It’s funny how quickly you can adapt to change and begin to hold onto it as a constant, more and more tightly until it is ripped from your grasp and replaced by what then becomes the new normal.* It seems that, when looked at from a distance, life could be seen merely as a series of changing variables over which we consistently place the thought, “How did we ever live another way?” Or the thought, “Who even is Matt Smith?” Or, “Which one was he?” Or, “Was he the one with the scarf, or do they all wear scarves? Or do none of them? What am I thinking of?” Or, “Why can’t I abbreviate it Dr. Who again? Just kidding! I mean, I definitely forget, but I definitely don’t want you to tell me again!” From the BBC:

After four years as the Time Lord on the BBC One show, viewers will see Smith’s Doctor regenerate in the 2013 Christmas special.

The 30-year-old actor said working on the show had been “the most brilliant experience”.

Doctor Who marks its 50th anniversary in November with a special episode, which Smith has already filmed.

The BBC said Smith’s “spectacular exit” was yet to be revealed and would be “kept tightly under wraps”.

NOOOOOOOOOO! I will say, I very rarely heard anyone talk about Doctor Who until Matt Smith took over as Doctor (the doctor?) (head of the practice?), and now pretty much 100% of everyone talks about Doctor Who all of the time. Why is that? Is it because he’s cute? Is it because he’s the best at lording time? Is it because of an extremely successful push in advertising, or maybe is it just one of those things that everyone has always been talking about but I didn’t notice it until recently, and now I’m noticing it everywhere? I genuinely don’t know, and that might be because I am genuinely not as in tune with Doctor Who as a pop culture blogger should be. In any case: WHICH CELEB SHOULD MATT SMITH’S DOCTOR REGENERATE AS? Benedict Cumberbatch? Someone not white, so they can try to claim the franchise isn’t as racist as some are saying? (Sooo, Donald Glover, I guess?) (ROASTED YA, LENA!) Can it be a woman, or is it like church? You guys are the experts, so I’ll leave it to you.

*R.I.P. The New Normal.
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  1. Did anybody stop to think that maybe it’s just time to let this thing die already?

  2. Can’t wait to hear everyone’s suggestions. Because like Kelly and facetaco, I know very little about this show.

  3. So, controversial opinion, but I’ve quite enjoyed the Matt Smith era. I hope that they go the lesser known actor route again because I think that’s worked out well.

    Although if they did give it to Benedict Cumberbatch, I would probably die and then Manners and Flanny would be out a trivia partner.

    • Nooooo! You’re the only one on the team who can answer the Doctor Who questions!!!!

    • Neither Cumberbatch or Elba will be the next Doctor, but DAMN, a girl can dream. (One as the Doctor the other as companion? FORGETABOUTIT AHHHH)

      But I also think they should go with an unknown actor (who is hopefully ginger?) As much as I’m TOTALLY BUMMED OUT THAT WE ONLY GET TWO MORE EPISODES WITH MATT, it’s still kind of fun and exciting to find out who the new Doctor will be!

    • Despite any issues I have with plots over the past 8 years, I’ve been pleased with all the actors they chose to play The Doctor. I trust their judgement for #12.

  4. I’m just going to be over here in the corner crying for the next few months.

    But also, the new doctor will probably be some unknown type who is hopefully a ginger. (And maybe a girl?)

  5. Ok, this is totally badideajean’s idea but it is wonderful and she is not here yet and I can’t not share.

    God bless you badideajeans.

  6. I liked Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor, but the writing and storyline this season could have been much better, especially concerning Clara. The resolution did not appease my curiosity.

    Aren’t Time Lords (with the exception of River Song RIP) only allowed 9 lives like a space cat? Also, wasn’t there mention of how coincidentally all the Doctors are younger than the one preceding them? Matt’s the youngest then at 31 (presently).

    Okay, with all that in mind, I think the next Doctor will be Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Yeah, I saw Game of Thrones last night).

  7. Richard Ayoade.

  8. Noooo! I dislike change. Of course I was very bummed when David Tennant left and didn’t think Matt Smith would be any good, but then he was SO good so I’m sure whoever they choose will be great. But it would be nice if it wasn’t a white dude for once (no offense, white dudes).

    • Remember what Community said about a female Inspector Spacetime? I hope we get a female Doctor but that the writers don’t blow it.

  9. I say Jude Law. He could lord my time! (I’m not even sure if that’s dirty. It actually sounds kind of patriarchal.)

  10. I wanted that guy who is a hot cop on all the British shows, but I just realized he was a hot cop in the first Weeping Angels episode. (But he’s so hot!)

