Kmart follows up its horrible and stupid “ship my pants” ad with this “big gas savings” ad. What is even going on anymore? Is it 2013 still? Do we live in a world of adults? Everyone in this commercial might as well have a dick drawn on their face in Sharpie. Everyone in this commercial might as well get explosive diarrhea. That’s funny, right? The two things that are funny is words that sound like swear words and explosive diarrhea. Also homophobic and racial slurs. Those rule. They might as well just slap the Comic Relief stamp over the top of this and watch the money come pouring in, suddenly we have ended world hunger. What a treat. Such a pleasure. This commercial should host the Oscars.

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  1. That gas is SOFA KING cheap!

  2. Definitely going to show this commercial to my Pen15 club.

  3. This may be the first time I’ve ever disagreed with Gabe (I’m also pretty sure it is not the first time) but borderline potty humor in a commercial and racial slurs aren’t even in the same ballpark. I think swear words and explosive diarrhea can be very funny! Homophobia and racism fill me with rage! I’d honestly prefer this K-Mart advertising campaign to one that was honest about what K-Mart is: A depressing place where poor people shop for soaps and poorly constructed sweatshop clothes.

  4. Well hey, at least they didn’t go the flatulence route, right?

  5. Look, Gabe, America has an insatiable appetite for sassy black women saying pretty much anything.

  6. Does the Comic Relief stamp use the font Comic Sans? Everything is funnier with Comic Sans!!!

  7. I think these are funny. They don’t motivate me to shop at K-mart but they amuse me for 30 seconds. I don’t care that it’s immature humor, sometimes you just need a stupid laugh.

  8. Mr. Show was ahead of its time. Remember the sketch with Pit Pat?

  9. wait, where were the homophobic and racial slurs?

  10. Speaking of racism!
    My boss just told me an awesome story about a woman he knows who went out with this guy and they were talking and at one point she was like, “You know, I’m starting to think you’re a little racist.” and he was like, “No, I am!”
    That’s all I know about that story but we both agreed we wish we knew how it ended!

    • One time I met a very handsome guy who took me to an art museum and knew so much about all the art and it was wonderful. Then he took me to lunch after and said a bunch of homophobic, racist and anti-Semitic comments and I got really sad. My point is, the story probably ended with her not answering his phone calls/texts ever again, because that’s what I did.

      • Yeah that’s what it sounds like happened but I’m more curious about what happened IMMEDIATELY after he said that…like do you get up and leave or just politely continue the date?

  11. A little seriousgum for any takers:
    This commercial makes me think about the really weird commercials for a drug store chain, I can’t remember which, but the one where the woman keeps getting little prizes from the vacuum tube as a reward for getting her prescriptions filled there. As much as I don’t want to be the bizarro-world converse to the paranoid anti-Obamacare netizens, I just always stare blankly at the screen during this commercial. A stuffed bunny to soften the blow of prescription drug prices? Is this our plan? It seems like a parody video satirizing market-driven health care. This gas thing feels the same, as do reward points on credit cards.

    • I’ve never seen that drugstore commercial (perhaps it’s for a local chain?) but there’s a series of commercials for Charter, the cable provider around where I live, that talks about all the rewards you can get for being a Charter member. You can win TVs, DVRs, even vacations. Anytime I see things like that I just think “Or… you could just charge less and I could buy my own TV or whatever?”

      • So I have recently been watching a ridiculous amount of Wife Swap reruns, and there was one on the other day where the family spent hours and hours each day entering sweepstakes. They would buy cat litter (even though they didn’t own a cat) just to enter whatever prize was on the package.

        Sounds like they would probably really like to be a Charter cable customer.

  12. The writer of that commercial is a total JAG Officer.

  13. It took me about 28 seconds into that to realize they weren’t saying BIG ASS.

    Hmm. This week is going worse than I thought.

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