The website Starcrush, whatever that is, has an exhaustive compendium of side-by-side photographs of 1990s teen heartthrobs in their “prime,” and what they look like today. Interestingly enough, all of the pictures are shot on the set of TV shows, or at red carpet premieres. Like, there isn’t a picture of Rider Strong on the set of Boy Meets World next to a picture of Rider Strong behind his desk at the local Coldwell Banker. These types of celebrity age-tracking things are always kind of weird, because it’s very difficult to decide what, exactly, is the point: are you supposed to feel bad for them because they are mildly less famous adults now? But who would want to be a child celebrity, that seems like the absolute worst? Would you hit it? If anything, this particular collection just goes to show you that while your life will continue to develop and change in ways you might not expect or prepare for, ultimately you should just keep at it, because you’ll probably be just fine. Look at JTT up there. Looking good, my man! Shoot for the moon and you might just land on a fake wine bar set. #YOLO

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  1. This just confirms my theory that everyone I had a crush on when I was 9 just grew up to be someone I kind of recognize but don’t have any particular feelings toward. If I went to the fictional wine bar where JTT “works” and saw him “working” there, I’d probably be like “Oh man that’s JTT I feel a little awkward that I know him but haven’t talked to him in 15 years, should I say hi? Should I admit that I recognize him? Should I wait for him to make a move? I’ll just sit here and see what happens.”

    That’s what it’s like with these pictures.

  2. Also it’s weird because they also only look at stars who are (arguably) less famous now. It’s not like they have a picture of Justin Timberlake on the Mickey Mouse Club (meh) next to one of him now (hot). Which doesn’t really mean anything either because some people looked way better when they were kids and some people look much better as adults.

    • Or there’s Claire Danes, who looks almost exactly the same but with blonde hair now. And who I feel like is equally as famous now as when she was in the 90′s. Claire Danes is our constant in this whole comparison.

  3. Yes, I am still into Devon Sawa, thank you for asking.

  4. To answer your question, yes, I’d hit that.

  5. So, I wrote JTT a fan letter back in the day, but I only did it because all the popular girls had crushes on him–he was the “cool” one to like, so I tried to convince myself that I like him too. I feel horribly guilty about betraying my true crushes and then didn’t even tell the other girls about the letter, or the response I got, so I have no idea what the point of that whole exercise was, except to serve as further proof that adolescence is a confusing nightmare.

  6. I was going to complain that they left out Minkus, but then I realized it was for good reason:

  7. Fun fact about how nerdy I was as a child…I wasn’t interested in any of these guys (except Jordan Catalano, obv) but I instead had a crush on Jim Carrey as a kid. Because I thought he was really funny. Because I’m a nerd.

  8. Try as I might, I’ve never been able to find a NOW shot of my first and truest love: Rachel from the Animorphs.

  9. this makes me want to return to my favorite childhood movies and see if they hold up to the test of time. as a child i thought camp nowhere was a masterpiece, it was one of my top movies. i wonder if this would hold true now? also, wild america anyone? that was like two sexy dudes (and one forgettable older person) in the wild. also it is creeping me out that these poor men have been fetishized since their childhoods. and now i feel weird.

    • I just watched Ladybugs again, like 2 days ago. My reasons for watching it now are different than they were when it came out (then: Jonathan Brandis, now: Rodney Dangerfield + Jackee Harry buddy comedy???) and it was alarming to me how cute I thought Jonathan Brandis was, even in drag, and also how many of the opposing tough soccer players were obviously also just dudes in bad wigs? Anyway, highly recommended to watch if you’re also going to be folding a mound of 9 loads of laundry, as I was.

      • I am not ashamed to admit that I used to have a JB poster (from my subscription copies of Bop, of course) on my bedroom wall, had a Seaquest DSV action figure of him and loved Ladybugs. Very sad that he didn’t escape the child star curse.

  10. I wonder what happened to my great baby love…

    • Oh shit sorry for image size. I am also kind of worried that you guys will think this was posted for sexiness, and the size does not help.

  11. My #1 90s crush came in a three-pack.

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