Thank God. I’m so sick of people doing regular parkour. WHERE IS THE ZOMBIE MAKEUP?! For goodness sake, if you’re going to do back flips off of a garbage dump into a front roll down a broken escalator, PUT ON SOME ZOMBIE MAKEUP FIRST. Is that too much to ask? Am I the one who is demanding too much? This is America in 2013, we have earned it! Mostly I am just excited for how there is DEFINITELY going to be a zombie movie featuring parkour now. Very cool. Cannot wait. I’m already in line at Showcase Cinemas. Maybe when the movie is over we can sneak into the theater down the hall where they are showing that base-jumping vampire movie? Let’s see how we feel.

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  1. This entire thing makes me feel like Grandpa Simpson

  2. Somebody’s gonna duckhunt them 28 Days Later-style.

  3. It’s like werewolf planking doesn’t even matter anymore.

  4. No. This doesn’t make any sense at all! Like what extra mileage are you getting out of the zombie make-up when you don’t see their faces for most of the video? They should be dressed clowns or Blue Men instead. The only reason they’re zombies is because they thought, “Well zombies are in,” but like, dude, zombies are very much on their way out! Come on!

  5. Stunt Walking Dead

  6. I always want to schedule time to go do Zombie Parkour, but it seems like my Vampire Weekends are always too short.

  7. If Zombie Parkour is bitten by a radioactive spider, does he become Zombie Spiderman?

  8. maybe they can parkour in their “sport sandals.” but i am not sure how effective sandals are for chasing live humans and trying to eat their brains.

  9. Minus the beautiful part.

  10. 2 things I don’t enjoy together at last!

  11. I remember when I was like, 9 nine years old, and my friends and I first encountered parkour thanks to some nerds at the mall (who said they were “freestyle walking”, which, LOL); we thought it was the most ridiculous thing in the world. In the years to come we would continue to mock it on occasion when walking somewhere (for example, ollieing, just without a skateboard, while yelling “FREESTYLE WALKING!”)

    That was when I was 9. And at 26 those goofy kids are still all I can think of when I see parkour videos.

  12. Aren’t zombies supposed to be bad at … moving?

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