Look, this season of Mad Men is phenomenal. I would say that it’s my favorite season out of all the seasons so far, except that the only reason it’s able to be (one of) my favorite season(s) is because of how it works with everything that has been built up over the years, so how do you even set a season aside in that way? You can’t! It’s great though. And if you want to talk about last night’s episode, no one is going to go through this open thread and delete the comments that are off topic. This isn’t COMMUNIST RUSSIA. (You should see how they treat off-topic comments about Mad Men in a thread about Game of Thrones over there. It’s disgusting. Thanks a lot, PUTIN.) But seriously, what are you going to say about Mad Men when we have last night’s Game of Thrones to talk about? “Is Pete super annoying or does he kind of have a point?” Whatever, man. “Joan!” Yes, yes. Joan. For sure, Joan, but also HI, EXCUSE ME, BUT WHAT ABOUT THE RED WEDDING, DUDE? Just to remind you, because maybe you forgot in all of your excitement over how Don fell in the pool (which incidentally, ugh, I almost wish this was a Mad Men thread now, but it isn’t) but just to put back into perspective how intense that scene was, it STARTED, n.b. STARTED with a SPOILER getting stabbed in her SPOILER, prison-shower style. YIIIIIIKES! And then also SPOILER died and also SPOILER. Oh no, not SPOILER! Meanwhile Bran can jump into Hodor’s mind! And Jon Snow literally does know nothing if he’s leaving Ygritte behind like that. You come over here, Ygritte, I will show you the world beyond the wall. But mostly WHEN THEY CLOSED THE SPOILER WHILE THE BAND WAS PLAYING SPOILER AND SPOILER SAW THAT SPOILER WAS WEARING CHAIN MAIL UNDER HIS SPOILER AND THEN EVERYBODY GOT SPOILERED EVEN SPOILER’S DIRE SPOILER! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! And you want to talk about whether Sterling Cooper and Partners is a fair name change and what is really up with that Bob guy anyways and how the company will survive the loss of the Manischewitz account? Get the fuck out of here!

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  1. You can say “no offense, Mad Men” all you want, but just know that Matthew Weiner is now launching an intricate plot that is going to see you and your entire family gruesomely murdered at, like, a fourth of july picnic.

  2. Oh man, Game of Thrones! Did NOT see that coming!




  6. Those Starks were seriously Jeff’d.

  7. It was shocking and disturbing, but I have to say, no offense, a certain couple had lately been turning this into a Game of Naps whenever they were on screen.

  8. The only way they could have foreshadowed it less was if Rob was about to sign his life insurance policy but held off until the wedding so he could hang out on his retirement boat, the Live Forever.

    • Also, just because it was foreshadowed doesn’t make it any less effective or awesome. I read the books, so this entire season during all the Robb scenes I wasn’t really invested because I was basically like “Dead man walking!” So I knew what was about to go down and it was STILL SO GREAT.

      Once the doors closed and “The Rains of Castamere” started and Catelyn started to realize what was going down. OH MAN SO GOOD. My heart was in my throat the whole time. Then starting with the shanking? Woof! I will remember that last shot for a long time.

      • Totally good. The show is amazing. But still… Always assume everyone is always trying to kill you, especially if you are in Westeros.

      • I agree lawblog– when Catelyn heard the song and then saw that Roose Shithead Bolton was wearing mail under his clothes??? Gah!!! So good!!!! And then when the credits rolled and it was DEAD silence. Perfecto!!! I remember when I was reading this book I literally threw it down in anger and didn’t want to go on. I’m glad I stuck with it (still haven’t read the most recent book though, having a new baby cuts into your leisure reading time) and still love the series so much. But yeah, wowie, a heart-wrencher. The poor Starks.

    • Right. When all the book readers just couldn’t help but drop hints again and again that something big happened in book 3 / end of season 3, you knew it meant someone big died. And Robb made himself the clearest target one reneged wedding and decapitated ally at a time.

      To be honest, if someone major had to get offed at the point in the series, I was hoping it would be the generally dull Robb—Daenerys is venturing into iffy territory, Tyrion keeps pissing of Tywin and Joeffry; I want them around as long as possible, and hopefully this buys them time.

      All that said, Catelyn has had to watch awful thing after awful thing happen to her kids and husband for three seasons, so it was pretty stomach churning to watch it go down like it did. On the plus, I’ve got a new go-to song request for wedding DJs!

    • I guess when I wrote, “Did NOT see that coming!” what I should have said was, “It seems unlikely that I could have predicted that a pregnant woman would get stabbed in the stomach right before an entire room full of people get murdered but I guess I failed to pick up on some pretty obvious signs.”

