As with all things, so goes the Game of Thrones. Right? I think that’s right. Ashes to ashes, hiatus to hiatus. We are brought into this world, burn as bright as the sun for a short period of time, and then we go off the air for 9 months or whatever. (I literally have no idea what I’m talking about right now.) Before last night’s season finale, a few friends were predicting whether the episode would be a “a doozy or a snoozy” because me and my friends are cool people who do cool things. The over-all consensus was that we expected last night’s episode to be a snoozy, what with the show blowing its wad the previous week, or at least stabbing its wad repeatedly in its pregnant belly. And I guess in comparison that was kind of the case, but mostly during last night’s finale I kept thinking the same thing you may remember me thinking during the season premiere: “this show is great.” The scene with Tyrion and Joffrey and Tywin: great. The scene where Ygritte shoots Jon Snow with so many SPOILERS: great. The scene at the Irons Islands when that old bag of garbage gets word of Theon’s on-going torture and Theon’s sister’s subsequent departure: great. The scene with Daenerys: fine, I don’t know if I think it was particularly great, but she had kind of disappeared for awhile, and in general, the whole episode just did a good job of wrapping up where we have been and getting us ready for where we are going, as a show should. Great show! Goodbye for now, old friend! Have a great summer. K.I.T. xoxoxoxoxo GOSSIP GIRL.

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  1. I enjoyed the finale, and this season a lot. But please, no more penises getting cut off. George R.R. Martin, spare the penises from now on!

  2. Great episode! The Jon/Ygritte scene? killer. Everything Arya is awesome – tragic and horrifying but awesome. LOVED the whole scene with Joffery and Tywin and Tyrion and those other people. Also how awesome was it when Sam was like “You’re Jon’s brother? Any brother of Jon is a brother of mine!” Hodor! Great set up for next season. Can’t wait for next season!!!

    • I saw Arya’s last bit of innocence fly away last week when the Dire Wolf took his last whimper. I’m over Ygritte tho because she cannot harm my beautiful Jon Snow. They are the Sandra Bullock/Jesse James of Winterfell tho.

    • I loved that pretty much all the Lannisters told Joffrey to take a nap.

  3. We were agonizingly close to four Hodors in one episode. Are we counting the echo as a full fledged Hodor? Hodor.

  4. I haven’t watched this one yet because I have been digging a garden all day, but I just read last week’s open thread and a lot of people wanted to know if the Blackfish (Catelyn’s uncle) knew about the wedding. He doesn’t in the books, and is an all-around stand-up guy so I can’t imagine them changing that for the show. I can’t remember if he even goes to the wedding in the books? (Talisa/Jeyne doesn’t) But he does escape and go on the lam so I assume he wasn’t in cahoots.

    Also, holy hell that scene was awesome but does it make me a horrible person that I was kind of disappointed that Catelyn didn’t claw her face off in grief like she does in the books? And that they didn’t leave us with the “Did the Hound kill Arya???” cliffhanger? I mean, I assume if people thought Arya was also dead it might just be too much… I definitely had to flip ahead until I found an Arya chapter before I could go on reading.

    Also, who thinks they might change Dany’s story line? Because she doesn’t do one god damn interesting thing for the next 3 seasons, and holy cow I don’t want to watch her nibbling on figs and mooning over Dario for the rest of my natural life please.

    • They make it clear pretty early on this week that our man the Blackfish escaped and is free to continue roaming about the countryside, refusing to marry and enjoying the company of other men.

    • The Arya cliffhanger was cut short (pun not intended?) for me because I was venting to a co-worker who had read the books, and I mentioned the Hound hitting Arya with his axe, and he had no idea what I was talking about. I figured if he had actually killed her, he would have known exactly what I was referring to.

  5. Thoughts:
    I hate Theon so much. But good Lord I feel so sorry for him!!
    Sam saying “Jon Snow, you’re home now, ” or whatever it was–omg I teared up!
    Tyrion is the best.
    Arya is the best.
    This show is the best.

    • 100% agree on all points. I just want to add that I so wished Shae would have left when given the option. I wish Roz had been given the same chance!

      If she truly loves Tyrion she needs to realize that she is indeed getting in the way.

      Also, does anyone have any good ideas on how to get through the next 10 months without GoT and a lack of Gabe’s True Blood recaps to look forward to?

    • Theon Greyjoy (or should I say Reek?) becomes one of the most interesting character studies in Game of Thrones.

      Because yes, I HATE THAT GUY! He was a sniveling jerk the whole time Ned raised him as a son. He back stabbed Robb. His dad doesn’t even like him! Then he gets all high and mighty and takes Winterfell?! The place you called home??!?! I’d call him a Bastard, but we know not to use that term lightly now…

      So we hate him. We hope he dies. Hell, we hope for worse! But then… he gets worse, and worse, and worse, and worse. Then you start going, well hey, wait a minute, you can stop now. I think he gets the point.

      How can I feel sorry for somebody I was for sure I hated?

      • You’re feeling more Human Jesus than Raptor Jesus after this episode I take it?

      • I think that is the brilliance of GRR Martin’s books–there are just very few clear-cut “good” or “bad” characters, everyone is so complex, and even the people we hate have a backstory that may change our minds some. Love it!!

  6. Super excited that they bumped up Asha’s (I refuse to call her Yara–I’m fine with them changing her name, but “Yara” is SO TERRIBLE to me for some reason) storyline so we got to see more of her this season, because she is my fave.

