• Aaron Paul got married this past weekend (not to me). Whatever. David Blaine did magic at the wedding reception. Whatever. There was a ferris wheel, WHATEVER. -UsWeekly
  • Dan Harmon was possibly asked to return to Community. Please stay calm. The Dan Harmon Community alert is currently at a code blue. Plz stay tuned for updates. -Hollywookie
  • Inside Amy Shumer was renewed for a second season! -THR
  • It was the biggest Memorial Day box office weekend in Memorial Day box office weekend history. Tell your grandchildren that you were there, in your seat, watching Fast & Furious. -FilmDrunk
  • Someone slapped Beyonce’s butt at one of her shows. He has since been removed from existence and the memories of his loved ones. The only evidence of his life to remain is this video. R.I.P. -Dlisted
  • Warner Bros. is developing a film about designing the space suit called Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo. Will Tim Gunn make an appearance and say, “Make it work (in space)”? Click 2 find out!  -/Film
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  1. I paid 16.50 to see Fast 6 and the friend I went with was so drunk she fell asleep and I have no regrets.

  2. ‘Community was Harmon shooting off a flare gun to attract like-minded weirdos, articulating a worldview — institutions are bad, individuals are good, normalcy is an illusion, people who feel uncomfortable on the planet constitute a kind of sociocultural 99 percent, what we all have in common is our brokenness.’ – Grantland.


  3. True fact: In Denmark they often misconstrue the phrase “I’d hit it” to mean “I’d slap that person on the butt if I had the chance.” They are pretty literal-minded.

    • Are you speaking from personal experience?

      • I met Alexander Skarsgård and he told me how he gets smacked on the ass almost every day. When he is Denmark, that is.

        (He’s Swedish, but he travels to Denmark frequently.)

        ((I don’t really have time to look up a famous and attractive Danish actor.))

  4. I guess I’m as happy as anyone else that Dan Harmon is back on Community, but honestly this last season sucked all the enthusiasm and excitement for that show right out of me. The whole thing felt like one huge mouth fart and at this point I could not be bothered to care about whether or not it came back at all, much less with Dan Harmon. But that said, I am open to the possibility of it returning better than ever, and if that is the case then good on you, NBC.

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