• People are loving Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night/Game of Thrones spoof “Game of Desks.” Have you seen it? Seth Meyers and Jay Leno are in it. Wanna watch it? Helloooo? -LateNight
  • Mark Ruffalo almost played The Hulk — the role that eventually went to Edward Norton – in 2008. Can you imagine Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk? I can’t. Nah-uh. Nope. -NextMovie
  • Sorry men and women who think they want something but who would ultimately be super disappointed with it, there will never be a sequel to The Big Lebowski. -FilmDrunk
  • A linguistic dissection of seven annoying teenage sounds. -TheWeek
  • You can now watch PBS’s new Mel Brooks documentary, Mel Brooks: Make a Noise, online. Oooh lala! It aired last week and is part PBS’s American Masters series. What a treat. -Splitsider
  • Finally, here is a mashup of 77 memorable movie dance scenes set to Men Without Hat’s “The Safety Dance.” -TastefullyOffensive
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  1. Controversial but unsurprising opinion from a white female: I actually like vocal fry. I like the way it sounds, SORRY.

    I guess I’m just annoyed because I have a slightly high-pitched, Midwestern voice AND a lisp and people comment on all those things, and so now with vocal fry gettin’ hate it just seems like maybe I should never speak again and that makes me ANGRY. AND MY VOICE GETS VERY HIGH-PITCHED WHEN I’M ANGRY!

    /end rant only slightly related to one of the links

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