Gloria C. Mackenzie, an 84-year-old woman from Zephyrhills, Florida, has just come forward as the winner of the $590 million Powerball lottery — the largest jackpot in Powerball history. AND HOW WAS YOUR DAY TODAY?! Hahaaaaa. Did your office crush talk to you by the copy machine? Did you get a gchat from an old friend? Did you take the $370.8 million lump sum, before taxes, ensuring that those closest to you will be taken care of even after you’re gone?! Don’t worry, though, because no matter how much you didn’t win the Powerball like Gloria did today, no one won it less than the person who let her cut in line. From ABC News:

Florida Lottery officials read a statement from [Gloria Mackenzie] in which the elderly woman said:

“We bought the winning ticket as a single ticket, even though we bought four other tickets before the drawing. While in line at Publix another lottery player was kind enough to let me go ahead of them in line to purchase the winning Quick Pick ticket.

“We are grateful for this blessing of winning the Florida jackpot… We hope that everyone will give us an opportunity to maintain our privacy for our family’s benefit,” her statement said.

Eeeeeek! Hahah, ahhh, don’t mention it, Gloria! Pretend you forgot! Don’t remind him or her! Release your statement, let everyone be happy for you, and get the heck outta there, girl!

How was your day today? Florida lucky, like Gloria’s? (Via ABCNews.)

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  1. I just joined a gym, and had a personal training session before work this morning. It was quite a workout for my wee birdlike limbs, and at the end I had to leave to throw up in the bathroom. Someone heard me and (I swear to God) yelled out “Sounds like you ate my wife’s cooking!” That was when I realized that the door to the men’s changing room was actually A PASSAGEWAY TO 1956.

  2. I’ve been pretty exhausted all day. I mentioned this yesterday, but I got married on Saturday, and still have yet to really recover. We still have friends and family in town, so I was out pretty late last night. I’ve been back at work for 2 days, and it’s fine but I really feel like I need to sleep for 2 days straight to feel normal again.

    But I am not complaining, because I am really, really happy.

  3. My son (almost 6) apparently showed his penis on the playground today. I think it is safe to assume that his day was more interesting than mine.

  4. I have been working a normal work schedule of 9ish-5ish and boy waking up before 2pm is kinds rough. I do have A LOT of sunlight time though which is nice, except it doesn’t set til 10 here anyway. I have absorbed our wholesale and special events position to my already HR/Book Keeper/General Manager position. Its a bunch more work but i like setting events up (DPhiE spcial events planner in the house). BUT im going through all the assholes old emails because he booked a bunch of stuff and never told anyone or he just never responded back to people, but told us he did so its p much making me furious. I am going to finally see the star trek tonight so i hope thats fun, I think i will sneak taco bell into the movie theater and a bottle of wine ( I think i deserve it).

  5. With layovers and everything I had a 19 hour travel day yesterday. Surprisingly I do not feel all that tired today, back at work after getting home at 11pm and just crashing. I am still mad that it rained every gd day of my vacation (record rainfall in central Europe, grrrrr).

    I’m being that person at work that keeps saying “In Prague it was like…” and talking about random crap, but I guess no one minds.

    Tonight is laundry and burrito/guac (the only thing I really craved after being in Europe).

    • I just came back last week! 19 hours ain’t nothin’, though, you got off easy! Mine went to a record 28 hours.

      • yeah, I’ve decided I really could never go to Asia simply because of the flights. There was a point last night where we circled O’Hare maybe twice and I almost lost my mind.

        • O’Hare is where I got stranded! We didn’t circle as far as I know, but they couldn’t take our luggage off the plane to recheck it for 2 hours because of the storms, so we were stuck hanging out in the customs hall FOREVER. Also, I decided to make my trip longer and go with 44 hours, because REALLY I went from Italy to Finland, then the next day from Finland to America, but since I was only in Finland for about 12 hours, I think that counts as an extended layover, even if they were separate flights.

    • On the news they mentioned the Danube overflowing. Wow.

