Oh boy. I like to stay out of Amanda Bynes’s business as much as I can, as she seems to be a young, mentally unstable person crying out for help into a world full of strangers who eagerly devour her cries for small talk nourishment (like, really, where are the non-strangers?) (doesn’t she know anybody?) (WHO BIRTHED HER?), which makes me sad, but, uh, IT IS PRETTY MUCH IMPOSSIBLE TO STAY OUT OF HER BUSINESS! (For me.) (Here, on the Internet all day.) I, and the rest of you who read blogs, know just about everything Amanda Bynes has been up to lately and none of is good, but suffice to say that you know you are not having a good series of days when COURTNEY LOVE calls you out on Twitter and tells you to PULL IT TOGETHER. YIKES, AMANDA BYNES! (Though, Courtney Love, give me a break with you [a current mess] sticking your face into everyone else’s messes.) (Remember when she said was going to be Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety coach?) (Hahahahahahaaa.) So I think we all can glean how Amanda Bynes’s day is going, but how is YOUR day going? Tell me about it! Did Courtney Love tell you to get your act together? Tell meeeee.

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  1. I’m trying to decide if Courtney Love telling me to get it together would be the worst or the best day of my life. The worst, probably, but certainly notable.

  2. What is going on with the world?! I feel like I entered…

  3. Courtney Love is like the Gwyneth Paltrow of hot messes.

  4. I’ve been singing this great recent Dungeonesse song called “Private Party” all day, but replacing the second word with “pizza.”

  5. Well, I’ve been listening to Diplo’s 6.5 hr Summer Playlist while reviewing manga eBooks at work, and I’m going to watch the newest episode of BAD GIRLS CLUB ALL STARS in a bit, so like, it’s all pretty much a nightmare, but like, a stupid one.

    Speaking of nightmares (and I’m double posting my FB status now) I had a dream last night that Frances Ha won every Oscar and I was like, yeah, whatever, and then went and saw Fast 6 again.

  6. It was my last day at work! They got me a tiramisu cake because tiramisu is my favourite, and I got a couple bottles of wine, some Scotch, a crystal glassware set (!!!!!) and a gift card from co-workers, which I was really, really not expecting. I’m so glad to leave, but I’m going to miss the lovely people I worked with! Also, now I’m officially unemployed which is scary, and I want to stay that way for a month or two while I fix up the house, which is scarier because what if I can’t find a job when I’m ready to look? But that’s silly, of course I will be able to!

    And now I’m off to my last pub quiz in Montreal but I don’t know how I will be able to stay awake because I carried all of that stuff home on the metro and it’s super humid outside and now I am EXHAUSTED.

  7. Today was another boring day at work. Loved it. I got an email from the big guy saying starting Friday, we are all permitted to dress casually. He also suggested we join in on Hawaiian Shirt Fridays over the summer. I may decide to do that.

    • I have been trying to institute Hawaiian Shirt Fridays at my office for years. I got one dude in an adjacent cubicle to go along with it for a few months, and we went back-and-forth between pretending like it was just accidental or saying “didn’t you get the memo?” anytime someone pointed it out. We found it highly amusing. No one else did.

  8. I just laid out in the sun for two hours and I feel amazing but really I probably just have heat stroke.

  9. i have to keep a daily sketchbook for my stupid drawing class, and—since i’ve never been the type to sit down and actually “sketch” things—this time around i decided to do diary comics instead. however, i kept putting off actually doing them because i am very lazy and my life is very boring, so now i am listening to au pairs and eating dim sum and staring at a half finished comic and fighting a losing battle with procrastination.

    • Since my life is also very boring, I would find it easier to do sketches. You can treat it like homework, and rather than trying to turn yourself into one of those people who carries around a sketchbook so they can capture the world whenever inspiration strikes (in my mind, these people also smoke clove cigarettes), you can just set aside 30 minutes every day. Sit down, put something on the table, and draw it. Or draw the same seven things, over and over again, one for each day of the week. Then you can try a different style each week, or just try to capture it more accurately each time and see how your progress goes.
      Or get a timer and do speed-drawing! Combine it with going for bike rides – sketch a tree!, or draw your lunch before you eat it.

