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  1. Ron Howard does it again.

  2. Yes, this is annoying, but also though where do I apply to star in it because I’d like to spend a lot of time hanging out with grumpy cat pretty please!

    Picture this: A tough as nails but down on her luck professional arm-wrestling mustachioed baby attempts to reconnect with her estranged cat who has been raised by a very wealthy family in her absence. The cat is grumpy because it has to travel in a semi truck and hang out in dive bars with her LAME former owner, mustachebaby. Lots of scenes, like 95% of the scenes, involve mustachebaby cuddling with and giving belly tickles to the grumpy cat. Green light? Green light.

    • Please do not give grumpy cat belly tickles when you’re driving your semi-truck! Keep your hands on the wheel and your mind on the road!!!

      But I would like to see a scene where grumpy cat plays pool in a dive bar against a Hell’s Angel pool shark. AND WINS.

  3. You should have seen Sudden Clarity Clarence’s face when he heard the news.

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