The 2013 Tony Awards were on last night. Did you watch? I didn’t! I would have if I could, but I couldn’t. Life’s tough. I watched a few clips from the show this morning, though, and it looks like it was basically a great time! Award shows are all varying levels of garbage, but I think the Tony Awards are BY FAR the most tolerable of all of them. Singing and dancing from true performers! Jokes sung with nice voices rather than delivered in stilted speech! No stakes for any of us because we definitely didn’t see any or probably at least an overwhelming majority of the nominees! WHAT A TREAT! Above you can watch Andrew Rannells, Megan Hilty, and Laura Benanti sing about their failed television shows, and after the jump you can watch the opening and closing numbers. Mike Tyson is in the opening number and doesn’t do a great job, and Neil Patrick Harris jumps through a hoop!

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike won Best Play and Kinky Boots won Best Musical. Did you win your pool?

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  1. I also didn’t watch! Sorry! But I’m not really sorry. I am, however, sorry for not being sorry, if that’s any consolation.

    • Oh man, then you totally missed it when they told Tilda Swinton that she was winning a lifetime achievement award, and then John Travolta dumped a bucket of pig blood on her.

  2. I did not. I watched Upstream Color followed by Bad Kids Go To Hell and my Netflix was all what who r u?

    • How was Upstream Color? I loved Primer, but everything I’ve heard about Upstream Color makes it sound SUPER pretentious.

      • I too loved Primer, although I think it sufficiently short circuited my brain. I have heard Upstream Color is even more confusing, which, I just don’t even know how that’s possible.

        • Everybody who watches it says that it’s great, but you will never understand it. To me, that means poor plotting masked with pseudo-intelligence.

          • Yeah that’s what it sounds like to me, though I would hope it’s actually good. That was one of the things I loved about Primer; despite it being really dense and confusing, it wasn’t pseudo-intellectual nonsense.

          • Primer felt like it was intentionally created to be nearly impossible to untangle. That was the central concept, almost.

            Upstream Color doesn’t put the pieces together for you either, but I think it was constructed as a puzzle with a correct answer that can be figured out with a small amount of connecting the dots afterward.

            It also has three very different acts, and I’m still not sure how I feel about the final one. Lots of pigs. Lots of hazy montages of people running their fingers along the sides of walls (it’s like Terrence Malick in an office). Even if it doesn’t all work, the movie did have a way of staying in my head.

      • It’s great. A lot easier to follow than Primer. It’s got a guy who plays a keyboard to pigs.

    • Also, I’d never heard of Bad Kids Go To Hell before, but apparently it’s like a cross between The Breakfast Club and Saw, and also Bender is playing the principal this time? I am IN.

  3. I didn’t watch, but I did see about 9,000 commercials for “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike” when I was in New York a couple of weeks ago and they made me want to stab my eyes out, so maybe I’m not the target audience.

  4. I watched! It was great. Some of the musical performances–two in particular, Matilda and Pippin–were really impressive, and as is true every year, the acceptances speeches were sincere and heartfelt and made me happy to hear. Also, I was watching with friends who saw Pippin over the weekend, so there was a lot of excitement going on there. ALSO, cute boy overload. Everyone should watch it just for this!

  5. Nope.

    I watched Game of Thrones.

  6. As you guise know, award shows make me want to be a cutter, so I watched GOT and was happy with this choice.

  7. I watched the NBA because I’m all sportsgummed up over here. I was pulling for the Heat so I was pleased, and I was ALSO pulling for Danny Green for UNC pride, so I was doubly pleased because he blew it up out there!

    • I went to a Lakers game last year but I spent the game cheering for Denver because Ty Lawson was playing. My group didn’t seem too pleased but Kobe Bryant’s a rapist, so they can bite me.

  8. I was getting a toddler and a baby asleep. I finally had to use the good ol’ TV crutch and slap Toy Story 2 on to get the toddler to finally crash.

    (My wife was drinking at a birthday party.)

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