    • “Life is short, and you are hot.” Way to go, hot cop.

    • That hasn’t stopped them before! Remember when the actress who played Martha was a Torchwood employee who got Cyberman-ed when everybody thought the Cybermen were ghosts? And they just had Martha be like “Oh yeah my cousin was there when the Cyberman thing happened” in the episode where the rhino police take the hospital to the moon because of space extradition or whatever?

  11. Well now that SPOILER Moriarty is dead (Maybe not so much a SPOILER as it may not be confirmed), why don’t they get that actor? He’d be interesting, to say the least.

    Someone get this guy a salad! He’s having a great time!

    (Sorry for the large picture. I couldn’t find a smaller one of him so ecstatic.)

  12. Has Robbie Williams tried to break into acting yet? If history is any indicator, he’d be awful, but the Brits would love him anyway.

  13. My brother was a big fan of the Doctor about 5 or 6 years ago. I tried to get into the show on a couple of occasions with mixed results. I think the episode that really decided it for me was when a girl somehow got turned into a cement tile from a sidewalk or something, but still lived and was just a face sticking out of this piece of concrete. This led to a very awkward joke from her new bf (who had just met her and started dating her after she became a cement tile) about how it made for an interesting sex life. I was pretty much done after that. Apparently that episode also won some special award so any lingering doubts that it was just an aberration were soon erased.

    • NO! That episode did NOT win any awards. It is literally held up to be the worst episode ever by fans. (At least in my experience.) That’s like The Episode That Must Not Be Named.

      • Another name not revealed in Trenzalore.

      • Who wrote that garbage episode?

        • Russell T. Davies

          • URGH. For once I would like a Who reboot showrunner who’s epsiodes are the better of the series, not the crappier. (Sally Sparrow excluded)

          • But…. SILENCE IN THE LIBRARY! I don’t get the Moffatt hate (though I haven’t watched the most recent season). I always like his episodes a lot.

          • This new half-season will explain it. Plus there is no logic bc timey wimey. Blink was an amazing ep, but it allowed for such half-assed plots later on. I love Matt Smith, though. He did okay trying to give 120 minutes of recaps in a 40-minute show.

          • This season just put me off completely. I have all kinds of issues, but I find the timey-wimey stuff really takes the edge out of it for me; not that it’s a particularly edgy show but so much can be gotten around/undone by breaking the rules of time previously set out that when they DON’T break the rules of time to save people I just can’t care.

    • So the awards thing was something my brother told me about it. Upon doing my own research just now I think the confusion was due to the fact that the villain was based on a design that won a competition in another show. My apologies for speaking heresy.

      • Also never watch the one where the girl who draws things come true. It’s called Fear Her or something and it’s neck and neck with Floor Tile for worst.

  14. I never understood that, I just always had peeps getting angry and telling me it was DOCTOR not Dr. I guess it must be like a Mr. Mister type of thing.

  15. I think it’s time for a gay, black, non-British, female Doctor. Also she’s wheelchair-bound.

    • She also needs to be massively unattractive and have assistants who are a lot smarter than her. Otherwise we’re still victims of the dominant paradigm.

  16. How about Riz Ahmed?

  17. I loved Tennant as 10 more than I did Smith as 11, but I did really enjoy the Matt Smith era. They’re two different show tones: Tennant/Davies was more goofy Sci-fi and the Doctor was definitely an alien, while the Smith/Moffat era is more horror/drama and the Doctor comes off as a whimsical faerie creature like Peter Pan. I’m curious to see what happens with the 12th.

    • That’s funny, I had a different take! I felt the Smith take was a lot more alien. I got the sense he was an older, wiser, sadder man trapped in the younger body, while with Tennant I felt he was a whimsical adventurer who took that form because he wanted to give in to how much he wanted to fall in love with Rose when he was slightly-too-old-looking Eccleston. I ended up liking Smith for pulling this off (caveat: I’m a season behind in my watching, so maybe it all goes to hell).

      Eccleston gets lost in the shuffle but he was very good and had some solid stories.

      I also used to watch it in olden tymes as a wee tyke. Don’t make me discuss the merits of Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy. We’ll all regret it.

      I don’t really care who the next incarnation is! As long as it’s interesting.

      For example: Bowie.

  18. Wait, you guys! I thought we were told who the new doctor would be in the last episode? It was all: “Introducing [SPOILER- still male, white and British} as The Doctor”

    I thought that meant he’d be showing up again. Did I miss something?

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