  6. I bought a new computer today and I already hate it so so much. Windows 8 is terrible and annoying and I hate it! On the bright side, I finished season 3 of Breaking Bad, so yay for me! I can definitely see why everybody loves it so much, although I’d still put it behind Mad Men, because BB uses a few too many coincidences for me, and when that happens enough, it really requires more suspension of disbelief than I can muster.

  7. My day was mostly okay, and I got a lot of work done, but my office crush did NOT talk to me–or rather, I didn’t talk to him, partially because I didn’t have much opportunity but also because guys, how do you not be nervous around someone you like? And flirting, what is that all about? Ir’s embarrassing how hopeless I’ve become. I never had this much trouble smoochin’ up on somebody in college!

    …Of course, I was drunk in college.

    Anyway, I have homemade carnitas and gazpacho for dinner, so I’m happy now.

  8. The cottonwoods are blooming and my everything itches. Fuck you, cottonwoods!

    Okay, I’ll let you off the hook if I get to see at least one great blue heron soon.

  9. Today has been pretty good, for a work day. The week is going very slowly though, probably because I’m looking forward to taking most of next week off for a stay-at-home vacation (I refuse to use THAT word to describe it).

    The other thing is that I had the brilliant idea to have people come to my place for my birthday this weekend instead of going somewhere, so I’m going to have to start cleaning my apartment tonight. I am not a messy person but I never really thoroughly clean my apartment unless people I am not related to are coming over, and I’ve been kind of hermiting it up for a while so it’s going to be even more fun than usual this time!

  10. Trivia 2 Nite with flanny and artdork. If any other Greater Boston monsters care to join, it’ll be at Clery’s in Back Bay.

    Aside from that, it’s been a pretty awesome day. I am currently reading a short story written by a monster. Safe to say it is well written. Haven’t made it to the end just yet.

  11. So I’ve been suffering from insomnia recently and my doctor recommended that I try this thing called sleep restriction therapy, where basically you figure out how much time you are able to sleep, then pick a time to wake up every morning. Track backwards the amount you can sleep from your bed time and you go to bed at that time. Eventually you add 15 minutes every few days until your body works back to normal. Since I wake up at 7am I have been going to bed at 2:30, which is awesome because I can do more shit at night but I feel like ass during the day. I hope I can survive the month.

    The only other thing I’ve done this week is see Charli XCX in concert, who was great, but I felt like a creepy old fart as she is almost 15 years my junior.

    • Does that work better than joining support groups and making imaginary friends?

    • That’s a really good idea! It gets dark out so late here that I go to bed super late because my body clock is off. It’s very strange and I don’t like it. I also am quite sure that I may be the first person to complain about the summer end of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

      • That was THE WORST in Finland! We were walking home and I pointed out a man who was drunk in the middle of the day, only to have my wife remind me that A) Finns are alcoholics and that would be totally normal anyway, but B) it was actually 11 PM. And then when I went to bed half an hour later, it was still light out! Then I got up at 4:30 AM and somehow I had already missed the darkness!

      • You are not the only one to complain! The kid woke up screaming at 4am the other day and it was already total daylight outside. Do you know how hard it is to get both the kid and me back to sleep after that? Then the next night I randomly woke up at 1:30ish and it was like dusk outside….I don’t know when it actually gets dark in this place. I keep watching all these historical documentary things here because there’s nothing else on tv, and I just keep asking myself how those people were able to sleep without sleep masks and why the hell did they settle here?

    • I’m not a doctor, but I highly recommend ZzzQuil because it is a magic elixir.

    • I went to a Darren Criss concert recently and I’m pretty sure the median age of his fans is about 14. The girls behind me made me sad because they didn’t know who Starship was.

  12. I am in training, which is a lot less exciting than it sounds. But a few of my plants have started blossoming in my Garden of Thrones, so that’s fun. I also expanded to a new box of dirt on Sunday and a few tiny boxes of dirt. Plus I am disassembling a chair to use for scaffolding or whatever it is that you call the thing that you use to make plants grow up. I assume that will be the throne and the first plant to ascend is Joffrey?? I guess that’s okay because then I won’t feel bad slicing him up. Heheheheh.

