Kelly: Hey, Gabe
Gabe: hey kelly
Kelly: How are you?
Gabe: i’m pretty good thanks
Gabe: how are you?
Kelly: I’m okay!
Kelly: All right, enough small talk
Gabe: phew
Gabe: i was like, let’s get serious
Gabe: it’s weird, too, because like we know each other?
Kelly: You mean, like, we know how each other is?
Gabe: i just mean, like, small talk is for strangers
Gabe: Small Talk Is For Strangers is also the name of my third album
Kelly: hahah
Kelly: That is NOT bad.
Kelly: So anyway, enough small talk
Kelly: Did you see the latest update in the Megan Draper/Sharon Tate conspiracy theory?
Kelly: ?!?!?!?!?!?
Gabe: first of all
Gabe: please don’t use the term “conspiracy theory”
Gabe: when talking about a basic cable television show

Kelly: hahaha
Kelly: What term should I use?
Kelly: The Megan Draper/Sharon Tate uncovered secret death plot plan
Gabe: idea someone had
Gabe: about what might be happening
Gabe: on a tv show
Gabe: and might not
Gabe: it doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily, i suppose
Kelly: I guess I can just cut it down to “idea”
Kelly: The Megan Draper/Sharon Tate idea?!?!?!?
Gabe: yeah
Gabe: theory
Gabe: you can say theory
Gabe: that makes you sound so smart, kelly
Kelly: The Megan Draper/Sharon Tate theory?
Kelly: You’re right
Kelly: I sound like a professor
Gabe: a professor of Theoretical Mad Men
Kelly: So the latest update in the Megan Draper/Sharon Tate theory is that Jessica Pare talked to Esquire about it and said she doesn’t know if there’s any significance to the t-shirt and that you’d have to ask Matthew Weiner
Kelly: hahah
Gabe: sounds like a pretty thrilling interview
Gabe: surprised to find the world is still turning
Kelly: Also she said women didn’t wear a lot of t-shirts at the time
Kelly: Which is interesting
Gabe: is it?
Gabe: is it though?
Kelly: Kind of?
Gabe: it is funny how people of our generation are pretending like Mad Men is ACTUAL history class
Gabe: but i will tell you something: someone asked Joan if she was going to Le Cirque in the first episode of this season
Gabe: and that restaurant didn’t open until the 70s
Gabe: and i heard an interview with an actual Old Person who said he couldn’t watch the show because it was too unrealistic, specifically tlaking about the way people were dressed
Gabe: so don’t believe everything you learn in the school of Mad Men
Gabe: your teachers are lying to you!

Kelly: Hahaha
Kelly: That Le Cirque one was egregious
Kelly: I was going to say that if there was anything I disliked more than people acting like Mad Men is history class
Kelly: It would be people who pick apart the different anachronisms
Kelly: Because it is just a TV show, relax
Kelly: But really I guess those two groups of people are very similar and it’s easier to just dislike them both the same
Gabe: i’m not sure you can
Gabe: think it’s ridiculous for someone to pick apart the anachronisms
Gabe: but think it’s OK to decide that Meghan is Sharon Tate because she wears a t-shirt
Gabe: and give the show extra credit for telling you
Gabe: that women didn’t wear t-shirts?
Gabe: it’s all just a little bit annoying
Gabe: because no matter what you say about any of it, to your point
Gabe: it’s just a tv show
Kelly: Well, I’m not sure if the you in what you’re saying is actually me or just a general “you”
Kelly: But 1. I 4SURE do not think Megan is Sharon Tate!
Kelly: and 2. I said it was kind of interesting that women didn’t wear t-shirts a lot back then
Kelly: hahah
Kelly: I’m not giving Mad Men any credit for that
Kelly: Who even knows if that’s true
Kelly: I just don’t like it when people are like
Kelly: “That tie clip didn’t exist until 1976!”
Kelly: Who cares
Gabe: well, actually
Gabe: i would normally agree with you
Gabe: because i don’t know why anyone cares about anything
Gabe: but in this particular instance
Gabe: the Mad Men people are so proud of themselves for their attention to detail
Gabe: that i think it’s totally legitimate to call them out when they mess up
Gabe: if this was a Tone Poem to 1968 then fine
Gabe: but when they are like “we got the original suits made that year from the tailor who worked around the corner from where the fictional Sterling & Cooper is located” then yeah, you can call shenanigans
Kelly: It is still annoying, though
Kelly: You can’t tell me that it isn’t annoying, especially knowing the attention that is paid to detail, when people go through and complain about the imperfections
Gabe: it’s all annoying
Gabe: we are in agreement
Gabe: that everything in the world is annoying
Gabe: and that we just want to have a Werther’s and take a nap
Kelly: hahah
Kelly: We got off subject, though
Kelly: Megan Draper: IS SHE DEAD?!
Gabe: my friend jane asked me that yesterday
Gabe: and my first response
Gabe: was no
Gabe: and what i said was that this show, despite what everyone thinks all the time
Gabe: but this show is not that playful
Gabe: what you see is almost always what you get
Gabe: and if they do a flash-back it’s obviously a flash-back
Gabe: and even when Don was dead, I pointed out, it was weird immediately
Gabe: they don’t show two people having a phone call and then it turns out the phone call was all just a dream or whatever
Gabe: everything is actually fairly surface
Gabe: but then she pointed out that in Don’s near death experience that I myself brought up as an example, he sees two people “on the other side” one of whom is for sure dead (the soldier) and the other one being Megan
Gabe: on top of which every time he talked to Megan there were sirens drowning her out

