I don’t know where you all live, but it is like 100 degrees here all of a sudden and I’m try’na grab my towel after being told to over and over again, and drop my towel after being told to over and over again, and jump in a damn pooooooooooooool after being told to over and over again! AND I’M NOT EVEN GONNA REMOVE THE TOTALLY UNNECESSARY AUDIO AND INSERT A FUN SONG, WHICH WOULD MAKE THIS A MUCH BETTER VIRAL VIDEO, BEFORE UPLOADING 2 YOUTUBE ‘CAUSE IT’S #FRIDAY, Y’ALL! Let’s go in the pool! Let’s go in the pool, Chase! Let’s go in the pool! (Via ViralViral.)

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  2. I am finally not sick after two days of being more or less bedridden, thanks to a Memorial Day Weekend spent in a rickety beach house with no insulation and 50 degree rainy weather. Where I got to sleep on the first floor of the house and my uncle’s young kids got up at 6:30am each day and he made zero effort to keep them quiet or at least keep them not within 5 feet of my door.

    Can I just say how much I fucking hate parents who think having kids gives them a license to just inconvenience/be an asshole to everyone else around them? You made the choice to have kids, so don’t act like you are entitled to let your kids do whatever they want at the expense of other people. I don’t want to smell your shitty kid’s feet, let me talk to my grandpa (actual thing that happened this past weekend).

    Also that video is great and I am glad I don’t have sound if it’s just unnecessary dialogue.

    • I agree about kids. Also we have a bunch of friends who have kids and it’s always “we didn’t come [to the party or event] because we have kids” “well, bring them!” “no, they have to get to bed on time but you’re an asshole for scheduling something during the hours that our kid will eventually need to go to bed (6pm)” “get a babysitter?” “NO EVERYBODY HATES US AND DOESN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT IT’S LIKE TO HAVE KIDS!!!!!”

      • See, back in the good ol’ days of the Industrial Revolution, you’d be able to go anywhere you wanted at night, and at 10PM you always know where your children were, because they were either in the coal mines or working the textile machines. Those “babysitters” ended up paying you for watching your kids.

      • This is why whenever my parent-friends complain I always just tell them that they can host all the parties, so that way the kid can go to bed whenever the fuck they want to, the parents are there, they don’t have to get a babysitter, and they still get to party, but they don’t ever do it because NOBODY UNDERSTANDS WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE CHILDLESS AND READY TO PARTY.

    • I was camping way up on the Maine/New Hampshire border last summer, and the park rangers were VERY aggressive about the 10PM quiet hour rule with us. As in, we basically had to stop all conversation at 9:30 pm as part of a “wind down” process, which is funny because we’re all basically old people now. We just had the misfortune of camping right next to the ranger’s resident campsite.

      So you can imagine my displeasure when the camp ground children could be up at quarter till 5, riding their bikes up and down the road, apparently reenacting the battle of stalingrad, with total impunity. They woke us up and kept us up. I got out of my tent at 7 am, sat on my car hood with a bottle of whiskey and chain smoked while glaring at the parents of a few of the kids for a few minutes while I got morning-drunk. I’m not proud, but I’m not ashamed.

    • Couldn’t you have just called them your cousins? Or is there some unusual family dynamic that I haven’t picked up on?

  3. We took my dog to the lake last weekend and he HATES the water. He also hates being outside. Don’t ask him to fetch something, he will go get it, pick it up, immediately drop it, and come back to you. “I found it, but if you want it back, get it your own damn self.”

    • My family has an English Bulldog, who sinks like a rock as most bulldogs do. Fetch with her is always somewhat comical, because she will go and get the ball and bring it back the first couple times, but after that you throw it and she just kind of gives you this look like, “Really? We are gonna do this again?” and goes and lies down.

  4. It’s not even the expected high of 92 degrees of hell, but if anyone has a pool and a dog that understands pool-related commands, please tweet me directions to your house. I will buy you your choice of any iced concoction on the Starbucks menu that is under $6.

  5. I don’t know how to swim, don’t own a bathing suit, don’t particularly like pools and don’t particularly like dogs, but MAN did this video make me want to jump into a pool.

  6. This is just a cruel, braggy comment that will make everyone hate me, but my pool opened last weekend when it was frigid. So I’m very very very excited for this weekend, except that I have a mini summer cold (just in one nostril) and I have blisters on my heels, so I don’t know how wonderful the pool will be. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to miss out of pooling during this heat wave. Basically, every moment that I’m not in my pool will be spent standing in front of my air conditioner drinking beermonade (aka a shandy). Man, I’m just so excited for this weekend!

    • Thank you for teaching me what a shandy is. Now I want some to get me through this workday of fire.

      • I actually recommend beermonade before a shandy. I think when you buy a bottled shandy, it’s some weird beer brewed with, like, lemon peels? Stop trying so hard. Beermonade is, in my experience, equal parts cheap-ass beer and Minute Maid-esque lemonade. They’re so good!!!!! Why aren’t I drinking one right now??? (It’s 10AM is why.)

      • I agree whole-heartedly that a shandy is the perfect summer drink!

    • I think we must have shared mini summer colds, because I have one too now. But beermonade. Now it’s all I want.

      • I blame my office’s too intense embrace of the AC. I think it’s 9 degrees in here.

        • Oh lord, the AC in my office is insane. It’s 80 degrees outside right now and I have the window open AND a long sleeve shirt on, because my boss apparently set it to “Antarctica.”

          • It seems my job doesn’t understand how temperatures work, and every day leading up to the heatwave was freezing here. Now it’s so warm inside I’d rather sneak into the store down the block for some decent air.

  7. Wait, but what about the French bulldog? Where’s his video? He seemed to be playing an uncredited role in this. Didn’t he carry the frisbee out to the pool? I am very upset on the French bulldog’s behalf.

  8. Am I the only one here thinking about how the pool is gonna get clogged? Labs shed like whoa, you guys.

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