    Also, if anyone has any favorite layout and structure programs… I am seriously looking for suggestions, especially about site maps. I don’t like Visio and I think Adobe Muse is only for layout, which is fine but I can’t find a solid site map software program in Adobe’s cloud stuff. I tried Smart Draw and it was meh.

  13. WOWOWOW my day could not possibly be worse than the person who missed out on $590 million by being nice to an elderly woman. Life is not fair.

    Plus I have won two softball games this week and I have a tennis match tonight, so who needs countless millions! I am rich in other ways!

  14. This week, you guys. I drove from L.A. to Phoenix for a reading Monday, spent the night on a stranger’s armchair/ottoman combo (couchsurfing, but no couch), and drove back yesterday. About 20 miles east of Indio (middle of the desert) my tire exploded. It’s a good thing you can sign up for AAA from the side of the road. I had a nice little Saul/Damascus moment there. I have another reading tonight, and another tomorrow, in Santa Barbara. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I agreed to this schedule. (And yes, sorry, #humblebrag.) Before I can drive to SB, I need to change my tires and attach my rearview mirror, which is currently duct taped to my windshield. I’m also sick, and have been since last week. I haven’t showered since Sunday night, and today I have done nothing but watch RuPaul’s Drag Race. I have a lot of work to do in the next few months, so I’d better plow through seasons 4 and 5 and get them out of the way.

  15. I had a little more to drink than I should’ve yesterday, so I’m a little bit headache-y today. Also I got in kind of an argument with my girlfriend last night about her wanting me to be more focused re: my professional life.


    But the weather is nice today, and I’ll go read outside after work is over. I’ve been working my way through Infinite Jest over the last like six weeks or so. Page 528 so far!

  16. This dude I work with is getting married in a couple of weeks, so obviously everyone got together for donuts and champagne at 10am this morning, because that’s what you do? Anyway today has henceforth been pretty groovy and I actually got some work done (I think – I could also have very easily been lying under my desk air-typing imaginary forms, but what’s the diff really).

  17. Today was good, thanks for asking.
    I didn’t do much. Had leftover pizza for lunch (yum), and ate in an empty computer lab at work that unlike 90% of the rooms and offices at work, has a street view (most rooms have a crappy and extremely dingy view of the buildings on the other side of the block). I got to read my book, and the introvert that I am, made me serene the rest of the afternoon. It’s The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant. I had it on my bookshelf for a couple years and decided to finally read it.

  18. Today has been not at all bad! I completed my first marathon on Sunday, so I am almost not sore anymore, which will be nice, but since I don’t have to do anything at my job, not being able to walk hasn’t really been a problem. I also read a book for the first time in way longer than I care to admit, which makes my brain feel happy and makes me feel like not a complete waste of humanity. Plus, I started watching Sherlock at work and its very good!

  19. I worked 12 hours then a man was rude on the bus and it made me cry! I’m a damn mess. Other than that though things are good, waiting for superhusband to put on a belt so we can get food.

  20. I got a promotion and a raise a couple days ago, so that was pretty rockin! But today’s been a pretty meh day. I was sleepy and didn’t get a lot accomplished. The second I got home from work I changed into pajamas and I’m currently sitting here too lazy to even microwave myself some leftovers for dinner.

  21. All this week i am in a hotel in the greater Los Angeles area to learn to use a new program for the new job i will be starting soon that will keep me away from here even more than the preparing for it already has. So all my days are waking up early, going for a run before it gets too hot, look for a Jude Law picture from flanny, then training training training on the program all day then applying what i know on projects all night until i pass out and wake up and do it again. But i am far enough along that i am taking tonight for myself and just about to go get a bottle of wine, some chocolate, and buy a dvd. Egads, guys – i don’t have cable at home, i watch discs or stream shows/movies long after they originally aired. I tried turning on the cable here the first night, but the commercials and all the ESPNs and the noise! On every channel, so much yelling! And the intarwebs connection is so slow here i can’t stream, so i have to resort to purchasing something and adding it to my sizable (tiny is a size) video library. But i don’t know what movie i am going to get yet. I should have had the foresight to have posted this in morning lynx or something so i could have had suggestions when i got back this evening. So i think that’s how was my day today?

