you live?”
  • “I’m going to get another drink. Do you need anything? I mean, now that Dan Harmon has returned as executive producer for Community‘s fifth season it’s hard to imagine actually NEEDING anything, but I just mean like do you want a drink or some pretzels or a napkin.”
  • “It has been raining soooo much these days. Yuck. I’m starting to think God didn’t even want Dan Harmon to return to Community.”
  • “How is work going? It’s going fine for me, same stuff as ever. I don’t know if it’s the same for you or if your career is in a bit of a crazy place, like Dan Harmon’s is. What with his returning to Community after being fired last year. Is it more like that for you, or is it more like my thing?”
  • “I’m sorry, did you say something about Dan Harmon? I don’t mean to interrupt.”
  • “Oh my god I love your outfit. You did NOT ‘Britta it’ tonight. I mean, it’s not like you ever do, I’m just saying specifically tonight you did not ‘Britta it’ when it comes to your outfit. Want to talk about Community more? I have some news!”
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  1. “Cool party, I love this area of town. Such a great community. Everyone living in harmon. Ha, I mean harmony. Dan Harmon. NBC. Well, bye.”

  2. “Did you catch the NBA game last night? Also hear about Community? Does my mentioning of those two things together make you think that maybe Dan Harmon is the Lebron James of comedy?”

  3. “Man, I only got one beer out of the six pack I brought tonight. Sigh, at least Dan Harmon’s back on Community.”

  4. “It sure is creepy that the government can listen to all of our phone calls, much in the same way that Dan Harmon will listen to fans’ complaints regarding the fourth season of Community.”

  5. “Sorry to interrupt this keg flip, but did you know Dan Harmon is coming back to Community? I just thought this was the appropriate time to talk about it since you’re doing a keg flip.”

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