It looks like Dan Harmon is going to be returning to Community for season five. Man oh man. First a new season of Arrested Development, and then another example of something like this happening (Grumpy Cat movie?), and now this?! TUMBLR GOD DOES EXIST! Do you want to talk about it, or no? I’m fine either way. From The Hollywood Reporter:

Dan Harmon is returning to Greendale.

The creator of NBC’s Community is formalizing his deal with producer Sony Pictures Television to return to the series as showrunner, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Writer/EP Chris McKenna, who exited the series in May 2012 after signing a two-year overall deal with Universal Television, is also formalizing his return. Both deals are expected to close in the coming days. SPT would not confirm the deals had closed.

The news of Harmon’s return comes after word leaked over Memorial Day weekend that the writer/executive producer was asked to return to Community during a taping of his Harmontown podcast.

There is also talk of Dan Harmon recording a commentary track over the episodes from season four for the DVD release, which he says “would move season four DVDs, for sure.” And that is probably true! More than they would be moved otherwise 4sure. But also it sounds mean-spirited and damaging and fueled by misdirected contempt, and that sounds sad! But also again it is literally just an idea that I’ve read two sentences about, so who knows. Whatever. Community was enjoyable enough for season four, are you ready for it to be enjoyable enough again with probably more thinly veiled anger for season five? #LETSRAP

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  1. So Dan Harmon’s back in, and Chevy’s still out? I’m looking forward to this.

  2. The other month, there was a guest on comedian Pete Holmes’ podcast You Made It Weird, I forget her name, but she was a former writer for Community. She talked about how she was relieved to leave the writer’s room because the culture was very competitive and you had to think of the funniest joke or not say anything at all. There was no cooperation or teamwork, easy or obvious jokes were frowned upon rather than used a base for constructive development.

    I’ve tried a number of times to get into Community, but I find there’s a calculated nature to the show’s humor that keeps me distanced from sympathizing with the character’s emotions. Maybe this works better on a show like Children’s Hospital, where you’re just supposed to submit to the craziness of the universe. But on Community, where we’re expected to laugh with but also emote with the characters’ more dramatic turns, it doesn’t work. I feel like I’m watching a writer’s room, not an actual story.

    • This anecdote about the Community writer’s room does not surprise me based on the impression I get of Dan Harmon’s personality from interviews, podcasts, etc.

    • That’s definitely a fair and valid criticism, but this past season is when I’ve most felt this sometimes overbearing presence of process. It became apparent that he was the loose Elmer’s glue holding together the chaos of the show.

      I haven’t listened much to You Made It Weird, but I assume you’re talking about Megan Ganz. Both she and Harmon have said they’ve had a fruitful but stressful working relationship. Watch the Hearts Of Darkness-spoof episode (Documentary Filmmaking: Redux – 308). It’s almost entirely about the problems with the show you state. The Dean is Harmon – delusional and engorged with creative power. Megan Ganz is Annie. They’ve both admitted that this was the case.

      Look at this short clip:

      I’m excited about his return. It’s always been Dan’s show.

      • Just realized, another cool thing about that episode is its near perfect resolution. Abed, at that point point is just a passive observer, but he comes in at the last minute and rescues the shoot by framing it in a different context. I think that’s the struggle of a single vision being positively influenced by an unsuspected third party. In this case, the audience or even critics?

      • I think it was Megan Ganz! Thanks That One!

    • Here’s a link to the ep you’re talking about with Megan Ganz:

  3. They should treat Season 4 like Mad Men treats Bobbies. Other Bobbies? What other Bobbies?

  4. I am glad this is happening because I like Community very much and Dan Harmon did a good job of making Community a show that I like very much but I feel like if I met him IRL I would probably want to hit him on the head with a frying pan.

    • I’ve had a few people reccommend his podcast to me, but it’s really just listening to an emotional abuser do his thing for two hours. A dick can often create some good work that I like to watch Gillian Jacobs say very much, but just being a dick isn’t a form of brilliance.

      • #GillianJacobsFor12thDoctor

      • It would be really interesting to see what he does if he ever gets off the booze, even for a bit. Maybe he’d be more focused and attentive to those around him. He’s a very high functioning alcoholic and maybe has used that as creative fuel. This next season will be very interesting to watch, even if it falls short of the superfans’ expectations.

        • I enjoy Harmontown quite a lot. If I didn’t work Sunday and Monday nights I’d go to the show every once in a while. Jeff Davis is an awesome Comptroller to Harmon’s Mayor, Erin McGathy is a delight and I now listen to her podcast too, Spencer the DM is a highlight of every episode for me, and the addition of Kumail Nanjiani joining in to play D&D has been great, along with guests Bobcat Goldthwait, Greg Proops, Steve Agee, and many, many audience members.

        • Yeah, but it doesn’t excuse how he treats his girlfriend on that podcast. Anytime I’ve tried to listen I can’t because I just want to grab her and yell, “One of you will be a murder on Investigation Discovery’s “I Made a Podcast With Boyfriend and There Was Murder.” Get out, girl!” #ioveridentify

          • If your comment was meant as a reply to mine, Messica (which I believe it was but I just want to qualify it since you technically replied to That One), I don’t think Dan treats Erin poorly on. he podcast.

            Listening to Erin’s podcast, she has her own hang-ups and stresses much like Dan’s, and she is SUPER-sensitive to other peoples’ feelings, sometimes to her own detriment, and it is a quality I find very endearing (as I can also relate).

            An example of this is Erin having a minor meltdown on her podcast’s side project ‘Dates with Dustin,’ where Feral Audio founder and engineer Dustin Marshall goes on three dates with listeners of Erin’s show that she selected from submissions. On episode #3, the podcast is more about Erin doubting her well-being intentions and stressing over playing with peoples’ lives with her social experiment. Dustin talks her down off the metaphorical ledge.

            All in all, I think those two are way more complicated than (what I feel is) a snap-judgment of ‘Dan treats Erin wrongly.’ #mytwocentsasamanicpodcastdevourer

  5. The opening scene of season 4 was a glorified Eggo commercial that could have featured the characters from any two-bit sitcom. It was the beginning of the end. Is this news the end of the beginning?

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