What a week! FOR GIFS! I just watched Behind the Candelabra two nights ago and boy oh boy does that movie have some good GIF moments. And a whole new season of Arrested Development? GIF me a break! (Pronounced “GIF.”) If you don’t want to see any GIFs from those two things, for fear of spoilers, plz feel free to skip the first two sections of GIFs. As for the rest of you, LET’S GOOOO!

The new season of Arrested Development was released on Netflix!

We also watched Behind the Candelabra!

We thought about who we’d want to play Hillary Clinton in a biopic!

We prancercised!

We learned how Brad Pitt stays humble!

Jaden Smith doesn’t want to be a dentist, thank god!

What is Patrick Stewart even talking about?!

And, finally, Arvind V. Mahankali won the 2013 Scripps Spelling Bee!

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  1. Speaking of Prancercise, this is my favorite tweet of the day so far:

  2. OMG does Rob Lowe in BEYOND (I like that better than Behind) the Candelabra remind anyone of Shaye St. John?

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