• After being denied tea time by the (actual) Queen, a young boy with terminal cancer and his family saw Helen Mirren play the Queen in Peter Morgan’s The Audience and had tea with her. Aw. -Gawker
  • Marc Maron and Michael Ian Black had an embarrassing argument on Twitter. Everyone should stay off of this thing! -Uproxx
  • /Film spoke to Star Trek Into Darkness producer Bryan Burk and producer/co-writer Damon Lindelof about choosing a villain for the film, among other things. Ch-check it out! -/Film
  • Here is a video of Andrew Garfield playing basketball with some kids in his Spiderman outfit. What a super weird but super nice treat that you wouldn’t feel comfortable hearing about initially if you were a parent! -Hypervocal
  • Want to watch fifteen minutes of 198 movies and TV shows quoting Hamlet? I’m almost positive that you don’t, but you probably at least want to skip around and watch a few minutes! Or send it to your Shakespeare teacher for extra cred! -Slate
  • Here are some pictures of Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison at Disneyland, the happiest place on barf. -Dlisted
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  1. Helen Mirren is the best.

    • Also, the Marc Maron/Michael Ian Black fight is making me reconsider their places on my list of The Best. Guys! If you don’t like each other, cool, but don’t be those two that get into a fight on an elevator and make the atmosphere SUPER AWKWARD when everyone else just wants to go to work. Don’t be those people. No one likes that.

      • Yeah, I kind of wish I hadn’t read that. I’m wrinkling my nose in their general direction now.

      • Maron’s weird dismissiveness/anger toward anybody who does a character or anything ironic or meta is annoying, it always makes him come off a bitter old crank.

        Not everybody has to be the same, Marc! There’s more than one type of comedy!

        • Yeah I felt like this was definitely an embarrassing episode for both parties involved, but maybe a little more embarrassing for Marc. Explaining your jokes, engaging with MIB about calling the cable company as if that was some kind of real thing, and ending on “You started this”. Yuck.

        • I feel like Maron’s “keeping-it-real/dark” thing also comes across as schtick, though, even if it’s not intended that way. To be honest, I had to stop listening to WTF because there is such a thing as too much Maron. I’ll check out his show though, hope it’s good.

          • I think he’s a great interviewer and is very funny, but he did the same thing on Comedy Bang Bang, acting like “this is a cute little thing you’ve got here, but it’s not *real*, like my show,” and also ate during his interview of Tim Heidecker, as some kind of dismissive fuck you move, because Heidecker is “weird” or something.

          • That backfired too, because Heidecker came across as incredibly normal and down-to-earth (at least to my ears). (Full disclosure I love Tim Heidecker. On Cinema is one of the greatest things of recent invention.)

          • Yeah, that’s the thing. Heidecker was fully prepared to play ball and do a normal, WTF-style interview. It’s not like he showed up in character as one of the Beaver Boys or whatever and just fucked around the whole time. Marc always seems to be the one instigating this crap.

      • I don’t know. I got the feeling that Maron was actually fighting whereas Michael Ian Black was doing the whole “Umm…this guy is mad and I’m not, but getting him more worked up will be wicked funny.” So sure, awkward for everyone in the elevator, but awesome for standing outside a bar while your friends watch.

      • I got the impression that they were just joking around. Maron had a same kind of fight with Kumail Nanjiani some time ago.
        Although I guess it’s possible that some of those jokes reflect their actual feelings, hmph.

        • maron came off pretty passive aggressive in that fight with kumail, too. it’s like his pendulum is swinging back the other way – gradually he’s turning back into the defensive a-hole who thinks he’s better than everyone, then it’ll be back to unhappy about how under-appreciated he is, etc.

          they both do good work but this just makes them both look like they don’t have a sense of humor about themselves. At all.

      • Does this sway your opinion: my friends boyfriend worked at an NPR affiliate that did an event with Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter, and he said they treated the station employees running the event like complete shit :( She told me this in the middle of watching Wet Hot American Summer because she has excellent timing :( :(

        I don’t know what I was expecting, they went to NYU (burn).

        • Stuff like that is always disappointing to hear, but especially when minor celebrities are involved. I mean, those guys have made me laugh but they’re not exactly big stars, and you’d think they’d be more down-to-earth. (Or maybe they’re bitter because they’re NOT bigger stars, and that’s why they’re jerks? IDK. I feel like internet popularity has inflated a lot of comedians sense of cultural relevance and fame, and they get pissy whenever they’re forced to accept that having a lot of Twitter followers doesn’t necessarily make one a Big Deal of the “Don’t you know who I am??” variety.)

        • Nooooooo! But what about Ken Marino? As long as he’s nice, I’ll be OK.

      • I’m pretty sure it was joking from both sides. They both have a similar super-dismissive-asshole schtick. It just gets magnified when the two of them bounce off each other. A little over-the-top if you ask me, but I don’t think they were serious.

    • Of course I had read nary an entire sentence of this before I thought WHERE IS LILBOBBTABLES? Does she know? Did Helen Mirren call her? Does she have a beeper that goes off when this kind of thing happens? I’m glad to see you’re on top of this LBT, I can die peacefully now.

  2. Wait, Helen Mirren’s NOT the actual queen? Are you sure?

  3. Oooof anyone else having trouble reconciling the first and last links? First Link: Restore your faith in humanity, or at least restore/summarily increase your faith in Helen Mirren. Last Link: Start questioning why we are even on this planet any more if all we can look forward to is 45 year old teenagers ruining Disneyland with their porn iguana faces. (though the use of the phrase “porn iguana” did make the entire thing worth it)

    Next time maybe start us off with the terrible porn iguana looking miserable in every single, forced, awkward photo with her geriatric husband at what is supposedly the happiest place on earth, THEN bring us back up with Helen Mirren and her do goodery!

  4. I wonder if Doug and Courtney have a PR person. It seems to me that when an 82 year old washed-up bit-part actor and his 10 year old child bride in porno drag want to go to Disneyland, someone should be there to be like “This will remind everyone of why you make them so, so uncomfortable and I do not recommend it.”

    That said, the picture of them in the Ferris wheel when he is trying desperately to kiss her and she is too busy mugging for the paps to even notice is a legitimately wonderful contribution to pop culture and might replace HMSgoose’s pizza comic as my new background.

  5. Helen Mirren is the best. A ten year old Downs kid with cancer is totally the worst. That’s just one big middle finger from God as far as I’m concerned. Couldn’t just let him have Downs could ya?

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