    Oh, and i have decided i like the new VW album very much! I highly recommend it for the soundtrack to your life if you decide to pull a Leaving Las Vegas with software instead of booze.

    • Fuuuuck, I’m sorry I dropped the ball today, Flaskie! I’ll be better tomorrow, I promise!

      • That’s ok, better late than never (and oh my goodness is this one better late than never)! To update the movie situation, i picked up Date Night with Steve Carell and Tina Fey from the bargain bin and i rather enjoyed it. The bottle of wine may or may not have had some influence on that, but i lol’d all the same. Congrats on the trivial second place!

    • I will miss you and your darling photoshops.

    • Flaskie, you need to talk to me and Manners about the new VW album. We’ve been driving Flanny insane with our VW talk!

      • I’m all ears, i probably couldn’t hold up my end of the conversation since it has mainly been on in the background while i am focused on modeling (the 3D virtual building kind not the Zoolander kind). But i would love to hear other people’s insights before i listen to it on the way home tomorrow (when i can just pay attention to the music instead of silly things like the other cars on I-5 hurling along at 85mph).

        • Where do I (and artdork) begin…? It’s great. We’d like to hear your take on it when you get a full album experience. We’ll hold off on our rants about how great certain lyrics and songs are until you form an opinion.

  22. Guys, my kitchen is FINALLY FINISHED! It’s been almost two months of renovation hell, but it’s over. Now I can get back to business. Cookie business.

    • Congratulations!!!! I just bought a measuring tape so that after I launch my sites, I can embark on that hell…

    • What you be your inaugural cookie batch? Sugar, snickerdoodle?

    • Great! I assume we’re all invited for a cookie party? Just post your address here for the sake of getting everyone at once. Posting your address on the internet so strangers can come to your cookie party is the best idea.

      • Yes, everyone is invited to the cookie party. I’m making chocolate chip (no duh), peanut butter with hidden mini reese’s cups inside, and those ones facetaco told me about that now I can’t remember how I made them but boy were they good,

  23. today has been pretty great except that this morning I got into an “altercation” of sorts with this lady while driving. She cut me off so I zipped around her and was about to turn left and she was behind me wagging her finger at me like an old church lady. So I did what any smart ass like me would do and smiled and waved excitedly at her which, you guys, REALLY pissed her off. She tried to follow me but I got to my office security and she had to turn around. Some people, you know? But now I’m home and got to hang out with my pets and looked for our backyard bunny but he was nowhere to be found. Also I just had an ice cream sandwich!!!

  24. So, this week has been pretty good, although I am still jobless, which sucks. I had trivia with the Boston monster- as we do- and that was super cool. And at the end of the week I get to meet with the other people who will be teaching in the fall and we’re going to divvy up the sections and decide who’s doing what. Also, I finished “The City and The City.” It was really good! I recommend it!

    • i just finished reading the first volume of china miéville’s run on dial h a few days ago and really liked it. now i’ve been wanting to check out some of his novels, and that one was on the top of my list!

      • I also really liked Kraken, if you’re interested. This is only the second book of his that I’ve read, but I’ve really enjoyed his writing so far.

  25. Yesterday was pretty good. I finally got my iPhone unlocked! Plus today the internet people are coming back for the 2nd time to try to get internet set up in my house. I’m finally starting to feel more connected. However, once I have internet, I won’t have any good reason to go to the local coffee shop every day and eat their delicious paninis. So good news and bad news I guess.
    Oh, also it’s been incredibly beautiful here for the past few days, warmish and sunny with blue skies and everything. We went to a wedding in the country this weekend, and they had a ceilidh, which was basically a scottish hoedown. Most of the dudes were in kilts, and it was awesome. I need to figure out how to get invited to more weddings.

