How was your day today? Mine was fine! Good, I guess. I’ll tell you who probably didn’t have a good day today, though: THE ENTIRE CAST OF CHARACTERS ON ABC’S NASHVILLE! Hoo-boy! Does anyone out there watch Nashville? God, I hope at least some of you watch it and already watched last night’s season finale and, if you didn’t, are at least ready to read some spoilers about it. THOSE GUYS ARE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKED! They’re all dead or maybe dead or proposing to someone who doesn’t want to marry them (fingers crossed) in the silliest way or closeted gay or about to be put in jail/become a dad or they’re off the wagon or they now have a dead mom who died to protect them from shame (by murder-suiciding, as if that wouldn’t also bring them a lot of unwanted media attention?) or they’re born from a different father than they thought and are super mad about it. WHAT A SHOW! I love it. Sincerely. We haven’t talked about it much, but from the beginning when it was a kind of normal good show to now when it’s a super dramatic soap opera, Nashville has been one of the most consistently entertaining new series on television. PLUS THE MUSIC! The music used to be great, and then it got bad, but then that last song Juliette sang at the end of the finale, when all the shit was going down? Give me a break! It was great. She was great overall in the finale. She should get a REAL award, right? For acting! Do you think Rayna Jaymes and Deacon are dead?! Next season it will just be the ghosts of Rayna and Deacon floating around, fighting about stuff no one cares about anymore. Scarlett will turn down Gunnar, I HOPE, god I have hated Gunnar the whole time, and definitely not date the newly nice Avery, but will go on to sing better songs than the one she sang in the finale (more like “If I Didn’t Know Better”) (REMEMBER HOW GOOD THAT SONG IS?). The baseball stadium will be built or whatever. Gay cowboy will come out of the closet and will not have to have sex with women anymore. Gunnar will go visit his brother in Heaven, if you know what I mean. It’ll be perf. I can’t wait. But, ah, so, HOW WAS YOUR DAY?

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  1. I won’t know how I feel about the television show Nashville until I see a slideshow about which submarine sandwich each character would be.

    • I don’t understand how you still don’t know how to feel about Nashville. It’s Robert Altman at his finest and one of the greatest examples of ensemble drama ever put to fi… oh. Shit. Nevermind.

  2. Yesterday I told my friend that the boil water advisory was kind of silly and probably just an overreaction and “I bet” you’d be fine as long as you have all your shots. So she poured me a glass of tap water and asked me to prove it. So today I am home from work with a fever… But I have been getting lots done! I got my internet set up for the new place, I changed my address everywhere I could think of, I got a bunch of stuff packed, I did some laundry and went through a couple of lessons for school. I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, had some excellent snuggle naps with the cat, boiled heaps and heaps of water because I drink A LOT of water, and got caught up on Archer. So, today was shitty but productive.

  3. I DO watch it BUT im super behind. MY day is ok but I think that is because I haven’t been to work yet. I did go to the gym at 530 am but then I went back to sleep until 5 min ago ( whooooooooops). I am very excited to attend Steph’s book reading tomorrow!

    • I’m also super behind and all my friends are yelling at me to keep watching. All I know is that duet with Deacon and Rayna from, like, episode 2 or 3? The “No One’s Gonna Love You Like I Do” song? SHIIIIIT, that so is so good!

  4. My day’s been ok. My friends left town today (they’ll be gone for about 6 weeks) and we had a big blow out last night that’s left me popping advil and drinking sprite all day today. It’s been a while since I’ve been hungover and I forgot how not fun they are. I’ve also sent my resume out for a bunch of jobs but haven’t heard from anyone yet so I’m hoping that after the holiday, I’ll get a call.

  5. My day has been so-so. Last night I felt like I was coming down with something and went to bed at like 9pm, slept through the night and still feel exhausted today. Also, today REALLY feels like Friday and it’s throwing me off!

    I am really really excited about Arrested Development this weekend though. Are people doing anything fun for it? I am doing a little something called “sit around my pjs and watch all 15 episodes in a row”.

    • I am making cornballs and muffins and frozen bananas. We might also try to move our TV onto the porch if the weather is nice and cords are long enough.