Kelly: And then what did you say?
Gabe: oh, then i said
Gabe: yeah, who knows, i’m dumb and i just want to put tv in my eyes and go to bed
Kelly: hahaha
Kelly: Two of my friends brought it up at dinner last night and I had a similar experience, where I talked about how that has never been a thing that Mad Men does
Kelly: And so on
Kelly: And they were like “But it was when they showed an image that looked like a man hanging and then Lane hung himself” or whatever
Kelly: And I didn’t know what they were talking about
Kelly: And then it was revealed that neither of them watched Mad Men
Kelly: And they had just read the Uproxx article
Kelly: And we were all wasting our time
Gabe: hahahahahahaha
Gabe: one of my favorite things is when you realize
Gabe: about 10 minutes into a heated discussion with friends
Gabe: that no one knows what they are talking about and no one has any investment in the outcome
Kelly: hahah yes
Kelly: It’s nice to have people to hash nonsense out with for no reason.
Gabe: once you notice it
Gabe: you will start seeing it happening
Gabe: in almost every conversation
Gabe: people love to argue, but nobody knows anything
Gabe: and thus the Internet was born
Kelly: And Megan Draper was killed
Gabe: by a t-shirt
Gabe: the t-shirt kills her?
Gabe: i’m sorry
Gabe: i wasn’t paying attention to any of this
Kelly: Yeah the t-shirt kills her
Kelly: In a plot to show Sharon Tate’s boobs on every blog
Gabe: it was all leading up to this
Gabe: if you go back to the opening scene
Gabe: of the first episode
Gabe: of the first season
Gabe: i’m not going to give it away, but somewhere in that bar where Don orders an old fashioned
Gabe: is a picture of Sharon Tate’s wet boobs
Gabe: and the words
Gabe: “The End”
Kelly: hahahaha
Kelly: Every time you hear a siren in all six seasons a pic of wet boobs flashes on the screen real quick
Kelly: You have to slow the episodes down a lot to catch it but we’re working on a supercut
Gabe: who’s “we”?!
Kelly: Me and you
Gabe: that doesn’t sound right
Gabe: that doesn’t sound like something i would do
Gabe: am I dead?!
Gabe: am I sharon tate?!
Gabe: oh no! i just looked and i am wearing a t-shirt!!!!!!
Kelly: Oh no
Kelly: Gabe.
Gabe: jk jk
Kelly: Never ever joke around about wearing a t-shirt again, please
Kelly: I know it’s like fun or whatever but I get nervous
Gabe: at least if she is dead, megan will have died doing what she loved: wearing a t-shirt
Kelly: Did she buy the t-shirt before she died or is it a t-shirt they gave her in heaven, do you think
Kelly: We are going to look like dumb idiots though when it turns out she had been dead for a while
Gabe: uh
Gabe: if it turns out that Megan has been dead for awhile
Gabe: we will not be the ones who look like dumb idiots
Gabe: it will be the show called Mad Men that will be the dumb idiot
Kelly: Hahaha
Gabe: “Don wakes up in 1997 and it was all just a terrible dream!”
Kelly: I hope it ends with Don pitching Mad Men to Tina Fey as an episode of 30 Rock
Kelly: “And it turns out she had been dead that whole time.”
Gabe: in black face
Kelly: Hahhhhhh
Kelly: In black face.
Gabe: The End.
Gabe: “The End” – Vince Gilligan
Kelly: :( !!!! Don’t bring it up!!!

Comments (22)
  1. As children, Betty Draper and her brother were fined for small talk.

    Put another dollar in the small talk jar, you guys!

  2. I think she’s dead but I also just really like ghosts and ghosts stories and spookiness and the willies. So I guess I should give up on Mad Men and just go watch an episode of Scooby Doo.

    • It’s on Spotify, which is fine, if you don’t mind listening to Depends ads between every song.