  9. I should have known never to trust Argus Filch.

  10. My heart still hurts and I felt so anxious looking at Catelyn during the wedding and at the feast. And the stomach stabbing. Ugh ugh ugh.

  11. Jon Snow-like, I know nothing about lighting technique, but I did really like the use of candles in the wedding scene (like in the photo above). Not sure if the scene was lit solely by candlelight, Barry Lyndon style, but it sure added to the ominous atmosphere.

  12. Did her uncle know about it though? or was it a coincidence that he left to pee?

  13. i have not seen game of thrones the television show, but i have read the books! watching the internet and facebook explode over this has been a distinct pleasure.

    • I watch the show with a bunch of folks who aren’t grade-A-read-the-books-before-they-announced-the-show-turbonerds like me, and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that this has happened and I don’t need to worry that I’m going to spoil it on accident for someone.

  14. So happy that I hadn’t seen anything to spoil the surprise of the Red Wedding and I’m so happy that I am enough of an idiot not to have seen it coming despite of all the clues. I actually even heard that something referred to as the Red Wedding would take place at the end of this season, but I STILL didn’t connect the dots until I saw the chainmail. You simply can’t spoil Game of Thrones for me! I am way too dumb! And how wonderful that is.

    • I am similarly dumb, thank goodness. It was much more blissful that way. My husband caught on when they started playing that Lannister theme song, but I didn’t even get it then. Yay for being clueless!

    • I wholeheartedly agree. I was all “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?????” If Baby Ned Stark would have chewed it’s way out of her belly Alien-style, I would have been equally as flabbergasted. It’s basically apples to apples.

  15. Both last night and when I read the book, I didn’t get really down about the Red Wedding. It just comes as too much of a shock for me, and all I end up thinking is where the Northmen go from there, and what will even happen to the remaining Starks without this respectable matriarch and their stupidly noble brother. That said, this was done beautifully! And there was some more sadness lingering there after hearing Talisa talk about her and Robb’s baby then seeing that completely eliminated. This was so well performed by Chaplin and Madden and Fairley, and I’m so glad they did the scene justice.

  16. Aaaaaa! I knew what was going to happen and it was still so hard to watch. Boy, the person who plays Catelyn was VERY GOOD. Even a person as desensitised to violence as I, my heart was in mouth the moment they started playing the Rains of Castarmere, and I didn’t even know that was the song you guys. So good.

    At the last part, where they slashed her neck, did anyone say in their head (or aloud) ” Aaaand, cut to black”?

  17. I got goosebumps when they started playing Rains of Castamere! I was pretty sick with anticipation the whole episode though. Every scene with Robb/Cat was just me going, “Oh no oh no oh no, ugh it’s coming, it’s coming, shiiiiitttttttt.”

    And what an effective choice just to go with a silent credit sequence. Shivers.

  18. The baby stomach stabbing. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! And then the “I can get another wife” (I quoted that, but I never get quotes quite right). And was that his daughter at all??? No, right? And if Catelyn uncle knew about it all (SERIOUSLY???!!!), did the dood who was forced to marry (the now attractive daughter) know too? Total DICK moves. I would like Bran’s eyes to turn X-Men Storm and go into Geoffrey’s body and just start stabbing himself in his pointy face. Man…I’m becoming very violent.

  19. I can’t wait for the Purple Wedding and Lady Stoneheart… from this point on things just go off the rails. Would this be considered off topic in Russia?

    • Agreed, I love the Beric Dondarrion casting choice.

      • Oh wait, you were kind of joking. … Don’t you like the Lightning Lord, though? I never cared much for Book Catelyn so I don’t care about Stoneheart but whatevs, more Beric!

        • I love the Lighting Lord… I was referring to the Wedding at Kings Landing as the Purple Wedding. To be honest I didn’t care much about the Starks. It you look at the way GRRM wrote these books, he is basically Ramsay Bolton. He takes enjoyment out of torturing his characters and pulling them limb from limb. The particular cruelty to the Stark family is especially demented because he is basically destorying a family for being principled and trying to play by some rule or honor. TSOFI is a world where you don’t have to feel bad for taking enjoyment in deceit and treachery

        • book catelyn is AWFUL

  20. I think I made a mistake watching this and Orphan Black on the same day. If I weren’t such a rock-hard paragon of stability, I’d be useless today.

    That, and Family Tree certainly helped.

  21. This helped me to be less sad about the episode and the Starks.

  22. Don’t worry Stark fans, I once read on Facebook that everything happens for a reason.

  23. Apologies if you’ve already read this on twitter, but I would just like to point out on Videogum proper that The Hound and Arya are like an epic-fantasy-version of Henry and Punky Brewster.

  24. Who else is with me thinking that stabbing Talisa went more than a little overboard? Other than that, great episode.

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