  26. oh my day today (yesterday) was not the best.. i recently started working for a catering company which, to my dismay, is nothing like party down. one of the major problems is there are 3 managers and sometimes they all work at once. another problem is i’m one of the only people who speaks fluent english so i can never fully understand what my coworkers need me to do to help. so yesterday one manager put me on break and five minutes into my break the other manager started screaming at me to stop “sitting around eating” and get back to work, throwing away the rest of my food. after 8 hours of being on my feet and only eating half an old scone, my coworker tried to get us actual breaks which got her screamed at. eventually i snuck away to the break room to cry. then i came home and my flatmates cheered me up with pizza, beer, and the sopranos so how can i really complain?

    • That sounds like a very stressful situation. He really threw your food away?!

      • it was thrown away behind my back, but it was thrown away. i also have a disturbingly racist co-worker who keeps asking me to find him on Facebook which I am going to keep neglecting to do until I’ve perfected my “I quit” speech.

  27. Well, as stated above, we won second place in trivia yesterday, which is a medium proud day because we won first by a lot last week. We’re like Sureya Bonaly over here, walking off the bronze platform in protest! JK, we were very excited.

    I’m extra excited right now because my old roommate/non-sexual same-sex life partner Katie is coming into town for the weekend tonight!! I haven’t seen her since Christmas and she’s wonderful and I can’t wait!!

  28. Today’s balanced – Pharrell Williams was in my office, so that was nice. But then a man mixed his meds with vodka and told us he was going to throw himself under a train, so that was not nice. More Pharrell, if I got to choose.

  29. Oh crap, I think I really blew my “how was your day today” wad in that grocery store post…but I will try and summarize here for the sake of the Videogum annals.

    My day so far has been obnoxious because I have been playing dangerous games with my alarm clock (when you wake up to NPR and don’t get up right away, the talking just becomes your dreams!) and today it caught up with me and I was 45 minutes late. The good news is my boss is out of the office today, PHEW, and my coffee and oatmeal breakfast was pretty bang on.

    My weekend was a little rough since there was a shooting right in front of my apartment and I felt like I was living in that news feed where you see all the gawkers just pouring out of buildings and people shot in the street and stuff. Don’t worry, I was not one of the street gawkers, but I did gawk from a safe distance on my fire escape in my pajama shorts and a hoodie (key to being a gawker during a crisis event is to always gawk in really inopportune clothing). After hours of being barricaded in the house I decided I had to get out for a run, and then because I am not used to shooting protocols, didn’t realize I wouldn’t be able to get back INTO my house, and had to sneak through a police line because c’mon it was hot and I was a sweaty mess with nothing but a ipod nano on me. All said and done three guys were shot, none fatal, and they finally caught the guy who did it this week. This has only added to the urgency with which I wanna get the frack out of this apartment and off this block. I love you Brooklyn, but I don’t wanna get shot.

    Hoping for a better weekend this time, I’m excited for the Red Hook Immersion this Saturday and keeping my toes crossed for a Chicago Blackhawks win tonight!

    • You had me until the last sentence. Go Kings, Go! I spent a small fortune to watch them lose game one at the UC, BUT….I was interviewed on Canadian television (Rogers Sportsnet, I think) because I was wearing an old purple and gold Marcel Dionne jersey, and they thought it was cool that there was an old school Kings fan in attendance. Unfortunately, since it was Canadian TV, I never actually saw it. And I think it kind of embarrassed my date for the game (which still isn’t neverabadidea, btw).

      • Sorry, but…BOOOOOO. If you live in a place where its too hot for ponds to ice over, you shouldn’t get a hockey team. As a fan of an Original Six team, I feel I have the authority to decide who gets hockey teams and who doesn’t, and whose team maybe has original six teams farting in their general direction.

        Plus that Go Kings Go chant sounds eerily like Eric Cartman? And its all I think of when they play it. One day we might be monster friends H-Man, but tonight I will drink to your downfall!

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