From The Hollywood Reporter: “Vince Gilligan (AMC’s Breaking Bad), whose show returns with its final eight episodes in August, admitted he cried when he wrote the final words on the script to the last episode. ‘I haven’t told my crew this. I actually cried writing the end – “The end” on the last episode,’ Gilligan said. ‘I haven’t since then.’”

Vince Gilligan’s Friend: Hey man, I’m going to the taco place. You want any tac– Oh, hey, are you ok?
Vince Gilligan: [crying] Oh — Hah, no, yeah I’m fine. I don’t want any tacos. Thanks, though.
Vince Gilligan’s Friend: Are you crying?
Vince Gilligan: [crying] No. I just have bad allergies.
Vince Gilligan’s Friend: Vince Gilligan, I’ve been your friend for a long time. I know you don’t have bad allergies. What’s up, man?
Vince Gilligan: [crying] I’M FINE. LEAVE ME ALONE!
Vince Gilligan’s Friend: Hey, cut that out. I love you, Vince. I’m not going to leave you alone until you tell me what’s wrong.
Vince Gilligan: Ugh, ok, I know. I’m sorry.
Vince Gilligan’s Friend: Let it out.
Vince Gilligan: Well, I just wrote the end of Breaking Bad.
Vince Gilligan’s Friend: Aw.
Vince Gilligan: Like, literally the words “the end.” That’s why I’m crying.
Vince Gilligan’s Friend: Why, what happens?
Vince Gilligan: What?
Vince Gilligan’s Friend: At the end of Breaking Bad. What happens that’s making you cry so much?

Vince Gilligan: Oh, well — I mean, I guess I’m just crying because it’s the end of something that I’ve really loved working on. You know? It’s just kind of sad that it’s all over.
Vince Gilligan’s Friend: Yeah, but, like, I’m sure there’s something in there that’s probably adding to the emotion?
Vince Gilligan: I’m not really sure what you’re–
Vince Gilligan’s Friend: Something that happens at the end, or whatever? Of the final episode. I guess I’m just wondering what kind of thing happens at the end of Breaking Bad that could possibly be adding to your sadness.
Vince Gilligan: You want to know what happens at the end of Breaking Bad?
Vince Gilligan’s Friend: No, no! Just, as a friend it would help. I’d like to be able to console you more accurately, I guess.
Vince Gilligan: You guess?
Vince Gilligan’s Friend: What?
Vince Gilligan: Listen, I know we’ve been friends for a long time, but you’re starting to make me feel a little uncomfortable.
Vince Gilligan’s Friend: Ooooooook. Soooooooooorry.
Vince Gilligan: Don’t be mad!
Vince Gilligan’s Friend: I’m not mad.
Vince Gilligan: Ok.
Vince Gilligan’s Friend: Can I use the computer?
Vince Gilligan: What?
Vince Gilligan’s Friend: I just need to use your computer for one sec.
Vince Gilligan: Dude.
Vince Gilligan’s Friend: What?!


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  1. Sounds like Vince was breaking sad when he wrote the conclusion to his well-regarded television series.

  2. If I was friends with Vince Gilligan I’d have to preface every conversation with NO SPOILERS.

  3. He cried not because of writing “The End,” but because he worked so hard to make this show better than The Wire and failed.

  4. He cried because right before “The End” he wrote “And then the bomb drops and everyone dies.”

    • Aw I thought it would be something more along the lines of finally, Walt realized that the robot Jesse had developed feelings and a personality and, despite Jesse’s still being an AI machine, Walt accepted him as a true son.

  5. Gilligan, I’m no Professor of human behavior, but I’ll but this as Ginger-ly as possible. Your crew can see their Skipper Howell-ing with grief. You don’t necessarily have to act Mary Ann bright or even Lovey-dovey, but you can’t have your crew Thurston for stoic leadership.

  6. He cried because right after “The End” he wrote “Saul walks into a bar with a briefcase, sips someone’s whiskey and proceeds to enter the back room,” and realized he’s going to have to be in television for the rest of his life.

  7. Lastly, I’ll make like Vince and weep if you don’t recap all the episodes this season, Kelly!

  8. He cried because the series ends with everyone getting murdered at a wedding. #getit? #topical

  9. Maybe he was just making a lasagna. For one.

  10. There’s no crying in writing the breaking bad finale, Vince.

  11. [shaking fist] Blasted stage directions will give you away every tiiiime
    [only pretending to listen] totally, dude

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