What have I been saying for months now? I have been saying that Owen Wilson’s and Vince Vaughn’s upcoming movie about working at Google, The Internship, looks great and like the best movie of the summer, yes, but also I have been saying that The Sopranos is the best show of all time. Well, today the WGA released its list of the 100 “best written” shows of all time and guess which one is #1? That’s right. VERY GOOD GUESS. What, are you going to argue with the WGA? You don’t even know what the WGA is, NO ONE DOES. Still, it feels good to be Justified. I have to say that it really came down to The Wire on this one, but it’s a relief to see that all is not Lost. Certainly the results will make for some Mad Men but something something Breaking Bad. And other references to shows that I like that are still not as good as The Sopranos! We will leave it to the other blogs to form their Make Believe Pop Cultural Brackets in which various shows are nonsensically paired up against each other in a fake elimination competition to determine the winner as if we do not know who the top five are, everyone knows who the top five are, and the top one is Sopranos so what is your blog even about?

Do you agree that The Sopranos is the #1 show of all time? Let us know that you agree that The Sopranos is the #1 show of all time in the comments!

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  1. I won’t rest until I hear Dan Harmon’s thoughts on Community (seasons 1-3) not being chosen.

  2. I agree that The Sopranos is the #1 show of all time.

  3. #JusticeForGossipGirl

  4. I just finished the fifth season, so unless the sixth undermines all the good work done up to this point, I will tentatively agree.

  5. couldn’t you have said “…Breaking Bad news to Vince Gilligan”

  6. 1.The Simpsons
    2. Seinfeld
    3.Flight of the Conchords
    4. Monday Night Football
    5. The Adventures of Pete and Pete
    6. Arrested Development
    7. Video Kidd
    8. 家なき子
    9. Being Eve
    10. The Sopranos
    11. Breaking Bad
    12. Dr Katz
    13. Bob Newhart Show
    14. The Wire
    15. The Twilight Zone
    16. The West Wing seasons 1-3,7
    17. Sports Night
    18. Traffik
    19. Coupling
    20. Friends
    21. Full House
    22. Taxi
    23. Futurama
    24. 60 minutes
    25. Lil Lion
    26. TV Funhouse
    27. Mr Show
    28. Wonder Showzen
    29. Portlandia
    30. Latvijas Parādīt Sacerēju
    31. The Corner
    32. Chappelle’s Show
    33. Tiny Fuppets
    34. Macross
    35. Making this list stopped being fun 8 entries ago so I’m just going to stop now.

  7. I agree. I also think I am one of the four people on this planet who really liked the final scene, because I like open endings, I thought it fit nicely with the tone of the show, and I ironically/sentimentally love Don’t Stop Believing.

  8. Cut to Nicholas Sparks pulling the Sopranos Blu-Ray box set off of his shelf.

  9. How did you all react at the the very last second of the very last episode? Spoiler alert, we thought the cable went out. Seconds later our phone started ringing with angry/confused family members and friends.

  10. Honest question: How does one judge a show by best writing? Did they really sit down and read the scripts? Because a great show is really about the fusion of words with direction, acting, lighting, sound, editing, etc.

    A script is just a technical document that gets you to the final product. A so-so script can really be heightened by great execution, and vice versa. And so much gets altered, chopped, ad-libbed, reworked in the process that the final work is much more than the original writing.

    Obviously great writers are crucial, but it’s not the same as a great novel where the connection to the masterful handling of text and final success are directly connected. Am I crazy?

    Sopranos is just the best show ever, period. Then Martin.

    • You SO crazy.

    • I was wondering the same thing! Like, are we talking dialogue, or written direction, as well? Can we even consider animatead shows and live-action shows in the same category, since (I would imagine) they require remarkably different types of writing to translate to images?

    • There’s a show called Flashpoint that in my opinion has the best character development each week for one-time characters, the writers make you care about these really dynamic people in just one hour. Everyone should watch Flashpoint.

  11. The Sopranos was one of the first shows in a series that challenged our notion of what, at its base is a television show, well, of what it should be. At it’s end, in the final episode, I think the point was tha

  12. Did you guys read the article Gabe linked? It is not a link to the list. It’s an article that takes a list of numbered things and writes it out in paragraph format. It’s sort of a surreal read.

    There are ten numbers that start off our counting system. The first is “1,” which is a number that is sometimes considered prime and sometimes not. “1″ comes before “2,” which is also a very low number. It’s also the first even number (above “zero,” a number that is also a number but was not on the list of the first ten numbers). Etc.

  13. No lie, brotherman is one of my favorite TV characters of all time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Yne4xKQtJic#!

  14. I will always argue that The Sopranos is and always will be the best show ever but was shocked to see The Wire not at #2. Also just based on writing, it’s hard not to see some of the best comedies (30 Rock, Arrested Development) in the top ten.

    • I think it has to do with the erroneous thought in the industry that drama is inherently artistically better than comedy when it’s just inherently different. On the whole, I’m just confused that LOST is deemed better than both Battlestar Galactica and Buffy.

  15. The Sopranos is great, all your other great shows are probably great, you can keep on loving your favorite shows, but the best show (not WGA writing best, but just BEST) of all time is Sesame Street. This is not even really a contest. Huckabeast knows what I’m talking about.

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