There’s some kind of story behind this that is, like, Natalie Morales’s parents came all the way from Florida to surprise her for her 41st birthday on the show and also brought her dad’s old toupee as a joke, because we all know what a joke is, and once they were on the set everyone took turns trying on the old toupee. What? What is even going on over there? I read all of those Sunday New York Times Magazine articles about the backstabbing and behind-the-scenes political coups, which is always fun no joke I love The Secret World of Showbiz because it is A Living Nightmare. (Other things I like: food and friendship!) But in all of those articles about how Matt Lauer hates Ann Curry and is secretly a mean person instead of a nice person or whatever, no one ever actually talks about just straight up WHAT ARE THESE SHOWS ABOUT ANYMORE? People have 10 rushed minutes before they have to leave the house to go to work in order to casually take in some sense of what is going on in the world and all they get, their only shred of new information about what is happening in the world we live in, something to set the tone for the rest of the day and or motivate them to work harder and or motivate them to work less hard and put more effort into their private lives, during those 10 minutes is A DEAD-EYED WEATHERMAN WITH BARBECUE SAUCE ON HIS NECK TIE TRYING ON SOMEONE ELSE’S DAD’S OLD TOUPEE? Throw your TV in the garbage. Write a letter of apology to Syria. I don’t know, man, do SOMETHING. We have got to do SOMETHING.

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  1. I heard a guy in the outside audience slit his wrists. Maybe it’s The Omen. Is Matt Lauer actually Damien Q. Antichrist?

  2. I didn’t even see this part of The Today Show this morning, but I just know Al probably said something like “Hair’s what’s happening in your neck of the woods,” and the fact that I’ve thought of this means I’m just about dead inside.

  3. As a Balding American, I find this to be in poor taste. The tyranny of the Anti-Baldites is no laughing matter.

  4. Gabe, if you like good food and good friends, meet up with us sometime after work!

    • That place is joke! Come here, instead:

      • Man, if I had friends, you know every night would be a Friday’s night! As it stands now I’ll just continue crying into soup at Panera Bread.

        • Oh are you only supposed to go with friends? I just walk in asking for a table for four and promise my “friends” will be here any minute. Four cocktails later and two $20 dinners for two, I tell ‘em they aren’t going to make it after all. OH WELL! I do love spacious booths.

          • I think you’re onto something. With three disguises and three of your “friends” always in the restroom, no one will ever catch on.

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