    • I am having a party with all the arrested development food, we’re gonna decorate our stairs to look like the stair car, costumes (I’m going as Lucille 2)…but it’s not til the 31st!

  6. I didn’t have any interest in Nashville, but I have a great interest in gay cowboys, so now I’m being pulled in two different directions.

    My day has been good. I too have noticed the total saturation of Arrested Development fandom, and feel like I’m going to have to wait a month or two to watch the new season so that it doesn’t feel like a chore. My sister is coming over to dinner tonight, so my boyfriend and I will be roasting a chicken, making bread salad, and doing something with beets. My friend should be finished composing the jingle for my podcast, so we might debut our pilot episode this weekend. I am very excited about it and think it will be a good show, especially since my boyfriend and I managed to bring up toon porn during a discussion of Eraserhead.

  7. My day has been great. I’m taking tomorrow off, but that only means I will be spending a lot of money when I take my car in for a service. Also, I got the email yesterday inviting me to audition for Jeopardy!. This is one of my bucket list items (outdated 2010 references for $400) and I have no illusions that I will make it past the audition. Just seems like a fun thing to do.

    • Murraynmitch, you have stolen my news! I was gone all week to audition for Jeopardy!!!! We’re so smart! Congrats! It was super fun! Tell Maggie I say hello and see if she really remembers people. Spoiler, I think if you make it to the in-person audition you’re in the contestant pool, unless you are super awkward. Also, what if we were on Jeopardy together against each other? Fun or the worst?

      • You guys better tell us if you get on before your episode airs! My friend and I used to talk about Jeopardy! strategies all the time (mine was to get famous and answer easy questions on Celebrity Jeopardy!). Then one day I found out he actually went on the show and didn’t tell me because he got crushed by Ken Jennings! Don’t put me through that again and GOOD LUCK!!!

      • I am jelly jells of both of you! I got to audition for the College Tournament my senior year but they didn’t pick me. I still have a chip on my shoulder about it because everybody was totally lamesville with their answers to the “What would you do with the prize money?” question. Nobody wants to hear that you will pay off your student loans or go traveling! I said I would buy a white hollow-body Gretsch which may or may not have been true but at least it was interesting, geez louise.

      • It would be the funnest amount of worst ever!

    • An all monsters episode of Jeopardy? I would watch the hell out of that. Just make a lot of inside jokes during the whole episode.

    • You should take this opportunity to mix things up a bit. Leading all of your responses with “what is….” and “Who is….” is boring. You should feel free to explore the space a bit.

      A: It’s the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States
      You Respond: How awesome is Mt. Whitney?

      A: This team has won more Stanley Cups than any in history?
      You Respond: Does anyone outside of Montreal really give a crap about the Montreal Canadiens?

      Have fun with it!

      • “Could Mt. Whitney BE any taller?”

        “wow seriously Montreal?”

      • it might just be what a crappy day I’ve had but your comment blew my mind. I am in a much better place and I will think up alternative questions to all jeopardy answers I hear from now on. And I will think of you, octopus aura h-man.

    • Damn, as if I wasn’t a fan of the show already. Good luck and let us know guys!

    • congrats, brainiacs! can we have a pizza party when your episode(s) air?

      • I cannot stress enough, I have only made it to the audition round. If, by some miracle or bus accident I am chosen to be on Jeopardy, I will definitely do some sort of inside joke. For example, if the final question was about architects and my answer had no bearing on the outcome I would answer “Who is Frank Lloyd Wrong?”. And laughter will echo through the internet.

  8. Weird day! I came into work to find that the internet was down for the whole office so we couldn’t do anything. But unfortunately they did not send us home, so I spent two hours just chit-chatting with my coworkers. Which was fun and all, but man… two hours. And everybody else was just surfing the net on their fancy phones and I still only have a dumbphone (and plan to keep it that way as long as possible!) so I was pretty much SOL. Eventually it got fixed though and much as I don’t like working, at least I had something to do.

    Also it was SUPER windy this morning to the point that my building was making very ominous creaking noises. I get freaked out by wind (saw Twister at too young an age, perhaps) so I just pretended that my office was haunted by really boring ghosts.