    I was a little disappointed that they didn’t end with a shot of {SPOILER REDACTED, but for those of you who’ve read the books, it rhymes with Sadie Moantart} opening her eyes, because that would’ve been awesome and creepy and a great hook into the next season (and would have gone along with all the mother references in the ep), but I understand that the timeline was off for that. It would’ve been so cool, though.

  7. The hound and arya are such a great team.

  8. I have a question, everyone, having not watched this yet: was the (spoiler) Ramsay Snow/Bolton reveal at all interesting for people who haven’t read the books?

    • I looked it up beforehand because my book reading friend said that in the books you don’t find out what happened to Theon until book 5 and I was like fuck if I’m waiting 3 years to find out what the hell is going on. It wasn’t that interesting when I found out, and I probably would have felt the same last night. I really just want it to stop, but I feel like that’s not going to happen.

    • Not really. Someone in a non-reader recap had figured it out (the big “X” being the giveaway) a few weeks ago, but Bolton just wasn’t a major character in my mind pre-Red Wedding so it didn’t matter that much. Everyone seems to be related to someone else in this show. Now that we know the designs they have for Bolton ruling the North and the benefit of having Theon captive, the connection is interesting.

      • It was kind of my assumption that no one would care–I love Theon’s story in the book but even then the Ramsay reveal isn’t anything too exciting, given how little you know of him. I promise it gets more interesting, saturnian.

    • I was like ok cool, makes sense this guy is Jerk-o # 1

  9. I feel like half this show is set at Burning Man.

  10. There were episodes this season where I worried that keeping in every plotline from a 1000+ pg book was starting to work against the show. Aside from the main stories, it felt like a lot of treading water when we ventured away from King’s Landing for a couple minutes at a time to remind us that so-and-so was still hiking through the woods / having body parts severed in a dungeon somewhere.

    But then I watch this season finale and realize just how many great characters there are and how strangely invested I am in so many of them. Samwise! After dropping in on about 20 campfire conversations between him and Gilly this year, so heartwarming when he finally got to Castle Black. Ser Davos! A whole season of him basically just sitting in prison learning to read pays off with him using the Magic of Literacy to save his own skin. The Hound! Proving himself a better protector to the Stark girls than their parents ever were.

  11. No love for Davos yet? He was my favorite part of the episode. “Why is there a ‘g’ in night?” “As your Hand I recommend you do not kill me(or something like that, whatever).” And his whole exchange with Gendry at the boat but most especially:
    “Have you ever been on a boat?”
    “Can you swim?”
    “Well, don’t fall out.”

    • Ser Davos has absolutely become my favorite. Completely unafraid to do the right thing even facing certain death, and remaining loyal to Stannis even though Stannis can no longer see right from wrong. Freeing Gendry and then the scene where he stands up to Stannis…

      “What is the life of one bastard boy against a kingdom?”


      • I like Davos a lot in both the books and the show, and I think the casting choice was ideal. I trust him completely, and he’s one of the only characters i feel that way about.

        That said, I watched the Tonys last night instead of GoT and was struck by how much David Hyde Pierce looks like the Onion Knight.

      • In the absence of Ned (RIP, brah) he has become the sort of moral compass of the show, and I love it. For real though, how can there be any craggy-faced white guy actors left in the British Isles? They have literally cast all of them in this show.

    • I love Davos! I love him in the books too, but I’ll admit that I skimmed some of his chapters because they could be a little boring. But I love the character, and I really love him on the show. I want an entire episode of him trying to read.

  12. Not super stoked on the ongoing white savior freeing the brown people theme this show has going. tens of thousands of dusty black people calling the whitest person of all time mother for well over a minute? No thanks!!!

    • Hmmm, I have no book knowledge on this, and I see what you mean on the racial optics…but I would be surprised if the Daenerys as pure-intentioned liberator trend holds up much longer. We’ve been trained to cheer for her as she kicks one chauvinist ass at a time for three seasons, seemingly while maintaining some moral bearings re: slavery.

      But she’s also hellbent on conquering Westeroes and being the queen of everything? It feels inevitable she’ll be in a position of having to decide to kill a lot of (innocent) people. Doesn’t seem in this show’s nature to have her follow a purely heroic arc.

    • Yeah, I hope next season they get into the fact that Dany “saving” all those people actually really screwed up a whole lot of things for them, and that she has major issues in that regard, because the books go into it but the show really hasn’t so far, and it’s getting kind of gross.

      Wow, that was a long sentence.

    • I was thinking about that myself. Maybe I’m just hoping against hope, but it seems like the show is using Dany as a stand-in for the British Empire. At first they’re all enlightened self-interest and at least some of the natives are hunky-dory with that. Then everybody realizes that foreign colonizers are the worst and then they rebel.

  13. Am I the only one who during the torture scene when Bad Snow made Theon change change his name yelled out ‘My name is Kunta Kinte’?

    I was very behind until recently and during Season 2 I just kept saying ‘Ugh I hate Theon’ and my husband kept saying ‘just wait – you’ll feel sorry for him’ and – I just don’t. I don’t even care. Every time they flash back to him and he’s being tortured it feels like a wasted scene. To know that in the books it doesn’t even come up until book 5 or something is like ‘Thank God, I could go another couple of years without giving a crap about this guy again…’

    • Yeah, seriously not feeling sorry for Theon. 100% with Ramsay on this one, Ramsay is the best.

    • Omg, that entire scene I was like “You guys… they totally bit this from Roots…” but no one seemed to know what I was talking about.

      Also, yeah I’m really sick of Dany. She’s a horrible leader, she got Khal Drago killed, and she’s going to drag all these uneducated slave types to Westeros to do what? She only has Dragons going for her, and that Fabio guy.

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