Ben Affleck received an honorary doctorate from Brown University during the school’s commencement ceremony over the weekend and boy is his GRIN tired! Hahahahah. Ahaha. Very good. But really he did receive an honorary doctorate, and in response to students chanting “speech” (and, I have to imagine, after tearing up the piece of paper on which he had written “ArGO CLASS OF 2013!”) he said, “This is a spectacular honor for me. Among things today, in terms of higher education, I pass Matt Damon.” Hahah. WE GET IT, YOU’RE FRIENDS! Two forever buddies. Ben Affleck deserves his honorary degree, though, if only for this photo of him holding his honorary degree and grinning straight into the camera, which I am loving so much right now. Dr. Affleck and his happy face. Are you loving it, too? Enough to caption it? I HOPE SO!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball and an honorary doctorate from Videogum University.* (Photo via Celebitchy, full-size grin after the jump.)

*Not a thing.
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  2. When I started reading the final Harry Potter book, I tried to picture Harry’s reaction to getting his “Wizard Diploma” or whatever. And after all the shit he went through, I’m sure this is what his face would’ve looked like.

  3. Not Harvard, huh?

  4. “It’s ok, I’m a doctor.” – Ben Affleck, to every young actress in Hollywood from now on

  5. The traffic was so bad that even though the ceremony was at Brown, Ben was still forced to park the car at Harvard Yard.

  6. Well, I’ve been calling Ben Affleck ‘Dr. Poop’ for a while now…

  7. He looks about as hungover as most people at their commencements.

  8. “This was DEFINITELY less work than my marriage.”

  9. Well, it looks like this picture is


  10. You’ll have to pry this fake diploma from my cold dead hands.

  11. “Matt Damon, why don’t you come smell my diploma?” in a Terrence & Phillip voice.

  12. It’s been a while since I’ve seen an image begging this hard to be Blingee’d.

  13. glad to hear this gentleman is getting anustart

  14. His posture is exactly mine whenever somebody touches me on the shoulders unexpectedly. Stop that, somebody! I hate that!

  15. I just really like Ben Affleck. I like this new direction he’s taken. It seems genuine. So many actors-turned-directors’ films seem like vanity projects but you can tell he genuinely cares about story and character. Also, he just gives this vibe like he’s an honestly nice guy. I greatly enjoyed Argo even though I don’t think it was nearly the best film of 2012, but it’s cool to see someone make this transition.

    That said, honorary degrees are weird.

  16. It is truly an honor to receive this diploma, especially in front of all these distinguished, miniature scholars.

  17. My boy’s wicked smart… I swallowed a bug.

  18. Meanwhile, at the University of Phoenix ceremony:

  19. “You Rhode Island folks are a bunch of Queeahs unlike us Bahstahn folks” was cut from his speech for some reason

  20. I don’t get it.

  21. Everything’s coming up Affleck.

  22. “Oh, The Places You’ll Argo!”

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