    • I’m yours in dumbphone solidarity. And the wind knocked a huge tree onto the house next to my office (no one was inside at the time, luckily). Phone and wind twins! Yay!

      • Yay for dumbphones! I just hate touchscreens SO much. They can pry my outdated hunk of junk out of my cold dead hands.

        • I am still using a flip phone! I refuse to make the switch to touch screen.

          I was using someone’s iphone to get directions and it was super slow and got us lost, so that really did not sell me on how “awesome” those phones are.

          Plus isn’t it like an extra $30 per month to access the internet? I feel like I am in front of a computer all day at work and usually at home. If I finally leave the house, I really don’t need the internet to come with me.

          Also, I know you can lock those touch screen phones, but I would constantly be so paranoid that I was accidentally dialing someone while I was singing in my car or something.

      • At a party, we ended up is a pissing contest on how unsmart our phones were. We all tied for first.

  9. It’s been kind of a rough day, you guys. I spent the last five days in Clearwater Beach for a work training at a really nice resort, and I’m leaving for to go my club in Michigan tomorrow to play golf for the weekend, so it was not a fun day to be in the office. On top of that, after taking the train in and getting to work and going through all of those little things we all do when we get to the office, I realized that I left my computer in my backpack, which was in my apartment. I had to get in a cab, go home, an then come back, so it was not a fun morning.

    On the plus side, I was only in the office one day this week, so that sort of mitigates the above. Still, it’s hard coming in after pretty much five days of trying to stay awake through training, then drinking until sometime between midnight and 2:00 am every night.

    • oh man, sometimes the worst part of work trips is how much drinking there is. Whenever I have to travel for work I am expected to not only be on the ball with clients for 8+ hours doing work, but then we have to go out and have extravagant dinners after. I do like extravagant dinners, especially because I am poor and can’t afford them otherwise, but being “on” around a client for 12 hours is the most exhausting. Every business trip I’ve taken in the last year I’ve ended up sick after.

      • Fortunately this was firm-wide training, and we’re a small firm (about five locations nationwide), so we were just drinking with colleagues. But I hear ya. And it’s tough answering that bell at 8:30 when you were wasted just a few hours ealier. Fortunately the “commute” is one floor. Also, as someone who barely eats more than one meal a day on a regular basis, I feel like I do nothing but eat on those trips.

  10. My day has been pretty good. I got my travel books in the mail, cause I am going to Prague and Vienna next week! So excited for that.

    I am going on date #2 tonight (sequel to last week’s How Was Your Day Post). I suppose that is a good sign? My last relationship ended up a bit of shit-show, so I’m a little freaked out at the thought of a new one. Slow and steady, I say.

    • Also in the planning stages of date #2, and also date #1 with a different person. Hedging my bets. To my knowledge, we still aren’t dating each other yet.

      • Not yet, unless you’re the dude that asked me out for last Sunday and then never got back to me with a set time or plan (so I went to see Star Trek instead).

        We should start a dating in Chicago blog (no we shouldn’t).

        • That wasn’t me. I was in Florida last Sunday. Also, I’m not a dick, at least not usually.

          Ooh, that reminds me, I started writing for my friend’s music blog that none of us had written on forever. I plan to do so until I get lazy again, which will probably be pretty soon. If anyone wants to read really poorly written comments about mostly indie bands that few people care about, then Song of the Day* is right up your alley!

          *really more like song of the every other day, excluding weekends and holidays.

          • I love Foxygen. It seems you and I agree on the three-way tie of best songs of that album. I went to see them a couple weeks ago and they failed to play “San Francisco,” which is seriously a great track. Maybe they thought Boston wouldn’t ‘preciate.

          • Soft D has been added to the RSS. I am excited.

  11. Crazy day. Yesterday I took a position in a company after being independent for about 6-1/2 years. And i don’t know how you maintain your computers, but i don’t. I just keep the important stuff on one desktop computer that sits quietly while i beat and stuff the hell out of my notebook until it says it needs to be stripped clean and everything reinstalled. It decided today was that day so that’s all i have been doing today, bringing my computer back from the brink of death. And once i start the new position i will probably just be checking in here at night quietly upvoting everyone since i will be kind of busy, you know, managing and setting an example and stuff.

