I don’t remember a lot of bullying going on with my grade school classmates. (High school is a different story, but what we’re discussing here is not high school so relax.) Generally the kids were nice enough to each other, EVEN TO THE NERDS, otherwise they for sure knew they were going to go to hell or that a nun would hit them with a ruler or that they would AT LEAST get a demerit, whatever that even meant. But one odd thing that stands out in my memory of grade school is that these kids, who were all generally nice to each other, EVEN TO THE NERDS, were UNTHINKABLY mean to the school bus driver. I guess because nuns didn’t ride the bus with them so there was no threat of physical harm? I don’t even want to repeat some of the things those little jerks would say because they make my heart hurt, but man oh man. Like. Okay, I’ll say one just so you get it: They would say the seats were his only friends, AND THEN THEY WOULD PUNCH THE SEATS? What?! It is certainly kid-level harassment, BUT STILL HARASSMENT! Stupid garbage kids. (And the bus driver was so nice! One time he drove me back to my house because I forgot my slip for the Scholastic Book Fair!) So anyway that’s all just to say that this prank, pulled by a school bus driver, is one of the better pranks. For all the school bus drivers out there who have to put up with a million screaming jerks every day.


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  1. In public school our lunch lady had an aneurysm, probably because kids are the worst, but none of us knew what that was and when she came back our teachers told us to be extra nice to her because she had had an aneurysm and everyone kept asking her “Hey Pam, how’s your aneurysm?” and we still didn’t know what that was but we knew it made her sad and uncomfortable, and that was enough for us to keep saying it ALL THE TIME. Pam, if you are reading this, on behalf of all of us I am so sorry. Kids are pieces of shit sometimes.

  2. I tried to watch this video but with no sound it didn’t make any sense at all, so instead I’ll tell you about how on the city bus yesterday there were 3 late middle school/early high school kids, 2 boys and 1 girl (one of the boys and the girl were boyfriend/girlfriend) and they were so annoying I wanted to give them all a stern talking to. The boyfriend kept squirming violently in his seat and several times either accidentally or not accidentally hit his girlfriend in the body or face and then he would be like “Oh baby I love you I’m sorry” and then kiss her and it was horrible. I had on headphones the whole time (THANK GOD) but my coworker who is also my neighbor said that they kept saying sexually explicit and disgusting things to each other. YUCK! KIDS! LET’S PRANK THEM ALL BECAUSE OF HOW GROSS AND ANNOYING THEY ARE!

  3. My school bus drivers where all stern older ladies who were not to be messed with. I didn’t have the chance to see/get involved in much bus drama anyway, though, because somehow my brother and I lucked out and were both the last ones picked up in the morning AND the first ones dropped off in the afternoon, so we were only on the bust about five minutes total. I live in a rural town that’s very spread out, so some poor kids were on that bus for almost two hours every day.

  4. Kids do not love a good twist ending after all.

  5. School Bus. More like April Fool Bus.

  6. He should have taken this one step further.

  7. Is it just me or these kids are waaaay too happy to not be in school?

    • And WAYYY too mad when he reveals the prank. I would be afraid for my personal safety if I was this dude. Granted, most of them are probably just dumb teenagers screaming as loud as they can just to see how loudly they can scream or whatever, but dumb teenagers also have all the time and poor decision making skills to come up with some wholly inappropriate form of retribution

    • that’s just what young teenagers do. everything is a “look at me” contest. i’m sure that kid that said “i’m gonna die?” was one of the loudest screamers. “are you gonna cuss?” smartass was second loudest.

  8. Please, can we have notice when videos contain ear-damaging high-pitched shrieking?

  9. His laughter amongst their misery is the greatest. And his sighing, content, “I know” when they tell him they hate him is pretty much how hope I feel when I quit my job and leave absurd amounts of work just dangling.

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