You see Russia and you see cement and you see FAIL and you see a man standing under a truck and you think the worst, but then when you watch it all unfold, it’s just poetry in motion, and suddenly you realize that not everything has to be hockey pucks shattering teeth and exiting the backs of skulls, and not everything has to be someone getting knee-capped by a Hummer being driven by a child who hates church. There’s a different world out there, that is quieter and more friendly. And we can be a part of that world, starting with our FAILs. That’s what the Coalition aims to achieve. Hopefully we won’t suffer from an Epic Coalition FAIL #LOL.

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  1. This kind of fail is more my speed.

  2. “Inclined plane? What’s that?” – These guys

  3. But we had two tires on the ground. TWO! It was the perfect plan. I’m still in shock.

    -Those Guys

  4. That guy’s stance in the still kind of reminds me of this:

  5. We really nailed it this time broskies, the perfect plan! Here it goes….yeaaaa..awwwww…..

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