Most of the shows have had their season finales by now, or even “worse,” their SERIES finales. (Personally, I love when a show ends for good. It means a new show can take its place. The Office was great but it is time for us to move on, give me a break, what are we going to watch The Office for the rest of our lives?!) There are only two episodes of Game of Thrones left this season. Breaking Bad doesn’t return until late summer. It’s time to show a little ingenuity and start making some lists if we’re going to get through this thing. Oh, sure, you could go outside and enjoy the world around you, read a book and jump in a lake and eat some ice cream and enjoy the company of friends. OR you could rewatch old TV shows and catch up on the ones you have missed! As you know, I have been slowly making my way back through The Sopranos, which is the best show that has ever been on television full stop FACT and I will argue with anyone about this who feels up to the challenge of LOSING, and just started season 6A last weekend and the show is still 100% perfect. And if you haven’t watched Top of the Lake or Banshee yet, you really should, they are both great. Someone told me to check out Rectify. Have you seen Rectify? Is it good? Let’s watch Rectify. Obviously, Behind the Candelabra this weekend, but that’s just extra credit. Alright, you have your first assignments, but if anyone would like to suggest a syllabus of their own, this is not a real summer school, we can do whatever the hell we want. EXCEPT READ. (Image via Shutterstock.)

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  1. Some new show called Arresting Developments is apparently going to be on google or something?

  2. I think I am going to try to find time to watch the rest of Game of Thrones. I have only seen the first 3 episodes, and that way I can know what the hell all of you are talking about.

  3. Since we’re clearly a very bright and creative group with diverse and valuable talents, let’s just make our own show, guys!

  4. If you haven’t seen Veronica Mars yet, you should watch it!

  5. Orphan Black is great.

  6. Let’s watch Adventure Time.

  7. Having gotten through all of the Doctor Who episodes on Netflix and having just finished the most recent season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I need to pick my next show. I have so many shows in my queue that I know I will like, but when I try to choose I just get too stressed out and end up rewatching all of Parks and Rec or something instead. Will you guys choose for me? Here are the options:

    -Battlestar Galactica
    -Breaking Bad

    • In order:
      -Breaking Bad
      -Breaking Bad
      -Breaking Bad
      -Breaking Bad
      -Breaking Bad

    • I just got into Fringe. If you can look away for the super gross stuff in the first two seasons… it’s worth it. It builds slowly and has an actual ending.

      Eureka too — actually I like Eureka more.

    • I loved Luther so much, and i think it’s only 12 total episodes, so it’s not nearly as much commitment as the other shows. I totally understand your queue stress, I’ve had Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, The Killing, Friday NIght Lights and Louie in my queue for like a year and haven’t been able to commit to any of them!

  8. My wife and I have been steadily going through The Shield for the first time and just started the 4th (or werttrew) season. Holy crap, shit goes bananas on that show!

  9. I’m no fan of MMA but I do love me some sports docs. If you guys have Internet Flicks, you should check out Like Water, a documentary about controversial fighter, Anderson Silva. Even if you care nothing about MMA it’s worth it just to watch the best documentary villain since King of Kong’s Billy Mitchell.

  10. I’m just going to re-watch Murder She Wrote on Netflix. Because I am actually a 75 year old lady.

  11. I’m really trying to branch out into foreign series so I’m probably going to watch La Ofis and Le Bureau

  12. I would recommend:

    Gomorrah (Netflix Streaming) one of the BEST contemporary mafia films out of Italy
    Hannibal (pretty darn good police procedural)
    Snuff Box (Streaming)
    Home Movies (Streaming)
    Pulling (Netflix DVD only)
    Long Goodbye (Streaming)

    Summer reading: Love Song of Jonny Valentine — great Bieberesque nightmare story about a tween pop star’s tour.

    • I really really really want to get into Hannibal. I’ve heard it’s great, but for whatever reason, I can’t bring myself to hit play. Convince me!

      Also, yay on Gomorrah! Freaking fantastic!

      • I’m two episodes behind, but I’ve been enjoying Hannibal. It’s one of those shows where you can tell that everyone involved absolutely loves working on it.

      • Hannibal is SO GOOD. I think it’s the best thing on TV right now. It’s kind of slow and has some very disturbing imagery and themes (obviously, cannibalism), but I don’t think either of those are a detriment. The cast is insanely talented, the cinematography is out of this world for television (MUCH less network tv!) and just. Yeah. I really, really recommend it.

        (It’s also on the cancellation bubble right now, so watch it now while you can! It really might get cancelled!)

  13. “(W)e can do whatever the hell we want. EXCEPT READ.”


    I’ve been reading some light nonfiction lately. Namely, Extra Lives by Tom Bissell and I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself by Jen Kirkman. The former is a really cool distillation of the cultural significance of videogames, both inwardly and outwardly. I don’t think you need to play much in order to get something out of it.

    The latter is quite decent so far. I’ve only read a few chapters, because it’s a gift for my wife’s birthday and I’m trying my best not to fuck up the binding. It’s sort of a standard autobio that you might expect from a comedian, but she relates her experiences with being childfree accessibly for those who look down on adults who choose not to have children.

    I guess right now, those are my That One Book Club beach books.

    • So I’ve just outed myself as a cliche: An avid gamer who doesn’t want kids. We’re all cliches in one way or another, so I’ll prematurely make peace with that.

