The trailer for Kevin Spacey’s Sundance hit, Shrink, came out on the internet just now:

Kevin Spacey is back! Or, it seems, Lester Burnham from American Beauty has come back to (spoiler) life and become a celebrity shrink, but who cares! Apparently I will mark any trailer that features dark comedy, fake celebrities, a knowing, meta film reference (“I’ve seen Ordinary People“), Kevin Spacey being back, the idea of a person who helps others while being a druggie mess himself, epiphanies that come at the strangest times, redemption, and, ESPECIALLY, the song “Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens, as an automatic must-see. Also, Robin Williams is in it. Make fun all you want, I don’t care, I think it looks great! For real. Let the healing begin!

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  1. Landry as a drug dealer?! I’m sold.

  2. “who said that?” “you did.” = banned from all screenplays henceforth. stop it!

  3. I am convinced trailers are 100 percent dependent on song choice. The actual movie could be totally meh, but when Chicago came in I was convinced it was a classic. “It was for freedom from myself and from the land.” Who gives a shit about the movie, great trailer.

  4. In the pop-out bubble mode of Google Reader, it doesn’t tell you who wrote the post. And I was like “What happened to Gabe! All his tastes did a 180.”

  5. Robin Williams? Where? Did I blink and miss him?


  7. Any movie with Sufjan Stevens is good on my list.

  8. Man, I love weed, Sufan Stevens, and neurosis. Done and done.

  9. i’m a sucker for a trailer with good music. i really wanted to see the disney movie earth just cause it had hoppípolla by sigur rós.
    it always seems odd when a movie uses the requiem for a dream song (lux aeterna?) since that movie was so dark.
    but remember, garden state also had awesome trailer music so it’s not necessarily a sign of a good movie.

  10. Citizen  |   Posted on Jun 2nd, 2009 0

    Was on-set yesterday with Spacey…he comes across as Lester when the cameras aren’t rolling.

    (And, not surprisingly, the only people he was friendly with were all the young males…)

  11. Str82video  |   Posted on Jun 2nd, 2009 +1

    Tone deaf script. I’ve seen ordinary people? What’s narcissism? Blech.

  12. i mean, ugh. but i do like the one character who doesn’t have a car/will clean pools. and the use of Sufjan really took it to the next level of yuck.

  13. chicago is a great song. TOO BAD ITS A RIPOFF!@!!!….of his other song, “the transfiguration”, track 12 off “seven swans”

  14. I’d personally like Hollywood to stop using the Sufjan Stevens Trailer Song and the Sigur Ros Trailer Song so I can go back to enjoying them both outside of the meh associations forced upon them.

  15. aw man. fine. i’m with you!

  16. Landry wouldn’t appreciate double posts, guys. Sorry.

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