According to this hilarious news report, a tiny female alien was found walking around in Lahore, Pakistan last week, so children took it and burned it and now it’s dead. YouTube people, does this remind you exactly of anything we had here in America a few years back?:

That’s right: the Alabama Leprechaun! Superstitious hysteria and local news gullibility truly know no country. (I especially appreciate all the YouTube comments that just say “FAKE!”) (Via Get That Look.)

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  1. Looks more like a Bratz doll to me…not that I am a Barbie expert or anything (I totally owned a shit load of Barbies as a child. Complete with Mansion, Ferrari, A working Jacuzzi, a dining set complete with mini plastic chicken. Girls would come over to my house and make the barbies perform orgies.)

  2. This is what happens when you sleep with goats.

  3. That is definitely not a barbie. Little alien people just have very enviable and unattainable waist to hip ratios.

  4. I really hope this is real and those kids stoned and burnt alive a 3 inch alien for no reason. I guess E.T. isn’t popular there?

  5. I wanna know where the gold at, I want the gold!

  6. Who else seen the lil’ alien say YEAH!

  7. So that’s Pakistani for “all I wanna know…where the gold at?”

  8. looks like a crackhead, that gotta hold of the wrong stuff

  9. i like to think that if in alabama, they had actually found the leprechaun, they wouldn’t have left it at the mercy of their blood-thirsty young to be de-limbed, maimed, and burned….

    wtf, pakistani children?????

  10. cherry  |   Posted on Jun 2nd, 2009 +2

    def. a bratz doll. notice the creepy absence of FEET.

  11. Or Montauk Monster.

  12. At least they got it stoned first.

  13. please don’t tease me with a stick. I might pass away.

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