We know that the long weekend is over, but will someone please remove us from this vehicle and put us back in bed? Just for a few more minutes? You can make us coffee while we’re sleeping. Come on, please, this is dangerous! (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. This morning I woke up and I was like “uh, I can’t believe I have to go to work today” but seriously guys, it’s a beautiful day out, and my job is pretty great, and we all get to comment on this fun blog, and there is new Arrested Development waiting for me at home…I mean really, it’s a pretty great world.

  2. We have shockingly lax safety standards, guys!

  3. The sun was shining this morning for the first time in what feels like 15 years. I woke up thinking I was late and found out it was still half an hour to my alarm. I made a beautiful breakfast, read the entire newspaper, had an extra long shower. I am bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for the day!

  4. I am feeling sick after spending this weekend at a rickety beach house in 50 degree rainy weather, and I think a few different personal relationships in my life are unraveling, so I am definitely this kid this morning, and would like to supplement Kelly’s request for “a few more minutes” in bed with a few more days, or weeks.

  5. I am not that sleep-driving baby today, because I take the train to work. But I have been that sleep-driving baby on far too many occasions (including briefly this weekend).

  6. As someone who involved in an accident over the weekend (don’t worry everyone’s fine), I would have stopped that kid immediately and told him that shit isn’t cool. Of course, I’m not a parent, so I wouldn’t know that it’s okay to let your kid take a nap and drive a car for 2 minutes while you film it.

  7. If that baby was sleep-working, I would be that baby today.

  8. While it is wonderful to find out that we aren’t going to drown in a new flood age as many of us suspected in the last few weeks, my Monday crushed this Tuesday in near-despair. I do freelance work on top of my main job, and took Monday to do that, so my Monday was: walk with my girlfriend to the cafe she works at, read till 9 am, then take out my computer and work all day, briefly get interrupted by friends, find myself more focussed than at the office, enjoy the work more, and get served free coffee all day. Now I am back to an office that sucks hope, and a job that I can’t care for. So, yes, sleeping at the wheel, dreaming of ways to make it so I can work from home and actually make enough money.

  9. I was super productive this weekend, which was 1) good! 2) not like me at all. So I am very tired, but pleased with myself, so I’m only this baby if what’s lulling him to sleep is a sweet, sweet feeling of self-satisfaction.

  10. gentlemen, start your enginezzzZZZZZzz

  11. Sick bastard dad.


  13. The danger associated with allowing a sleeping toddler driving a toy car does not enrage me as much as the fact that this was recorded vertically. Please turn the camera, parents.

    • Recordin’ dirty…

    • and/or portrait mode for video display, youtube. One handed video is far easier to take in portrait on phones, if we web/app developers have to make portrait-mode-sensitive applications, so must we accept that people will film in portrait, and should adjust our endless photo album of life services to fit the needs of the populace.

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