Seriously, no offense to The Beatles or anything, but this kid’s cover of “Don’t Let Me Down” reaches into the depths of the material in a way that those guys simply couldn’t. Not that The Beatles don’t deserve credit for their original (I mean, they wrote the song, for goodness’ sake!), but sometimes songs are just better translated through the talents and culmination of pain, desire, and happiness that arises in another artist, and this is one of those times! Like, in the vein of what I’m talking about I guess it would go this song, and then this song, but then way ahead of both of those it goes this song. You get what I’m saying? Seriously, though, no offense to The Beatles. They have a lot of good ones. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew!)

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  1. Man, kids like the WORST music. Facetaquito loves to sing along to that awful AWOLNation “Sail” song. Just the part where the guys keeps saying “SAIL!” though. He gets mad if I try to turn it off.

    • My friend has a 2 1/2 year old that sings along to Shins songs. The next generation of singing babies will have pretty eclectic tastes.

    • My little sister will dance to just about anything. Mostly Katy Perry, but who can blame her, Katy Perry makes some catchy tunes. When I’m not around, her parents play Spanish or Mexican indie pop for her and I just hope she gives them a blank stare.

      • When the littlest flask was about three or four we were in a restaurant that was playing a ranchera version of “Ring Of Fire”. The tiny little flask listened to a couple of measures and declared that it was not Social Distortion. I was both very proud * and ashamed** at the same time.

        * – He recognized the tune in a completely different genre! He’s going to be a musical genius! (No pressure, baby Mozart)
        ** – He didn’t mention Johnny though. I have failed him in musical history.

  2. What does it say about me that when I clicked on the Blue Monday link, I might have done the “cha-ching” motion and now I’m going to listen to it on repeat? So angsty!!!

  3. Orgy is wonderful, but nope nope nope. New Order did it first and does it best.

    (Speaking of blue Mondays, it’s rained every day of my vacation. Eff you, Vienna)

  4. Is that a tiny guitar or a ukelele?

  5. Sgt. Pooper

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