• Last night, Adult Swim aired part two of Adam Scott’s Greatest Event in Television History, featuring Amy Poehler and Adam recreating the opening credits for Hart to Hart. -Pajiba
  • Also last night, The Daily Show said goodbye to Jon Stewart for the summer and hello to John Oliver. Bye, Jon! Hello, John! -TheDailyShow
  • Something that ALSO ALSO happened on TV last night was The Lonely Island visited Jimmy Kimmel and performed their song “Semicolons” with Alanis Morissette. They never do this! -Stereogum
  • By analyzing searches for movie trailers and a movie’s Internet presence, Google is able to predict the potential box office draw of a movie with 94% accuracy. WHAT?! It makes sense, but also, WHAT?! -/Film
  • Lena Dunham spoke to the LA Times about a few episodes from Girls‘ last season, including the Patrick Wilson episode and the maybe-rape episode. Okay! -LATimes
  • “An Oral History of UCB Theater Partying and ‘Awkward Sexuality’” -Vulture
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  1. Friday. You know the drill. Come chat:


  2. So Google can predict the draw of a movie pretty accurately, but only after it already has a website and trailers and stuff out there? Not sure how useful that information would be to film producers at that point. Presumably they’ve already basically finished the movie and done a lot of marketing at that point. I guess they could either ramp the marketing push up or down in the last couple weeks before the movie opened or something.

  3. Dunham on the reaction to the Patrick Wilson episode: “I get so tired of having to cry out “misogyny,” but that’s what’s going on in this situation.”

    UGH. UGH, Lena Dunham. Yes I’m sure if Michael Cera wrote and directed a movie in which he fucks Jennifer Anniston for a few days, everyone would be like, “Nothing at all to consider here.”

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