      • I like his newer album better, it’s both bolder and more considered, weirder and more accessible, eclectic and more representative than anything he’s done prior.

  3. I think she is dead because this show has a ton of ghosts. You can tell by all the booooooooooooo-ze.

    And, that kids is how I met your Mother. In the writers’ room at Laffy Taffy.

  4. So maybe it was foreshadowing when the apartment was broken into while the kids were there alone? Now Meghan’s there alone and she has the heebie jeebies? Oh no run Meghan!!!

  5. I think she’s dead because I haven’t been watching Mad Men this season and I suffer from a disorder where anything I’m not paying attention to ceases to exist in my mind.

  6. Killed by a tshirt? Simpsons did it.

  7. Wait. Why is the soldier “for sure dead”? Don didn’t keep in touch with him. Am I missing something?

    Megan is not dead. Paul is also not dead.

    Anyway, if you want to get into some pseudospiritual speculation, look no further than Bob Benson.

    I mean, who other than God or an avenging angel of some kind says shit like this:

    “I’m Bob Benson, I’m Upstairs, Accounts.” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    • Right, it seemed a leap to say the soldier was really dead. Given all the Vietnam protests on TV in this episode, the soldier’s appearance was likely just Don processing that angst via a memory of someone he associates with the war.

      Plus, the Uproxx theory treats that whole sequence as if it happened while Don was ‘dead’ in the pool, when we actually here him falling in and Sterling yelling about it only at the very end of the hallucination. The whole hazy sequence was him making his way toward the pool before he fell in for a few moments.

    • Yeah, the soldier was just a hallucination based on Don’s anxieties. He would have know way of knowing whether he is actually alive or whatever. And I figured he was just hallucinating that some random chick at the party was Megan due to being high or whatever.

      I could see if the show is foreshadowing something bad happening to Megan with all this stuff, but I definitely don’t think this is the type of show that would 6th Sense one of the main characters on us. There’s no magic in Mad Men. Anytime we see something that isn’t really there, it’s pretty clearly due to a character (usually Don) imagining it due to drugs/exhaustion/whatever and not supposed to be an actual apparition that is appearing before their eyes.

      • Oh yeah, that was the other thing. When they first arrived at the party Don specifically looked at a brunette woman getting out of the pool that looked a lot like Megan, but was also clearly not really her. They made a big point of showing that for a couple seconds. My interpretation was that during the hallucination it very well may have been that same woman, now seen by him as Megan in his drugged state.

  8. The idea from the Uproxx article I actually like better was that they might kill off the ‘Don Draper’ identity, (with him going back to being Dick Whitman I guess?) at season’s end.

    Not that I’ve seen a ton of evidence for it, but in that hash fueled hallucination, there was a moment where the blond woman called him Don and he said “That isn’t my name.” Followed a couple minutes later with him looking at himself dead in a pool.

    Another subtle nod could be the agency name change, that includes the Draper dropping out of SCDP to become SC&P. Maybe?

    Don/Dick attempting to reclaim his self-identity after another season feeling adrift vis that kind of symbolic move would be an interesting place to take things. Shed the suit of Don Draper on the beach and walk right into the ocean.

    • I like that, too. That actually would fit the tone of the season and would obviously address issues that have been there since the start of the show.

    • Yeah, that’s what I first thought when they released that teaser poster for this season. His preoccupation with suicide and death this season makes it seem like he might fake the death of “Don Draper,” or maybe have to go into hiding after someone kills Megan and he’s the chief suspect?

  9. The interview Gabe mentions with a person who can’t watch the show because of the historical inaccuracy is Dick Van Dyke’s recent interview on WTF with Marc Maron, and you should check it out because Dick Van Dyke is the best and the whole interview is really great.

    Also if you want to see what people actually dressed like at the time, check out some episodes of the Dick Van Dyke show! It’s on Netflix and it’s great!

  10. I don’t think Megan is a direct stand-in for Sharon Tate, I think it’s more about pulling the emotions of what happened to Sharon into Megan’s story as a sort of build-up of the anxiety around what was happening in her life/marriage in the context of the violence of the outside world. If the tie to Sharon represents the threat from outside, there are a bunch of ways that the show creates a threat from the inside – the biggest one as Tom & Lorenzo point out in their Mad Style post (seriously, if you guys aren’t reading this, it’s freaking amazing! ) is the similarity between what Abe is wearing throughout the episode and how what Megan wears echoes similar patterns/styles/etc (amazing, right, I never would have noticed this in a million years). Anyway, they talk about how Abe and Megan are wearing essentially the same thing in their two scenes (white underpants and a white tshirt) and that the star on Megan’s shirt echoes the blood from the stab wound on Abe. So as much as we imagine Megan as protected, the threat is from inside the apartment (as with Peggy’s threat to Abe).

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