John Travolta recently met a couple in a bar in Georgia and crashed their wedding the next day. What a treat! The couple would probably have forgotten all about their wedding day in a couple of months if it weren’t for the memorable and unexpected addition of John Travolta. I feel like when you run into John Travolta at a bar, you get a photo with John Travolta, for sure. Hey man, life is short, go out there and make some memories! And I guess if you’re getting married the next day, you probably do drunkenly invite him to the wedding. But, like, think of how many times you made drunken plans to get BRUNCH the following day and everyone thought better of it the next morning? This is a wedding, John Travolta. If it helps you, pretend it’s an ill-advised brunch. Either way: don’t go. By the tenth photo the family was like “OK, great, and now let’s get one without John, you know, just for the grandparents. John, I’m sure you understand.” John just smiles and runs his hand through his thick, natural hair. No problemo! Two thumbs WAY up! Ugh, can you even imagine? You know he was out on the dance floor recreating the Jack Rabbit Slim’s scene from Pulp Fiction and everyone’s just POUNDING their drinks. “That’s great, John. Thank you so much for coming!” He probably made them do the chair dance a second time with him in one of the chairs. He probably gave a toast and it was probably terrible.

Not that a celebrity crashing your wedding is automatically terrible. I bet there’s a good one out there. If I was getting married, I would want Chris Pratt to crash my wedding and be my best man. Or maybe Maggie Smith IN her Lady Dowager Countess of Grantham outfit, raising a glass and an eyebrow. Right? That would be good. John Travolta. Get the hell out of here. Gas up your jumbo jet and take a hike. But if you see John Slattery, tell him that Hannah Simone and I saved him a piece of cake. (Via FilmDrunk.)

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  1. Really classy of him to come to a wedding in jeans and a baseball cap.

  2. I feel like these guys would be pretty cool.

  3. I’d be cool with it if Jennifer Lawrence showed up. Since my wedding already happened, I can imagine her huffing helium and chugging out of a tequila bottle with me and dancing with my grandma. She’d fit right in!

  4. Way 2 thumbs up so casually.

  5. He forgot his dancing partner!

  6. Normally I’d say Bo Obama, but if I can get the Buddies… Well, that would be ideal.

    • I used to say Tara Reid, because she’d allow all my friends and family to get as drunk as they pleased without ever being that guest.

      But, honestly, I’d much rather have a bunch of puppies.

  7. I’d invite all the celebrities I know to be great dancers.


    or, you know,

  8. I got married on Saturday and no celebs crashed. It was amazing, though.

  9. I would like Eddie Vedder to crash my wedding and sing a song, but I guess it’s not really crashing if we’re the ones getting married. I want to marry Eddie Vedder, that’s what I’m saying.

  10. If Kristen Bell would have come to our wedding, I would have been cool with that.

  11. I would want SNL characters to crash: namely Pat and Penelope. But since I’m gay I can’t get legally married most places in the US so this is moot point. THANKS FOR THE REMINDER GABE!

    • Umm, that’s why the Destination Wedding exists! Except I’m straight, so I’m not allowed to demand that my family and friends travel halfway across the world just to pay attention to me for 15 minutes without looking like a total douche. THANKS FOR THE REMINDER HEIMAEY!

    • Yes you can get married! Just have an awesome wedding and start calling each other husband/wife! When the rest of the country gets their shit together, go to the courthouse and make it legal.

    • When it happens heimaey, please stream it and give only monsters the link so we can all be there! I’ll throw a shower. (By the way, i’ll say this here since I don’t see FLW today. Message me @originalkate if anyone wants info on sending him a videogum baby shower gift. Shhhhhh.)

  12. Gabriel Delahaye.

    I met the dude once when I was visiting NYC and he was a stand up guy.

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  14. I would want Russell Crowe to crash my shower, party, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Of course, my husband of 37 years would also be there.

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