This was a big week for GIFs. Or should I say, GIFs. I’ll tell you what, though, I’ll never stop pronouncing “This Week In GIFs” the same way I always have in my head. (Never out loud. I honestly don’t think there has been one time in my life when I have said “This Week In GIFs” out loud.) Like “GIFs.” I can only hope that one day I’ll forget we ever learned how to pronounce it “correctly,” so I can return to the untainted GIF bliss I once knew. Or whatever. Who cares. NOW LET’S GET TO THIS WEEK’S GIIIIIIIIIIIIIFS!

We said goodbye to Saturday Night Live!

Vin Diesel was sad that he could never play Ferris Bueller!

Gabe had fun at Star Trek: Into Darkness!

The Pussy Posse hit Cannes!

Zach Braff told Woody Allen about crowd funding!

We talked about the season finale of Nashville, kind of!

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  1. Thank you Kelly for posting my favorite gif of the week!

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