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  1. I prefer Game of Espolóns.

  2. I preferred his version of Mad Manischewitz.

  3. I always sing lyrics to both the Game of Thrones song and the Mad Men song. The Mad Men song goes, “Maa-ad Men, Maa-ad Men, Mad Men, Mad Men, Maaaaaaad” (sing the song in your head it totally works)

    • Me too! Parks and Rec is great to sing with as well, except I don’t use words.

    • Yeah it does!

      I do the same with Game of Thrones:

      Game of Thro-ones
      (Game of Thro-ones Game of Thro-ones, Game of Thro-ones)

      And Indiana Jones, with the help of some swears:

      Fuckin’ Jones
      Mother-fuck-in’ Jones

      Huntin’ treasure
      Found some bones
      Meltin’ faces
      Indiana Jones!

      • OMG. I have never thought of adding words to theme song music until y’all mentioned it today. That Indiana Jones song is priceless.
        No more do-do-dooooo nonsense for me

      • I will never not here these words when the Indiana Jones theme song plays now.

      • That’s almost exactly what I do with Game of Thrones but sometimes it becomes a song about my dog. Most songs become about my dog.
        My favorite, of course, is Jurassic Park:
        We are dinosaurs
        at Jurassic Park
        and we’re gon-na Eat! Your face!
        We are dinosaurs
        we don’t have morals
        we just want to Eat! Your face!

    • I prefer singing the OC theme song very loudly and out-of-tunely over all opening credits.

  4. Game of Barones

  5. I always lose at Game of Patrons. So many hangovers…

  6. I have been calling my garden Garden of Thrones and sadly we had our first casualty — a cucumber. After I put in the Littlefinger eggplant too!

    • Well there’s your problem right there badideajeans….That Littlefinger eggplant probably sold the cucumber out to some garden slugs/cats/thieving moles just when the cucumber reluctantly let its guard down because its stupid cucumber wife said he could trust an eggplant!

      NEVER trust an eggplant…

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