      • Sketching the same things everyday, that’s brilliant GG. I can’t really draw, but I’m an educational Editor ( read: I publish textbooks for kids) and I often have difficulty communicating my ideas into a form understood by my designers (who are all from Malaysia and can’t understand simple English and don’t actually do any designing). I’m trying to improve my design skills and develop my “artistic eye”. (Ugh! I sound like Goopy!) I even signed up for a Visual Communications course.

        What I’m saying is that I’m definitely going to try this.

    • If I make suggestions, would you sketch them for me?

      For starters, a panda bear wearing shorts, eating an ice cream cone whilst waiting on line at the DMV.

  10. How was my day today? Man, have I got a story for you…

  11. Last night I had this really detailed dream about my wedding (note: I am single), which included details about the location and flowers and guests, and a long sequence in which I switched wedding dresses at the last minute because I decided that the first one looked like a figure skating costume. After the wedding my new husband hung out with a girl I didn’t know during the reception, and I went on a really fun day trip around the countryside with a couple of the guests including my high school boyfriend. At the end of the day I got a message telling me to go to a petting zoo, and my dad, the Daily Show’s John Oliver, and my new husband were waiting for me. I told my dad and John Oliver to scram, and my new husband broke up with me.
    It was very upsetting and weird, and I woke up unsettled. It basically ruined my whole day.

    • On the other hand, super-fun wedding, I’ll definitely be using some of the ideas from that dream in my (hopefully more successful) future real wedding. I had great purple shoes and a cute white mini-dress and it was under the apple trees at my parents’ house.

    • I too had a dream about my wedding, inspired by the bridal challenge in RuPaul’s Drag Race.

  12. Can I be an older relative you haven’t spoken to in a while and talk about the weather?

    The wind’s getting angry where I live. Last night, I woke a few times to torrential rain. My first thought was, ‘That’s great. At least there won’t be any wildfire’s for a while.” We’ve had a few wildfires last summer. Today, it’s been alternately pouring and sunny all day. It’s been extremely windy and calm all day. It can’t make up its mind, but it seems pissed. I heard some children screaming from what I thought to be a few blocks down. The screams got closer. I work from home and have a pretty big window in my office which I leave open unless rain comes in. It was open when this happened. When the screams got to a point where I thought I might see what’s going on, they shifted to laughter and stopped. I looked through the window and saw nothing. I have a full 180 view and couldn’t see these kids. Probably some kids who were having fun and got distracted by something else.

    I’m probably just getting cabin crazy from working alone all day, every day. But today seems off.

    Somethings off with this day. The wind’s getting angry again. It’s starting to rain again.

    • Those were FOR SURE ghost children. :(

      • It’s funny to say that, and I know they weren’t, but those screams seemed guttural and urgent. I actually had my phone in my hand, ready to call 911. Then the screams just tapered off into laughter and abrupt silence. Freaked me out for a bit. I’m pretty sure it was just kids playing who got distracted by something.

    • A few years ago we rented an older rundown house in an almost totally (except for our house) gentrified neighborhood. The kids on our street decided that our “creepy” house was haunted and would hang around in our garden, daring each other to knock on our door and screaming when they got close to our house. All the noise and stuff was kinda weirding me out, until I found out what was going on. Then I started playing Halloween music whenever I saw kids come near the house. Kids are silly and like to randomly scare themselves and they scream a lot…or you know, they were ghost kids.

  13. I am at my first day of work after getting my leasing agent license, which is a nice accomplishment, but unfortunately i very strongly dislike being a leasing agent. I want to get back into retail but it’s been going slower than I’d hoped. BUT I get to see an old friend tonight so that should be really fun!

  14. I missed my window to leave for lunch, which is just as well since I’m broke anyway, and now I’m hungry. There’s an emergency thing of microwave popcorn in my desk but I’m not really in the mood for popcorn. In happier news, I’m on page 10 of The Big Sleep by Raymond Chanandler, which I’m reading as prepwork (and because I’ve been meaning to read it for 10+ years) before I read imsteph’s book, Follow Her Home.

  15. This morning, I woke up with my roommate’s new kitten under my covers cuddling with my foot, so I’ve been in a pretty good mood all day.
    I’m also restless, though, because it’s for sure summer and I’m single, so I’ve gone sort of boy-crazy and I want to be out everywhere drinking all the beer and making out with strangers or something. That’s what people do in the summer right? I will probably end up mostly reading books in a bathing suit in the backyard, though.