    So. Big changes afoot, there is a season turn turn turn, and this

  12. This weekend I’m taking a road trip to Western Pennsylvania, and I was describing to my friends some of the sites we’ll be visiting. First on the list is Fallingwater. When my friend asked me what that was, I politely explained to her that it is the famous house designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wrong. It’s entirely possible that I’m on this site too often.

  13. Today was medium because I had been on vacation (in New York auditioning for Jeopardy, as I stated above) and now I’m back to the grind. This evening I was supposed to get drinks with one of my favorite professors ever who is in town for a conference, but her flight got canceled, so now drinks are postponed. I haven’t seen her since maybe senior year, and more likely junior year. But her class was the one where I first really felt like an English major and where I met three of my best friends to this day, and the four of us still talk about Pomo and what a great class it was and what a great professor she was. So I’m really looking forward to seeing her and bummed it’s not happening right this minute.

    • So, what are you allowed to tell us about your adventure? Did they pipe in the Jeopardy theme music in the waiting room? Did they give you snacks?

      • They gave us free pens, no snacks. And we got our pictures taken and then took a 50 questions test. And then we got split into groups of three and did a little bit of fake gameplay with the clickers from the show. And then Maggie, the casting lady, did some quick interviews with us in front of everyone using the fun facts about ourselves we gave her earlier. It was really fun!

    • Totally read “Pomo” as “Porno.” Bro-time is over.

      • Well, now we know what you’ve been doing with your vacation time…

        • Haha, yup. In fact, the minute I arrived at my friend’s apartment, the two guys living there were continuing a conversation that went a little something like this:

          Bro #1: Which Netflix movie has that one lesbian sex scene at the beginning?

          Bro #2: That one.

          Bro #1 puts it on, fast forwards to that scene and we all watch it.

          Bro #2: Yeah, that’s about it for this movie.

          Bro #1: Okay.

          Bro #1 turns it off and puts on Top Gear.

          Me: Are you guys serious?

      • I am a lady and an intellectual.

        • You’re a gentleman and a scholar. Oh, I’m sorry. OK. I’m sorry. My mistake.That was a woman I was talking to, so… She had a very low voice. Probably a smoker, so…

  14. I’ve never had any interest in Nashville though I love Mrs. Coach from FNL. I guess I should consider watching, considering everyone says Hayden Pants is great on it and when I made a cupcake sandwich on my birthday everyone said “oh do you watch nashville?” No, I read Pinterest sometimes. Also did you know Mrs. Coach dated Jason Mantzoukas? I’d hit that.

  15. I decided to rearrange my office AGAIN and learned that I need new wire clippers because the ones I’ve been carrying around since college are not very good. Also, the drapes that I decided to hang are significantly more intense than I expected. Oops!

    I am rearranging my office this time because the weather changed, and because I started two new projects this week… because I became my own business. My friend had an idea a few months ago and I’ve been playing with how someone would execute it for awhile and had a eureka moment on Saturday white watching Shark Tank in my pajamas with my dog. Since then, I created a business plan, wireframes, some tentative databases and got incorporated. At worst, it’s a little site to show off for bigger, better jobs and a tax shelter for my hobbies… at best I get bought out by Yahoo, buy my own island and start hunting people for sport.

    This being said, does anyone have any favorite wireframe or site map creating programs or applications? The stuff I used to explain to my friend my plan was okay, but I want them to be cleaner and easier to use. Don’t like Visio, plus it’s way too expensive. So if any of my fellow nerds out there have any advice, I’m all ears!

  16. You guys! Today was great! I hope you guys have great weekends!

    … In case you are wondering why, it’s because today was my last day of the first year of pharmacy school. Woo! But my boyfriend rode away, and I am a little sad. School has been depriving me of valuable Videogum time. I hope to be a contributor of comments someday.

  17. Yikes, just came back from a very depressing vacation in California. Townies be townin’ and guys-who-sleep-in-’til-noon-everyday-even-when-they-have-a-guest-over-and-also-when-they-go-to-bed-before-midnight-every-night be sleeping in.

