Okay, WHAT IS WITH all these videos of famous women in the ’80s demonstrating their beauty routines, taking bubble baths, and smugly demonstrating their fabulousness under the guise of “helping” others? First, there was Vanna White’s terribly smug instructions on why we should all be as thin as she is, then the archeologists found Angela Lansbury rubbing lotion on her skin, and today Everything Is Terrible brings us actress Donna Mills talking makeup tips and pretending to answer the phone in her favorite puffy ’80s outfits. I think we all need to call our parents tonight and ask them wtf was going on with that decade.

It was clear from the Vanna video that she was the inspiration for Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP empire, but I think it’s time to bring these back, and I think I know of just the guy to do the first in the series: DIDDY.

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  1. worst. porno. ever.

  2. yes, it takes a LITTLE makeup to look natural. 50 gallons should do it.

  3. i never want to be that special woman.

  4. I think cocaine is what was going on with that decade.

  5. in what universe is electric blue eyeshadow and hair teased to within an inch of its breaking point natural and not flashy? beam me there.

  6. This is the first time I watch this footage with the actual dialogue! Parodies precede the original, I guess.


  7. The montage at the end graduated with honours from the tacky-80′s-special-effects school.

  8. why did it matter if you were skinny in the 80s? those clothes made everyone look fat anyway!

    stupid 80s!

  9. 80′s “style help” videos make me feel creepy. it’s probably the awkward baths and saxophone solos.

  10. This is the best one so far. SO SCARY. Donna Mills is going to hypnotize me with her scary eyes, drown me in makeup, then kill my first born. Also I thought she was going to slip into something fabulous and bang 15 guys at the bar. . .instead she is wearing puffy red jackets, eating breakfast, then going to work?

    this frightens me and I love it.

  11. In 20 years people will wonder the same thing about MTV Cribs.

  12. Without a hint of irony, thank you for this amazing piece of shit video. It’s the creepiest best thing I’ve seen in awhile.
    One time I tried asking my parents what happened in the 80s. They just got really uncomfortable and said it sucked.

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