    • I’ve decided to read this summer too. I found a list of the 65 books for Twentysomethings (ok, buzzfeed) and I figured I’d try to knock a few of those off the list. First up is “What She Saw” by Lucinda Rossenfeld then Infinite Jest because I’m very behind :I

    • This is the book part of the comments, I guess. I’m re-reading After Dark by Haruki Murakami because I didn’t like it the first time, but I recently re-read a bunch of his short stories and they were even better than I remembered them being so I decided to give it another chance. Started this morning and I’m about half way through. It’s good! I forget how it ends so maybe it’ll disappoint me (like 1Q84, grumble grumble, which was two-thirds of a masterpiece) but for some reason I doubt it. I think I didn’t like it the first time because I just didn’t have the patience for its sorta meandering vibe. But now I do. Personal growth! It makes a lot more sense than I thought it did, so far.

      Also, if anyone hasn’t read the short story Girl With Curious Hair by David Foster Wallace, do so. Dark and hilarious and just weird.

      Cloud Atlas (the book) was pretty good. I have The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet sitting on my shelf and I’m pretty eager to dig into that, once I’m done with my current Murakami kick.

      I’m not an avid gamer anymore but I do game, and I also don’t want children.

  14. I re-watched Numb3rs over the past few months, then I watched Sherlock this weekend (AMAZING) and last night I started The Dick Van Dyke Show again. Can we all watch Sherlock together?

  15. Do you know what show I wish had made it? Ben and Kate. We found it on HuluPlus one weekend and were really excited until we found out it had been canceled the previous weekend. Still, a fun 0.5 seasons of comedy.

  16. It won’t last you a summer, but you should go ahead and buy Human Planet. It was the third series by the BBC Earth team (Planet Earth, Life). I feel like a lot of people dismissed it because humans aren’t polar bear cubs or baby elephants, but it’s really fantastic and will change the way you view the world and our indigenous cultures. Every person I’ve shown it to has been stunned, and there are still plenty of baby animals to keep you entertained.

  17. 1, if you’re going to read this summer, you should be reading Steph’s book Follow Her Home because it is seriously so good!

    2, I’m going to be doing more reading than watching this summer because I’m not really excited about any shows that I haven’t seen yet and also I like to read. I may have bragged about this a million times already, but my new house has a room that is wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, so when I went to get the keys I popped by a used book store and picked up some classics that I haven’t had a chance to read yet. These will be my summer, and probably winter too because it’s a lot of books, reading list. (I am also going to knit a cat)

    • The biggest little flask was just looking over my shoulder. You might have a guest soon. How long could you stand having a butchier version of Daria in your basement?

    • of these, the only ones i’ve read are the douglas adams ones, but i’ve been meaning to read dune for a long time. and steph’s book is definitely on my summer reading list; it’s currently sitting in my amazon cart along with a bunch of comics i plan on buying once i stop being so broke.

      • I’ve read the Douglas Adams ones too. I used to have the giant omnibus edition Hitchhiker’s Guide but lent it out and it never made it’s way back to me. I’ve also already read Portrait in Sepia, but I love Isabella Allende so much, I will happily read it again.

  18. I’m thinking of starting Homeland at some point this summer, but I still have about a season and a half of Bob’s Burgers to catch up on, as well as most of Archer. I should have Jon Benjamin’s voice ingrained in my head by July.

  19. Guys here are my things you should watch if you have the time list. I always bug my friends to watch these too. (I’m lying, i have no friends)

    1. Breaking Bad (No, DOY)
    2. Hannibal (So good! Please watch so it doesn’t get cancelled)
    3. Psych (It’s just fun, you guys)
    4. Misfits (You guys will love it. It’s dark, dirty, hilarious and British. The first two seasons are frankly, AMAZEBALLS!)
    5. Shameless (So great! Excellent cast! Excellent acting!)
    6. Dead Like Me (So great after you get over the fact that the lead looks like she has Downs but is constantly referred to as being very pretty)

    Okay these are mine. Because I have no life, are there things you love that you think others should watch?

    • The UK or US Shameless? The UK one features my beloved future ex husband, Rory McCann AKA the Hound from game of Thrones, as a priest and UK Lip is so much more handsome than US Lip.

      • You probably won’t see this but I’ talking about the US one. I know it’s a remake of the UK one though, so maybe I’ll have to go check that one out.

  20. Once Upon a Time is totally insane and knows it… like True Blood without Alcide and for prime time.
    Elementary is solid.
    New eps of Bitch in 23 just started streaming on
    I really like the IT Crowd and seem to watch it all the time when it’s too hot to do anything else.

    Oh and I’m a fan of this very clever little show, Grimm, that wrapped up today. It’s on-again, off-again, but the off is not that bad and when it’s funny it is very funny.

    Also: Eureka and Psych.

  21. I agree that The Sopranos is the best show of all time. I frequently rewatch it when Mr. Truck is out of town and it’s always ALWAYS better than I remember. I think it would be fun to have an episode a week or something that we all talk about. We could also do this with The Wire or other cool shows. Did you guys ever watch The 4400? It’s pretty old now and was only 4 seasons but I always like an excuse to go back and watch it. Also I would be very excited to talk about Mad Men, The Americans, the new FX show The Bridge (is it going to be good? I don’t know, but most FX drama shows lately have been great), Falling Skies, or really anything. I like these kinds of things!

    • Can we get everyone to catch up on The Americans, because I loved it and would love to talk about the past season with everyone here!! It looked like there was going to be a weekly post on it, but alas…

  22. In the true spirit of summer (high)school, let’s spoil summertime fun by watching really awful movies together and talking about why we hated/didn’t hate them so much!! We could call it…Searching for Not Very Good Movies (I’m working on the name still…)

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