  16. Everyone’s been coming to me with questions at work today, it’s been way too much to deal with. Meanwhile, I managed to call into Chelsea Peretti’s podcast last week and was included on this week’s episode. Also, the cafeteria had carnitas for lunch and they were delicious.

  17. My neck hurts. I’m almost finished reading Sweet Tooth. It’s OK. I had no idea England of the 1970s was basically just Clockwork Orange.

    It’s hot outside!

  18. Today was actually pretty great, thanks for asking. The day got off to a really good start when I awoke to the pleasant feeling that last night was not a dream and the L.A. Kings actually did defeat the San Jose Sharks in game seven of the Western Conference Semi-finals. On top of that, I was offered the opportunity to buy tickets for game one of the potential series against the Blackhawks (if they win tonight) on Saturday. Now this presents a bit of dilemma, since I already had date plans for Saturday night (going to see the Sklar Brothers), but I think the timing will actually work out. Also, we can probably fold the hockey game into the date. Also, I’m in the process of cementing plans for a date with a different girl tomorrow night (lots of activity going on there), but these are both in the early stages, so no two-timing, because hey, I’m not that type of dude. Also, neither of these are with neverabadidea as far as I know, so no news to report there.

    Also, me and another guy and our CFO got together for an informal beer tasting in our office tonight, where we drank some of the most highly rated IPAs on the planet (Pliny the Elder, Heady Topper, and Zombie Dust for you beer geeks out there).

    Now it’s time for the buzz to wear off, get a work out in, and watch the game that will determine who the Kings will meet in the next round. That’s a pretty good day!

    • Did you get to have a glass of Pliny the Younger in February? The SF Beer Week last year was only made memorable by that beer. I highly recommend finding the one or two bars in the week that serves it.

    • I spaced out for the sports stuff.
      But have you ever had Sprecher, specifically Sprecher Amber Ale? I am a big fan of all of their stuff, but their Amber is my #1. I also enjoy that it comes in 16 ounces as I like enough beer but not too much… 1 beer is not enough but 2 is two many… so 16 ounces (a beer and half is the best!).
      When I first moved to California, BevMo used to carry it, but they stopped because I was basically the only person buying it (or at my store?? I didn’t buy that much!) And I now seek it out like I do for stuffed pizza.

      This being said, Sierra Nevada Torpedo is the closest to Sprecher’s Amber Ale that I’ve found… and I have taste tested this theory by accident with my dad (who usually hates beer but likes both for possibly similar reasons) and that.

      • I don’t think I’ve had any Sprecher stuff. I’m surprised an amber ale is close to Torpedo, which is a pretty big IPA, and on the pinier side of hops at that. I need to check them out.

  19. I feel like I’ve been in Seattle FOREVER and I miss my dog and my gentlemansteph. But I am in the middle of a RuPaul’s Drag Race marathon, and that feels goood. I finished season 2 in like two days and so far I am loving season 3. Manila is so cute I want to die.

  20. Also (and go to sleep/skip this comment if you are just so sick about hearing book stuff), my book landed on this Mashable list of summer reads: http://mashable.com/2013/05/29/summer-reading-list/. You guys should really read all these books. Mine is the only one no one’s ever heard of, or the “who? her?” pick. It kind of made my day, which is great because I’m doing a reading tonight and it’s gonna be my first empty house.

  21. Rode my bike a few miles to the one Chicago theater that’s showing Frances Ha today, and my short review is that I liked it and it’s worth seeing. Tonight I have an improv show about which I am mildly trepidatious..

  22. My sister from Seattle is here with me this week. I want to keep her.

  23. It was not as good as yesterday but still good. The heat was bad, but the workday flew by quickly. My online hw disappeared, and I had to have the IT guy help me for at least half an hour over the phone. First he thought I was a computer n00b but then he realized I was the first person since a new upgrade to encounter this problem. Now it’s solved. YAY for IT folk!
    I saw a sparrow walkhop into a fancy bakery. It was cute. I snort laughed because it was cute, and a bunch of rich, old people gave me dirty looks.

