Obviously some of these predictions now seem quaint and almost comical in retrospect. A wedding dress made out of saran wrap? In 2000? 1999 maybe, but by 2000 all wedding dresses were made out of pogs. And while electric belts that adjust the wearer’s body to the climate is a clever enough idea, it’s just not going to fly when what’s “in” is to be sweaty and clammy at the same time. But you have to admit that they totally called it on the electric headlight braided into a woman’s hair. Very popular fashion trend of the future today. Form and function. Looks great and it helps you to see what you are cooking!

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  1. They kind of called it on the men’s facial hair. Also the pineapple-shaped curled hair-hat (?) that sits just off-kilter on the very top of the head. Just walk down the sidewalk in Greenpoint and tell me you don’t see those every 15 feet on some girl who’s just strutting like she’s the first person to ever think of doing that to her hair/hat.

  2. Wedding dress made out of saran wrap? DRAG RACE DID IT.

  3. Women of the future are older and they have more insurance.

  4. I have a friend who thinks that in the future, there should be a kind of World Uniform that everyone agrees to wear (not unlike an old Seinfeld bit). His idea of the perfect choice? Blue jeans and a light blue dress shirt. So basically a Canadian Tuxedo. Needless to say, he’s very stylish.

  5. They sure as hell called the hair

  6. I’m so glad we have Tyra to teach models how to smize now.

  7. Umm is anyone else concerned that the maid is the only minority in this video? What the hell kind of future is this?

  8. I used to have the most fantastic majic pants. They looked like jeans, but they were made out of whatever material fancy-ass suit slacks are made from that make it feel like you’re not even wearing pants. But they just looked like straight up denim! I loved those pants, right up until a gypsy cut the pocket and they became useless. I really hope they are going to be the clothing of the future, because that’s the kind of world I dream of living in.

  9. Let’s talk about the clothing of our future. I’m thinking we’ll have wearable AIs. Although, with my luck, all of my T-shirts will be racist.

  10. It’s sad that it’s already 2013 and we still haven’t mastered the science of cantilever heels. Also, a belt that blows air into your dress? Why hasn’t this happened, ladies? Are you not angry that this doesn’t exist yet?

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