• This is Alison Brei’s high school yearbook photo. She looks the same, but younger! -reddit
  • Someone has begun chronologically editing Arrested Development‘s fourth season. I’m not going to say “already begun” because I’m surprised it didn’t begin happening the day it was released, but rest assured that it IS happening now. -WarmingGlow
  • Lee Radziwill spoke with Sofia Coppola about The Bling Ring and protecting privacy  for the New York Times Magazine. (Have you guys watched Pretty Wild yet?!) -TMagazine
  • None of you have heard about how Michael Douglas says he got throat cancer, right? I feel like this story has been flying under the radar. -Dlisted
  • Here is the video of Samuel L. Jackson reading the reddit monologue. It isn’t Eugene Mirman’s monologue, if you were hoping for that. I’m sorry! -FilmDrunk
  • Jesse Eisenberg has another edition of his privileged nine-year-old restaurant reviews up at McSweeney’s. You should read it! Also: Did anyone see Now You See Me? (Was it enjoyable?!) (I want to see it but no one wants to see it with meeeee.) -McSweeney’s
  • An update on the Ikea Monkey from Anderson Cooper. -LaughingSquid
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  1. I have this long-running joke with a friend who once pronounced Asperger’s as “Ass-burgers.” We decided that’s the disease you get when you eat at Fuddruckers. I cannot think of that restaurant without giggling about that. I am a grown man.

  2. Ikea monkey looks happy to be out of those ridiculous outfits!

  3. I watched Pretty Wild, then I wanted to tell everyone I knew about it, and it’s a REALLY difficult television show to explain to an unaware/uninterested party. You really come off sounding vapid yourself. I have just never seen a reality show when the main characters were THAT HIGH for THAT MUCH of the taping.

    • OH MAN, I am halfway through it and it is really hard to explain. The way I have been explaining it to people is like this:

      “It is like someone made a reality show that isn’t an actual reality show, but the IDEA of a reality show. It is a hyper-reality show.”


      What a great fucking show.

  4. I saw “Now You See Me.” It was pretty fun until the twist ending. Then, meh. I did think about sneaking out halfway through and seeing STID again though.

  5. The first four times I watched Now You See Me, I was looking too closely and didn’t see anything. Waste of money!

  6. 1) Pretty Wild is great. I will home school my former children and their only text book shall be The Secret.

    2) Jessie Eisenberg now just looks like a Greenberg prequel.

  7. i’ll go see now you see me with you, kelly; no one wants to see it with me either :(

  8. Now You See Me was just average.

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