  18. Oh wow, today is not good. I have the kind of job where I have to insist that when a thing is not working anymore someone figures it out in detail and proves to me that they can fix it….except that is I guess boring? I feel like I’ve spent my whole day going, “Yes, I know you’re trying to say just riding it out and doing no work at all would nonsensically fix this thing you were touching that just completely broke, but HOW did you come to that conclusion? Specifically?” And then they huff and they puff and they go cry because I’m making them do their job and it is SO BORING YOU GUYS. I’M THE MEANEST MOM THERE IS.

    But enough of that downerpalooza! What kind of wine is everyone drinking this weekend. Are you strictly white wine after April 30, no considerations for weather? Or do you keep it loosey-goosey?

    • I’ve been mostly hitting the Chardonnay since it got warm outside but I do like to mix in a little Cabernet Sauvignon now and then, just to keep things interesting.

    • I drink red year round because white is usually way too sweet for me and gives me awful sugar hangovers! I found a series at my local grocery store that are all called “more” something. So, “more love” “more life”, “more fun” etc. They’re cheap but very good! I will be drinking one of those this weekend.

  19. Cheap wine.

  20. I’ve been in kitchen renovation hell for the past 5 weeks, and yesterday I found out that the countertop people ordered the wrong width so it’s going to be at least another week of this. That wouldn’t be so bad, but I have my sister visiting from the left coast next week and now I’ll have men working here while we’re supposed to be partying. :( ((((((

  21. I’m in Seattle! I got in last night after a three-hour layover in Sacramento,which…6.5 hours to get from L.A. to Seattle seems unreasonable. Anyway I’m here for the next WEEK which is such a long time, but I have friends here, including Ash. I already miss my family (man + dog) though.

    Also, I got some good news. I got an offer on book #2 today, so unless I fuck this up somehow there will be a sequel!

  22. I have been feeling depressed the last few days, I think due to a combination of being always tired, having rather shitty friends, and my college graduation being a year ago and me thinking that while several aspects of my life are better than I could have expected, other aspects of my life are not nearly as good as I expected, and those aspects seem very difficult to improve. I will be fine, but sometimes people not seeming to care about you can get to you. This is in no way me begging for attention or crying for help or something, it’s just how things are sometimes.

    But I get a half day off work tomorrow and a three day weekend, which will be spent at the beach drinking with my family, so yay for that at least.

    • I don’t know how you feel about instrumental hip hop, but this song has been cheering me up lately, if anything because of the band’s name and song’s title.

      • Ahhh that song is awesome. I absolutely love instrumental hip hop (I produce beats for fun in my spare time), so this is right up my alley. And the name and song don’t hurt either, though I shudder to think what the Mona Lisa Saperstein sounds like….

        If you like that song I highly recommend listening to Gold Panda, and the electronic, jittery sound reminds me of Flying Lotus, and by extension Aphex Twin.

  23. My day was pretty good…the office is dead this week so I got a lot of work done, but my boss has been telling me about these dates he’s going on and online dating in general which is interesting and pretty funny, but also a little awkward because he JUST told me about his divorce. I’m very very excited about this weekend because I have NOTHING planned and it’s gonna be awesome. Also now I have a kitty on my lap and dinner is on its way to me!

  24. I got some socks in the mail. Success! Wouldn’t change a thing!

  25. no, in a magazine: Sock Weekly (lots to cover in the fast-changing world of socks)

  26. Yesterday was good except it took almost 2 hours to get home from work because of subway rain delay. On the plus side, I got out of work exactly when it stopped downpouring/flooding. Man that was crazy. I figured out a way to use textbooks without having to purchase them (no, not stealing; that’s not cool). It’s been a week since the semester ended and no one from my difficult/annoying class got their grades yet, so that’s some cause for worry.
    All week I keep wanting ice cream and falling asleep before being able to acquire it. #firstworldproblemssummeredition

    Today is just beginning, but I’d rather be in bed watching Game of Thrones because it’s the day before a 3-day weekend.

  27. I hope next season Rayna comes back from the dead as Tami Taylor and instead of Deacon, Coach walks out of the ashes.

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