Considering that the last two songs formed a darkly epic pair about the time that James killed Mike’s mom and then shot Mike, it is nice to see the most violent rap beef in the game getting squashed out on the b-ball court. It is SUMMER after all. But whether it’s in an emergency room or on a basketball court, James is still a bitch. We are all dunking on him with you, Mike. This next dunk is in memory of Mrs. Mike.

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  1. I don’t usually like to see anyone get dunked on in anger, but Captain Poopy Shoes sort of had it coming.

  2. Am I crazy, or does Froggy have a new chest tat?

  3. Did anyone figure out why James is crying?

  4. Never would have guessed Froggy was such a facilitator on the court, but damn, Lob City out there. And get out the way when the Moneymaker goes to the rim. Lethal.

  5. That’s why you don’t challenge someone named Froggy to a dunking contest.

  6. “We’ll see you in court” – Team Froggy Fresh to James when he killed Mike’s mom.

  7. I love how they lowered the rim to like 6′ off the ground for all the dunk shots.

  8. Mike seems so much happier in this video. I think he might even be happy about his mom getting killed. Yikes

  9. So, just to recap, James never gets dunked on and he don’t ever cry… but he also most definitely always steal bikes, rob houses and murder middle-aged women, that is when he is not working part-time as a security guard at a local hospital, where his own mother is functioning as the world’s most corrupt and homicidal nurse.

    And he still manages to maintain a steady girlfriend and shoot hoops recreationally?! Dude’s got it together.

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