You would think that a successful actress like Brie would have an appreciation for the finer things, but she just likes deli sandwiches and terrible pizza! (JK she likes fancy places ONLY.)

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  1. I’ve been to one of five of these, and I can honestly say if you’re going to spend a bajillion dollars on a night out, there are better places to do it than wd-50. I’d rather just start eating tapas and never stop than try out some of what the chef is serving. When it’s good, it’s really good. When it’s a touch too experimental, it’s … OK, maybe I’m too unsophisticated for true molecular gastronomy, but it’s just kind of yucky.

    That’s right. Yucky. I get paid to write!

  2. I wrote something but I think it disappeared? What it boiled down to was “I love Alison Brie even if she loves the too-expensive, not worth the hype wd-50!”

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