  24. So my week has been pretty awesome. We crushed it at trivia last night (big ups to Flanny and Manners), and my friend got free passes to see “Now You See Me,” and boy, am I happy I didn’t pay for that. I also decided to stop trying to get through “The Diamond Age” and started reading “The City and the City,” which has been riveting. Can’t stop reading it. Also, I learned that Manners and I have strangely similar thoughts about things. Hmmmm….

  25. It’s been an overcast few days where I am. Fuck the Okanagan in May.

  26. Sorry guys I needed it.

    (From the blog commenter formerly known as Flustercuck)

  27. Todays been p good. I’ve been working from home a lot and today I showered and put on real clothes and I feel less of a gargoyle. Went out to dinner for ImSteph’s last night in town and ate a buncccccch, we had a really great time this past week. One thing I am annoyed at today is that I have been watching ER and they changed the theme song in season 13 and its driving me insane, why would they do that?!?! Every time it comes on I get furious. but besides that great day great week.

  28. My day was pretty good. I’ve met a few people here, so I’m feeling a bit better about moving around the world. We took a weekend trip to ‘the continent’ last week and I ate my weight in chocolate, which also helped my attitude! The sun didn’t go down till after 11 last night, and it was for sure up before 5am this morning, and I don’t think there’s any way I’m going to get used to that. But since I can’t sleep anyway, I’ve started reading again, and it’s been nice to get back into it.

    Basement dungeon update: I closed off all the doors leading to the dungeon and went in the other day and now the entire basement smells like menthol, and the smell is definitely strongest in the dungeon. WTH?

    • Vicks for haunted houses with stuffed up cavities.

    • I was *this close* to going to grad school in Scotland this year, but spent the money on a house instead. We could have been newbies together! It’s good to know that either way I would have had access to a haunted dungeon.

      Be careful about the sun! Someone did a Norwegian study on the effects of sun on depression and suicide rates, expecting suicide to spike during the 3 months of dark, but it was the opposite! It turns out when you don’t have a proper twilight and full dark you brain has trouble entering deep sleep and you pretty much just take long naps with no REM, which fucks with your brain and makes you go crazy!!

  29. It’s been really busy this week at work, which is kind of a relief because for a couple of weeks I thought I would die of boredom. Right now I’m writing this while I’m on hold! So busy! So multitasking! So getting confused when someone actually picks up the phone oh my gosh I gotta go!

  30. I am late to this as usual but yesterday was pretty good. At work I made a huge catch which was a really big deal and my boss was like “great job!” which was really nice because he often says “great job” when I do a great job, and no one else seems to…I guess this is a thing in the corporate world where if my dept head asks me for something and I give it to him immediately then he’s too busy to say “thanks” and that’s something I should just get used to? Cause a simple “thanks” in those circumstances would be REALLY nice. But maybe I’m being Peggy and sooner or later someone’s going to yell “that’s what the money’s for!” which is true, I guess?
    Anyway, then I talked to my best friend on the phone which was great and then I talked to my parents on the phone which was also pretty good. Then I had a beer and made signs for our Arrested Development party (“This is a tricky grey area” “Help us fight T.B.A.” “No Touching!” “Save Our Bluths”) and watched the last of the episodes and man is it true that they just keep getting better and better. That Buster episode? I laughed the WHOLE time.
    Has anyone seen any Franklin references? That was the only thing from the original seasons that Mr. Truck and I were disappointed wasn’t included.

    • Barely any of non-cyber friends watch Arrested Development, so you throwing an AD party is like my version of an (non-Bluth) Oscar party. When you do your chicken impersonations, think of me. chaw chee chaw chee chaw chee chaw

    • I am WITH YOU on the no-thanks front. I worked a corporate job for 5 years and I’m pretty sure I was just working in a black hole where regardless of how well or how poorly I did my job I was received with the same reaction from my bosses. But then last year I got a job in a state hospital and now I get told daily how awesome I am and everyone thanks me for everything! My morale has literally never been higher!

      • Yeah, I get a feeling that’s just how it is, which is generally fine as long as that’s where my expectations are. I think I’m just too polite to not thank someone for doing something even if it is his or her job. Also my immediate boss thanks me a lot and says great job so I should be happy with that.

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