• Here is a realistic illustration of Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear by Dan LuVisi. That is to say, Buzz Lightyear with a totally out of nowhere human face. LADIES! -LaughingSquid
  • Courtney Stodden revealed, for whatever reason, that she DOES have a sex tape, but that she will never release it and it doesn’t exist on her computer. Okay, baby girl. You staty safe. -E!
  • Amy Poehler is a wonderful angel of a woman on this week’s The Chris Gethard Show. You should watch it! Her skin and her hair glow the whole time. -TCGS
  • Gothamist gathered up so many videos of Jared Leto busking in NYC. Do with them what you will. (Love them & marry them.) -Gothamist
  • Last night, Jimmy Kimmel did an adorable The Baby Bachelor segment. This is like TREAT day or something. -Uproxx
  • Want to see Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong do standup together in 1998? WELL TOO BAD. Just kidding, you can! -Buzzfeed
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  1. As for what’s on the tape, it’s “just me,” she claims, adding that it wasn’t shot too long ago. “I turned 18 in August, so you do the math.”

    What math? Is it statutory rape to pleasure yourself before you turn 18? Or, what am I supposed to be adding?

    • There should be more quotation marks there! I did not say the first paragraph! It was Courtney, I swear!!

      • Sure, Flanny. We know all about you and Courtney Stodden. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen the two of you in the same place at the same time…hmmm….

  2. Sidebar [literally...]:
    Waaaait a minute little “Viral Right Now” widget, “The 23 funniest Vines of all time?” by “all time”, do you mean the last 6 seconds of human history, I’m pretty sure that’s how long Vine has existed.

  3. First the rats, now the Letos. Thanks, Bloomberg.

  4. Also, that buzz lightyear is really amazingly rendered, but could have still had a hyper-realistically painted face but hewed closer to the personality of the original.

    Also, I think this one is my favorite, in case anyone is trying to figure what to get me for christmas, or just likes to analyze their monster pals based on their weird fan-fic-y preferences:

  5. Guys, I saw Amy Poehler and Chris Gethard at ASSSSSCAT (along with a bunch of others I want to brag about but won’t, this is quite enough) this one time and it was the greatest. That’s all.

  6. This Dan LuVisi is a little late to the party. We’ve already an IRL Buzz Lightyear in a wig, aka Katherine Chloe Cahoon. Shout-out to ‘batteredgnome’!! http://videogum.com/236412/why-single-girls-want-to-meet-european-men/news/

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